Service Line Backup Information

If you have experienced service line backup issues AFTER electric utility boring by Alliant Energy, Michels or I-80, please read the following information:

If you have a water or sewer backup issue, please contact City Hall at (515)795-3930 so we can determine if the water or sewer main is flowing properly.  If the main is clear and flowing properly, YOU will need to contact a plumber, let them know what is going on and ask them to camera the line.  PLEASE, FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL CONCERNED, DO NOT ALLOW THE PLUMBER TO AUGER THE LINE UNTIL IT HAS BEEN VIDEOED.

If a camera cannot be used and an auger or rod is to be used, please use caution.  If your rod or auger goes more than 25 feet – PLEASE STOP.  The newly bored electric lines may be in your service line.  Please contact Alliant Energy Construction Coordinator Michael Eilderts at (515) 268-3455.

The City of Madrid is only responsible for the water and sewer mains.  The water and sewer laterals (service lines) are the homeowner’s responsibility.

If it is determined to be a true service line issue, your plumber will be able to repair your line for you.

The City of Madrid is not responsible for any service lines backup issues!

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