Utilities Information

Services – Pay Online or Pay with ACH

Water Deposits:  A $100.00 water deposit is required for service. The water deposit must be paid in full before services will be changed into the new customers name.  Please complete the water deposit application and return to City Hall along with payment.  If you pay online, an application is not needed.

Deposits are held for two (2) years.  For a deposit to be refunded in full, the customer can have no more than six penalties applied to their account in 24 consecutive months. If a customer moves away, the deposit will be used to pay towards the outstanding unpaid balance. Any balance will be refunded immediately to the last known address.

Bulk Water Sales Rate: Water shall be furnished at the following rate for bulk water sales: $0.25 per 30 gallons. The bulk water salesman is located a E. 3rd St. and Hwy 17.

Water Service (WA): $16.64 for the first 1,000 gallons used. $6.74 per thousand gallons thereafter.

Sewer Service (SW): $14.80 for the first 1,000 gallons used. $5.09 per thousand gallons thereafter.

Storm Water Utility Maintenance Fee (SS): A $3.00 stormwater utility maintenance fee will be charged monthly to every water utility customer. Fees may be higher for commercial customers.

Tax (TX): 6% Water Excise tax is charged on all residental water usage.

Landfill (LF): $0.85 flat rate per month for residential customers. Rates may be higher for commercial customers.

Mosquito Spraying (MC): $1.75 per bill for the months of July, August, and September. Spraying begins in the East at Van Wall on Hwy 210, North to Maple Ridge, South to Meadow Estates and Southern Prairie Dr, and West to the Madrid Home. All customers within those boundaries will be charged for mosquito spraying. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Garbage (GB) : Garbage is billed at a rate of $13.81 per month. Additional rolling carts can be requested for a monthly charge of $5.00 per cart from City Hall (515) 795-3930.

Walter’s Sanitary Service will only pick up items that can be placed in the rolling cart. Any additional items, large items (furniture, appliances, TVs), or construction debris will need a special pickup. You will need to contact Walter’s Sanitary Service at (800) 827-1623

Recycling is picked up the 2nd and 4th Monday/Tuesday of each month.

Meters are read the last week of every month. Water bills are created on the last working day of every month. All water bills are due on the 20th of the month. If payment cannot be made by the 20th, please contact City Hall to make arrangements for payment. 

One Call

Whether you’re trenching in a field, planting a tree or digging a foundation, Iowa law requires everyone to locate underground utilities before digging.

First, contact us to begin the discovery process, then wait 48 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays) before any digging begins. Call or click before you dig. This service is FREE and it’s the law. Start an online locate request now. Click for Excavator/Contractor or click for Homeowner

Or, call before you dig! Call 811 or (800) 292-8989

Boone County Snow Ordinance

Boone County Snow Ordinance. After a snowfall, snow removal starts between the hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm with paved roads first, followed by hard surfaces and gravel. When conditions deem necessary, crews will be out from 5:00am till dark. Paved roads will be sanded during regular working hours

Street Lights

Evening lighting is important for the safety of our residents.

If you notice a street light that is burned out or working improperly, please let us know by CLICKING HERE and completing the form. Please include the street and cross street or house address where possible.