High Trestle Trail Regulations



48.01   PURPOSE.    The purpose of this chapter is to facilitate the enjoyment of the High Trestle Trail by the general public by establishing rules and regulations governing the use of the trail and its facilities.

48.02   SCOPE OF USE.       It is intended that the trail be used by people, equines (the designated natural surface portion adjacent to the paved trail), and domesticated (non-wild) pets. People may use the trail for bicycle, roller skate, roller blade, running, jogging or walking purposes. The equine trail may be used by equestrians and people walking domestic animals.

48.03   SAFETY.       All persons using any portion of the High Trestle Trail or associated trailhead parks must do so in a safe manner with regard for the safety of themselves and others. All informational signage, trail use courtesy signs, and traffic control devices need to be adhered to as well.

48.04   DOMESTIC ANIMALS.      No person shall allow any domestic or privately owned animal to run at large on the trail or within trailhead parks. Every such animal shall be deemed as running at large unless such animal is carried; under the control of a leash or chain not longer than six (6) feet in length; or kept confined in or attached to a bicycle or wagon. Horses shall not be ridden on the paved portion of the trail, except as necessary to cross the pavement to reach the designated natural surface horse path. No horse or other animal shall be hitched or tied to any tree or shrub, or any other object, in such a manner which could result in any damage to any trail property whatsoever.

48.05   ANIMAL WASTE.   Animal waste must be removed from the trail pavement. It may be left on the non-paved trail right-of-way including the natural surface horse path. It shall not be disposed of in any body of water along the trail.

48.06   TRASH DISPOSAL.    Trash shall not be left on the trail, trail right-of way; or trailhead parks. Food wrappers; beverage bottles; and all other man made trash and containers must be properly disposed of in recycling containers or trash receptacles (as may be the case) based on availability.

48.07   REMOVAL OF FLOWERS, PLANTS, AND VEGITATION.            No person shall in any manner remove, destroy, injure or deface any tree, shrub, plant, or flower or disturb and natural attraction.

48.08   PROHIBITED AREAS.       No person shall use or enter upon any portion of the trail or trailhead park in disregard of official signs, gates or barriers forbidding the same except by permission of the City Council, its custodian, or a designated representative.

48.09   SOLICITING AND PEDDLING.   Peddling, soliciting, or commercial sales of any kind is prohibited on or along the trail or in the trailhead park without the official permission of the City of Madrid.

48.10   MINORS AND CURFEW.  No minor, as defined by Chapter 46 “MINORS”, subsection .01 “CURFEW” subsection (1) “Definitions”, of this code, shall be allowed to be on the trail or in the trailhead park during the specified times from 10:30pm until 5:00am Sunday through Thursday or from 12:00 (midnight) through 5:00am on Friday and Saturday. The exceptions to this subsection are specified in Chapter 46 “MINORS”; subsection .01 “CURFEW”; subsection (3) “Exceptions”.

  • BICYCLE DEFINED. The generally accepted definition of what is deemed to be a “bicycle”

shall be the definition provided in the Iowa Code and any amendments thereto:

“Bicycle means either of the following:        


            (1)       A device having two wheels and having at least one saddle or seat for the use of a rider                            which is propelled by human power.

            (2)       A device having two or three wheels with fully operable pedals and an electric motor of                                  less than seven hundred fifty watts (one horse power), whose maximum speed on a paved                                     level surface, when powered solely by such a motor while ridden, is less than twenty miles                         per hour.”

48.12   MOTORIZED VEHICLES FORBIDDEN.   No motorized vehicles shall be operated on the trail; trail right-of-way; or in the trailhead parks within the city limits of Madrid except within the circumstances listed below:

  • The vehicle is being operated in said forbidden areas for the purposes of construction; inspection; maintenance or cleanup by an operator duly authorized by the City of Madrid, its custodian, or a designated representative.
  • The device is a manually operated or power driven wheelchair as defined in ADA Part 35 (Title II) USC; which would make such a device allowable on the trail.
  • The vehicle is an “other power driven mobility device” that is being used by an individual with a mobility disability and that meets the following criteria:
    • The vehicle is 50 inches wide or less.
    • The vehicle is not capable of operating at a speed of greater than 20 miles an hour.
    • The vehicle weighs less than 700 pounds – including the fuel and fluids.
    • An “other power driven mobility device” may not carry passengers who do not require the use of a mobility device.

48.13   LAW ENFORCEMENT.     The Madrid Police Department; the Boone County Sheriffs Department; and Boone County Conservation (in strictly authorized collaboration with the Madrid Police Department) may issue citations and fines for violation of the regulations stipulated within this chapter, or if in violation of any other city, county or state regulation or law. Said law enforcement officers also reserve the right to require suspected violators to leave any trail property.

48.14   EMERGENCY POWERS.  The City of Madrid shall reserve the right, to enact at its discretion, whatever emergency rules and/or regulations necessary to ensure the safe and efficient utilization of the trail, trail right-of-way and trailhead parks in times of emergency or natural disaster.