Madrid MADTAP Notification System

MADTAP is the City of Madrid’s way of getting information out to the community in a quick, informative manner using your cell phone and text messaging capabilities.  You can signup for MADTAP notifications by completing the registration link below:

Registering your name and cell phone number will allow you to receive relevant City of  Madrid news. You will be notified of important information via text alerts.

Once you’ve signed up, you can receive several different types of notices from the City of Madrid. Types of notices include general releases, weather notices, Labor Day notices, emergency notices with the possibility of adding others as the city deems necessary. These notifications could include, but are not limited to text alerts from the City of Madrid for time-sensitive notifications such as parking restrictions during snow events, mosquito spraying and boil orders.

Madrid Summer Lunch Program

Madrid’s Summer Lunch Program is ramping up to begin on June 12, 2018.  Free lunches for everyone who wishes to come will be served every Tuesday and Thursday through July 26, 2018, except for the week of the 4th of July.  Lunch will be served at Jensen Park between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM.  In the event of rain, lunches will be served in the Community Room.

May 8, 2018 Park Board Minutes

Madrid Parks & Recreation Board
Meeting Notes
DATE: May 8, 2018

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  1. Updates from City Officials – None
  2. Updates from Facilities/Ground Maintenance (Andy)
    1. Bathrooms have been opened. Cintas said they will do monthly cleanings, but Andy is pretty sure it’s actually weekly and will confirm.
    2. Mowing started today.
    3. Ron Hodges started back today.
    4. Will try to get the volleyball net up this week.
    5. Planning some stump grinding with Lyn Depping next week, weather permitting.
    6. Would like to keep the shed clear, referencing cabin dismantling. Possibly use carport for storage. (on pallets)
    7. Going to try and schedule a time to finish the timbers around the playground areas.
    8. Cody (PT kid from last year) will be returning this summer.
    9. There is enough roofing material left for the west bathroom and the wishing well.  Also plans in the works to update the toilets, sinks, and paint in the west bathrooms.
    10. Summer goal: Repaint open shelter.
    11. Carol Truckenmiller mentioned the Jensen gazebo needs some attention. Jolynne added that the railing is broken and the wood finish gone/splintered. Andy will look into.
    12. Informed that drainage canal work will be coming through Edgewood. This will require the tennis courts to be removed. Jolynne asked that the Park Board be provided a copy of the canal mapping so as to be aware of all potential affected areas.
    13. Lastly, Andy is hoping to add more rubber fill to play areas in July when the fiscal year rolls over.
  3. Updates from Special Business (including citizen projects/concerns)
    1. Kym Schealler – Kickball Tournament
      1. Maybe we can make a community event of it? Follow up with Kym for more info on what she is hoping to do.
    2. Brandon Allen – Smoke-Free Zones?
      1. Brandon Allen had expressed concern about persons smoking on park grounds. He directly reached out to Mayor Pro-Tem Kurt Kruse about ordinances and signage. Jolynne had also informed him from the Soccer Board that all City Parks are Smoke-Free Zones by State Law.
      2. Andy will follow up on some signage.
    3. Multi-person Request: Tennis court repair
      1. Given news of the drainage canal changes, the Park Board requested that a new location for a new (single) court be determined. All board members agree that there is a demand for courts. Nearby cities have leagues and traveling leagues.
      2. Andy suggested seeing what Polk City has for court “flooring” & their opinion in general.
      3. The board decided to put together some figures regarding pricing and public interest.
  4. Reports from Leagues
    1. Need to have leagues start submitting monthly reports IF they are unable to have a representative at the meetings
    2. Soccer: Laying sod next week. Will need some watering assistance.
      1. Eric suggested asking the FD.
      2. City also has a 300 gallon water tank they may be able to use to assist with watering the south end. (Pretty much unreachable by hoses.)
  5. Updates on Special Projects
    1. Cabin Project
      1. No new donation reports.
      2. Dismantling: City accepted bid from MAFCO (Frank Manning) for $6850.00 to dismantle cabin. Jolynne will continue to coordinate with Frank.
      3. Possible Fundraising option: Woodburning donor names into the shiplap. (removed from roof and used as wall paneling). Could possibly also use the trees that have to be removed from the area.
    2. New event ideas
      1. Volleyball leagues
        1. Community interest has been expressed. Jolynne is working with Rachel Phillips, who has volunteered to coordinate the league.
      2. Bags League
        1. Eric Ohrt proposed. No cost to the City. Easy to put together. There is an American Corn Hole Association for bylaws & rules.
        2. People managing league in Ankeny charge $30 for in-town teams and $45 for non-locals.
        3. Looking at 1 summer season. 10 weeks: 8 play, Skip the 4th. Done by Labor Day. 5 week round robin & 5 weeks tournament.
        4. Jolynne suggested sponsorship to cover cost of boards, prizes, etc. Flat Tire, Tiger Bowl…
        5. Big question is regarding alcohol on park grounds.
      3. League formation raises questions about the alcohol ordinance.
        1. Jolynne stated she did not feel the full ordinance should be lifted, but agreed that the park should look into special permits/permissions for events.
      4. League formation also brought up concessions.
        1. Park Board is in strong concensus that concessions should be open for all & shared. Again, this issue reiterates the need for a Parks & Rec Director. The Park Board will put together a proposal that all leagues be brought under one umbrella. Less word for their individual boards, but more profit.
  6. Old Business
    1. Cottonwood Tree
      1. No new report.
    2. Volleyball Court
      1. Will see what other cities do to keep sand in.
      2. Also will require leagues to rake with each use.
    3. New Park Board Identity & Objectives
      1. Did Tom find the City ordinance regarding Park Board duties and bylaws?

Council Agenda May 21, 2018

Council Agenda May 21, 2018

2018 Summer Reading Program

Be sure to sign up for this year’s Summer Reading Program “Libraries Rock.”  We have programs for all ages.  Click here for a schedule of events.  To sign up stop by the library or click here.

May 25th Food Truck Friday

Come on down to Veteran’s Square tonight for some great food, live music and the Madrid Cheerleader’s.  Flame the Food Truck will be in the square between 5:30 and 8:00.

MPD Blotter May 14 to May 20



Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call in the 500 Block of Milwaukee.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock at the County Shed.

Officer assisted with a funeral procession.

Officer did two welfare checks on Madrid residents.

Officer checked on a suspicious vehicle that was call in by a Madrid resident in the 600 Block of South State Street.

Officer assisted a Marshall County Deputy with locating a Madrid resident and giving him a contact number to assist with a case.

Officer received a complaint of a junk vehicle in the 300 Block of North Market Street.  Officer will serve the owner a notice to remove.

Officer initiated a traffic stop at 5th and Main.  A young male in the back seat of the vehicle was warned for hanging completely out of the back window.

Officer took a report of an erratic driver.  Officer contacted the driver and it was determined they were lost and attempting to drive while using their GPS.  Officer gave driving directions to the couple.

Officer followed up with a subject regarding a previous report of someone driving recklessly through their neighborhood.


Officer was dispatched to a fire alarm at the Madrid Home. Turned out to be a false alarm.

Officer met with a Madrid resident who turned in a lost/found wallet.  Officer located the owner and returned it.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue with a medical call in the 500 Block of Milwaukee.

Officer received a report of a stolen bike from a resident on West 1st Street.

Officer assisted DHS with a home check on an open case in the City.

Officer received a complaint of a phone scam claiming to be Social Security and telling the Madrid resident that there was a warrant for their arrest.  Officer reminds Madrid residents that these are 100% scam calls and if the IRS, Police, or Social Security needs to get ahold of you, that they will not call you on the phone.

Officer ran traffic enforcement on Southern Prairie Drive.  Officer stopped 4 subjects for numerous traffic violations.


Officer received a call of a dog running loose at Kingman and Gerald.  Caller was able to assist the Officer and located the owner and returned the animal home.

Officer performed a welfare check on Grigsby Court, after a son could not get ahold of his father.

Officer received a call from a Madrid mother.  She stated that some middle school kids were yelling profanities and throwing books around at the school playground.  Officer contacted the kids and had them pick up all the garbage and asked them to not be yelling.

Officer received a call about an injured dog in the 400 block of W. Second Street.  Officer contacted Boone Humane Society and they responded to pick up the dog.


Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 600 Block of Maverick Lane.

Officer received drug information on the tip line and started an investigation.

Officer ran two out of state subjects for a venders’ license to go door to door to sell products.  Subjects were denied a license due to neither having a valid driver’s license.

Officer responded to a business reference an alarm. Officer checked the building and spoke with the business representative and determined everything to be OK.

Officer noticed two juvenile males looking through a window at an apartment complex. Officer spoke with the occupant and found that the boys were talking with a juvenile female through the window. The father addressed the conduct.

Officer assisted medical at the Madrid Home.

Officer took a parking complaint and will talk with the business owner reference the concern.


Officer returned some lost/found property to the Madrid Home and followed up on an on-going case.

Officer received a complaint on two vehicles parked on the roadway for an extended period, one on Walnut Street and one on Main Street. Officer tagged both vehicles with warnings for removal.

Officer received a complaint of a yard that was in violation of the city ordinance at Main and West 1st Street.  Officer tagged the door for the violation. Officer also tagged a residence at 22nd and Main Street for the same infraction.

Officer returned a call to a Madrid resident about a vehicle that had been served for a city ordinance violation.  The vehicle will be towed with permission of the owner as soon as possible.

Officer followed up on a junk vehicle that was served in the 400 Block of East 1st Street.  Vehicle had been removed by the owner.

Officer received a call requesting traffic control for a large motorcycle ride coming through town in early August.

Officer received a request from an insurance company for a past accident report.  Officer forwarded the information.


Officer responded to a medical call at the Cedars

Officer responded to a medical call in the 300 block of N. Water Street.

Officer provided staff at the Flat Tire Lounge for a party.

Officer assisted ABATE with traffic control for a motorcycle ride.


Officer received a call of animals going in the house that burnt in the 500 block of W. First Street.  Officer advised owner who advised that the back door was not boarded up.  Advised they would do so.

Officer responded to the Madrid Home reference a fire alarm, determined to be false.

BINGO Volunteers Needed

The Madrid Labor Day Committee is in desperate need of BINGO Volunteers on Saturday evenings in the Community Room.  If you would like to help, please contact Steve Burich at (515) 205-4173, if interested.



Bingo May 19, 2018 Cancelled

Bingo for Saturday, May 19, 2018 has been cancelled.

MPD Blotter May 7 to May 12, 2018



Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference his neighbor’s dogs being allowed to run in his yard and leave dog waste behind.  Officer gave him a copy of the city code and told him to call if there is any more instances and we would speak to them.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 300 Block of Locust Street.  Officer arrived to find patient not breathing and with no pulse. Officer performed 4 rounds of CPR along with administering a shock from the AED, carried in all patrol vehicles, and got a pulse back on the patient.  Officer cleared the scene when rescue arrived to take over and gave traffic control on Southern Prairie Drive for the helicopter to land, after communicating with the pilot and giving information on the landing zone. Patient was life flighted to Des Moines.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident in reference to two junk vehicles.

Officer was called to the East side of the elementary school for a dog running at large when the kids are getting out of school.  Officer picked up the animal and located the owner in the 300 Block of Little Street and dropped her off.

Officer was dispatched to the 400 Block of East 1st Street reference a welfare check from Story County.  Subject checked out OK.  Officer notified both Boone and Polk County dispatch.

Officers assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 700 Block of West 2nd Street, after an 8 year-old accidently cut himself and was bleeding badly.

Officer assisted with a lift assist in the 500 block of Milwaukee.

Officer was dispatched to assist Fire/Rescue regarding a medical call in the 400 block of N. Water St.

Officer was notified of a dog running at large.  Officer made contact with the owner whom stated the dog ran from the house.  The dog returned home prior to officer’s arrival and all parties were advised.


Officer was called to a two-vehicle accident at Highway 17 (Kennedy Ave) and 1st Street.  A vehicle driven by Daniel Faidley of Colfax rear ended a vehicle driven by Kathleen Barnes of Des Moines, who was waiting at the stoplight to turn left.  No injuries were reported but both vehicle sustained over $1500 in damage.  Officer did a State report on the accident.

Officer spoke to the Fire Chief reference an on-going case.

Officer received a call from a female who stated that she saw two kids on scooters on the trail between the QF parking lot and the bridge and stated that she did not see anyone around.  She wanted a welfare check done.  Officer contacted Boone County Conservation Officer at Swede Point who stated that he would run right out and check it out.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue with an emergency medical call at the Madrid Family Clinic.

Officer inspected a golf cart for a City license.

Officer came across a two-vehicle accident in the County on his way home.  Officer made sure all drivers and passengers were OK and gave dispatch all vehicle and witness information.  Officer cleared when Sheriff Deputy’s arrived on scene.


Officer assisted a Madrid resident in the 800 Block of East 1st Street in towing two junk vehicles.

Officer performed a funeral procession.

Officer received a report of an erratic driver.  Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

Officer responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in the 900 block of S. Kennedy.  It was determined the parties were verbally arguing and the male agreed to stay at a relative’s house for the evening.


Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call in the 500 Block of Milwaukee Street.

Officer assisted the Boone Area Humane Society with an animal call in the 400 Block of Newton Street.  The subject caught a raccoon in a live trap.  Officer took the healthy animal to the water plant and released per a request from the Humane Society.

Officer attended a court hearing at the Boone County Courthouse.

Officer attended a meeting at the Boone County Courthouse reference an on-going criminal case.

Officer attended court proceedings stemming from an arrest in February of this year. The defendant entered a guilty plea.

Officer responded to South Main Street reference a burning complaint. It was determined the homeowner was only burning wood, but agreed to stop burning to keep the neighborhood happy.  The caller was notified of the outcome.

Officer returned firearms that were being held by the department until the owner’s court case could be settled.


Officer assisted BCH EMS with an emergent medical call at the Madrid Home.

Officer assisted BCH EMS with another emergent medical at the Madrid Home Garden Apts.


Officer took a report of a missing juvenile out past her curfew. Officer worked with family and friends to help locate her.