MPD Blotter September 30 – October 6, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166



Officer performed a traffic stop, at 1st and Main Street, for a vehicle that did not make a complete stop, for the cross-walk at the School.  Subject was warned for the infraction. 

Officer performed a traffic stop at Casey’s, for a vehicle speeding coming into town on Highway 210.  Subject was warned for the infraction.

Officer assisted DHS, with attempting to locate a subject, that they needed to follow-up with.  Officer was unable to locate but will continue to try and catch the subject home.

Officer received a request, from an insurance company, for a past accident report.  Officer mailed the report to them after receiving payment.

Officer received a complaint reference a property at 22nd and Main.  House is abandoned and the owner is supposed to be tearing it down.  Officer called the owner and asked about his building/demolition permit.  Owner stated that he was waiting for one thing from the State and he anticipated that work to be done within two weeks.

Officer received a call from a subject that was a mile East of the City on Highway 210.  The driver stated that he was involved in an accident and called in, but more than a half hour later, a Deputy had not shown up yet.  Officer contacted dispatch who stated a Deputy was enroute and was in Luther.

Officer made contact with (3) subjects going door to door without a vender’s license.  They worked for a siding company out of Grimes. Officer ran all ID’s and had them leave the City after explaining the process of obtaining a permit.

Officer made contact with a female at 3rd and Market, riding a mini-bike.  Officer gave the subject a warning for it not being street legal so it could not be ridden on the roadway.



Officer was dispatched to a vehicle speeding Southbound from Luther.  Officer stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver, who reported the caller was the one that caused the careless driving issue.

Officer assisted DHS with an on-going case, dealing with a Madrid resident.

Officer received a call from dispatch, reference assisting West Des Moines PD, with locating a subject who lives in Madrid.  Officer stopped several times at the residence on County Line Road, but was unable to locate him.

Officer spoke to two Madrid parents of high school students, about some information learned about kids sneaking out and possibly using vape products. 



Officer spoke with DHS Staff, reference two cases and forwarded them information on both.

Officer received a complaint of a dog running at large in the 800 block of South Union Street.  Officer was unable to locate the animal.

Officer returned a call to a Madrid resident, who reported he received a strange, threatening voice message, from an unknown number.  The subject did not know if it was a wrong number or not.  Officer called the number and left a voice mail giving them a harassment warning.

 Officer responded to Jonathan Drive for a child welfare check.  Child was ok.

Officer attempted to locate an infant child on a DHS pick-up order.  UTL

Officer attempted to serve an arrest warrant UTL.



Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job related back-ground check.

Officer spoke with Elementary School Staff reference teaching at safety week at the end of October.

Officer returned a call to a building contractor, and received additional information on a house that was torn down at 22nd and Main Street.


Officer met with a subject at the PD, that found a dog running by the Madrid Home.  The owner called at the same time and came and picked him up.

Officer assisted with an emergency medical call in the 700 Block of East 2nd Street.

Officer assisted DHS, on a child removal, in the 900 Block of South Kennedy Avenue.

Officer arrested Richard Keller, in the 900 Block of South Kennedy, on a Cerro Gordo County warrant, for failure to pay child support.  Officer transported the male, to the Boone County Jail, where he was turned over to jail staff.

Officer responded to assist the fire department with a report of a gas smell in a house in the 800 block of E. 2nd Street.

Officer received a report of an alarm at the fire station. Officer passed along information to the appropriate personnel.



Officer was dispatched to a vehicle unlock at Git N’ Go.  Officer unlocked the vehicle without incident.

Officer followed up on a past felony case.  Officer received up to date information from both the bank involved, along with the victim, and passed it all onto the County Attorney.

Officer was called to the 200 Block of South Kennedy Avenue, after a business owner locked herself out of the building.  Officer was able to assist her by gaining entry.



Officer attempted to locate a gas drive-off from the Slater Casey’s, mutual aid for Story County.  UTL.

Officer followed up on a sex abuse investigation.



Officer performed a welfare check on N. Market Street.