MPD Blotter – September 28 – October 4, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a possible mail scam after a subject received a $10,000 jackpot winning ticket in the mail.

Officer received a letter in the mail, complaining about a vehicle that parks on the sidewalk, in the 600 block of West 2nd Street, causing the subject to have to walk in the street while walking their dog.  The letter had no name on it for the complainant.  Officer checked on the residence 3 times and found no vehicle blocking the sidewalk.  If anyone see’s this infraction taking place, please contact the police at the time of the infraction, so we can speak with the owner.

Officer spoke to a local Madrid realtor and assisted with a background check on a possible future tenant.

Officer spoke to a detective from the Ankeny Police Department who passed on a case that occurred in Madrid.  Officer spoke to the mother of the juvenile, who was the victim of the complaint, and received some up to date information.  Officer will follow-up on the information.

Officer was dispatched to Casey’s.  A subject picked up a stray cat and dropped it off there.  Officer saw the kitten with its mother by County Line Road a couple hours earlier.  Officer took the kitten back and dropped it off at that location.

Officer assisted a Madrid homeowner with doing a background check on a female looking to rent his property.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference her juvenile daughter receiving a suspicious text message.  Officer passed the caller onto Dallas County since that is where their residence is located.

Officer was dispatched to a lift assist in the 200 block of Grigsby Court.  Officer arrived and assisted the female with getting back on her feet and to her walker.  Subject had no injuries so Fire/Rescue was disregarded.

Officer took a report from a Madrid resident at 3rd and State, that last night she was outside her business with her Yorkie dog.  Another male walked by with his dog and it attacked her dog and killed it.  She didn’t get the owners information and is worried the dog is vicious and worried about kids in the area.  Please contact the Madrid Police if you are the owner of this dog or if you can identify the owner. The dog was described as a bigger black dog, possibly a pit-bull and the male was white with glasses and brown hair.

Officer received a call from an attorney in Kansas City reference a case from 2012, needing information on a subject involved.  Officer will pull the report and call the attorney back and have her do an official records request for any information.


Officer was called out for a Madrid resident, reporting a theft of $500 cash from her apartment, in the 200 block of South State Street.  A suspect name was given and was possibly traveling back to the City of Ankeny.  Officer put out an attempt to locate the vehicle.  Investigation continues.

Officer spoke to a Des Moines police officer who stated that they had taken a report of a crime that they believed occurred in Madrid.  They will be forwarding the information for review.

Officer emailed a report from 2012 to a State of Missouri CASA attorney working on a child protective case in her State.

Officer received a call from the owner of Car Quest, reference a bike that was left at the rea of his building.  Officer located the bike and took it into custody to be claimed.  The bike had a mechanical failure but the officer located the part a short distance away and put it back on the bike.

Officer spoke with a subject on Kingman Blvd.  Officer did a check-up on both the subjects that were having some health issues.  Officer also discussed another property owned by one of the subjects, reference a neighbor’s complaint of down trees that is blocking him from mowing his yard.  She stated that she would attempt to get someone hired to cut up the branches.

Officer was called to a civil dispute in the 900 block of South Kennedy Avenue.  A civil no contact order was recently dropped and the male wanted back into his residence and the female would not allow it.  Officer informed them both of their rights and informed them both that they needed to contact an attorney.

Officer was dispatched to the 400 block of Fairview for a disagreement between a couple, they were advised it was a civil issue and they need to work out what they want to do with their relationship.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident regarding an ongoing investigation.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident on Grigsby Court, reference his small black dog getting out and running away.  Officer received a call from a postal delivery employee who returned the dog to its owner. Thanks Lacey!

Officer attended a meeting with the Granger Police Department for the Chief that was retiring there and the appointment of the new one.

Officer received a complaint of a dog running at large by Dance Driven.  Officer located the animal’s owner and returned it.

Officers attended CPR/AED training at the Madrid Fire Department

Officer burned copies of body cam videos for cases to be send to the County Attorney for court proceedings.


Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 100 block of South Water Street.

Officer assisted staff at the elementary school, speaking with a young man about safety issues of leaving school grounds, crossing the streets, and listening to staff members.

Officer spoke to a representative from Meals on Wheels, who requested a welfare check on one of its clients in the 900 block of South Kennedy Avenue.

Officer received a report of a dog that bit another dog yesterday in the 300 block of East 1st Street.  Officer spoke to owner of dog and asked that she get all paperwork on the dog including rabies vaccination.  Officer spoke to the victim’s and that stated that they wanted the $305 vet bill paid.  Officer contacted the Boone Area Humane Society and filled them in on the incident.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference disposing of old fireworks.

Officer received a call of a suspicious male taking pictures at 5th and Main.  Officer was unable to locate the male.

Officer returned a phone call to a subject that stated they had information on a past case.  Officer returned the call and left a message asking for her to call back.

Officer performed a traffic stop at 8th and Kennedy

Officer responded to a noise complaint of car alarm going off, officer was unable to locate the source.


Officer responded to a residence on East 6th Street reference a life alert call placed.

Officer spoke with another agency reference a child sex abuse investigation.

Officer followed up on a dog bite call.

Officers provided foot patrol and traffic control for the high school football game.


Officer responded to the Meadow Estates reference a civil issue. Officer advised the parties to seek resolution via the courts.

Officer spoke with a young man after his mother reported he made threats to hurt himself. It was determined that the statements were in response to a disagreement over use of a phone for internet surfing and were not credible.

Officer responded to report of suspicious activity at North and Union St. Checked out no mischief was occurring.

Officer received a report of suspects messing with the temporary stop sign at the elementary.  Officer advised suspects to not touch the stop sign.

Officer responded to 600 block of Maverick to help with a civil disagreement.


Officer responded to a report of a hit and run accident on West 2nd St.

Officer responded to North Main Street reference a man urinating in a yard there. Officer arrested an Adolfo Ninaquispe, of Ames for public intoxication and OWI 3rd offense.