MPD Blotter September 23 – September 28, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166



Officer was dispatched to the 200 Block of South State, for an alarm going off in the business.  Officer made contact with the owner, who accidently set it off, while doing some maintenance work.

Officer was dispatched to Casey’s for a fake $100 bill taken in, over the weekend.  The bill was printed on a $10 that was washed and copied over.  Officer took the bill around to several local businesses and warned them to be on the lookout.

Officer made a call for service for damage done to the fence, around the tennis court, at Edgewood Park.  The damage is on the west side and appears that a vehicle struck it sometime within the last few weeks.  Anyone with information on this damage, please contact the Chief of Police.



Officer was dispatched to an alarm at Casey’s.  Turned out to be a false alarm.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference receiving two scam calls from Social Security.  The subject did not give any personal information and just simply hung up.



Officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle at 3rd and Highway 17.  Officer saw the vehicle stop on the traveled portion and allow bikes to cross, which almost caused an accident on the Highway.  The driver was from Kansas and did not know Iowa law.  Driver was warned for the infraction.

Officer returned a call to an insurance company, and shared information on a past accident report, that occurred in the city limits.

Officer assisted elementary school staff, with speaking with a parent, that they had some concerns about.

Officer spoke with s DHS case worker and shared information about a Madrid area family.

Officer spoke to staff at the Madrid Tiger Bowl, reference two lengthy parked vehicles in parking lot.  Officer will follow-up with the owners, and see that they are removed.

Officer followed up on (2) cases from Casey’s General Store.  Officer contacted Hy-Vee Loss Prevention to get information about a loyalty number on a receipt to try and identify the owner.

Officer was called to the Library for kids acting inappropriate.  Officer spoke to a group of children on actions and how to act around ladies.

Officer took a burglary report in the 400 Block of West 22nd Street.  No suspects at this time.

Officer responded to Edgewood Park for a report of a vehicle driving carelessly through the park.  UTL.



Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue, with a medical call, at the Madrid Home, assisted living apartments.

Officer received a request from an insurance company, for a past accident report.  Officer mailed the information that was requested.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference her juvenile daughter sneaking out at night.  Officer received a name of a student where the juvenile was sneaking out to. Officer will contact the parents of that student and fill them in on the information.

Officer was dispatched to a two-vehicle accident, in the high school parking lot, between two students.

Officer received a report of two dogs running in the 700 Block of West 2nd Street.  Officer left a message for the owner that was on one of the dog’s tags.  Owner came shortly after and picked up the dogs.

Officer received a report of a missing dog from West 8th Street.  Officer received information later that the animal had been found and returned to its owner.



Officer returned a call to a Madrid resident, reference disposing of an expired fire extinguisher.  Officer gave them the contact information for the company that does work for the City.

Officer received a call and listened to a past Madrid resident having some issues and had questions.  Officer answered the questions to the best of his ability, but passed her on to the department where she is currently living.

Officer met with a Madrid resident and collected medications for the drug drop off program.

Officer received a set of lost/found keys that were located in the 300 Block of North Main Street.

Officer received a call of a vehicle that backed into the restaurant at 605 Kennedy. There was no damage to the building. Witnesses believed the drivers may be intoxicated and were last seen heading north on Hwy 17. Officer made other agencies aware to be on the lookout for the suspect vehicle. Vehicle was believed to be occupied by 2 males and 2 females all in their early 20’s.



Officer provided a funeral escort from the Catholic Church.

Officer responded to the Meadow Estates park reference an out of control 12-year-old. Officer and guardians spoke with the young man and he settled down.

Officer took an informational report only about a teen out past his curfew.

Officer spoke with a resident regarding finding a stray cat. Officer informed her that the city does not have the capacity at this time to house cats, however we are working with the Humane Society to address the feral cat problem in town.

Officer picked up and disposed of roadkill near the traffic light, believed to be a feral cat.