MPD Blotter October 28 – November 3, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer was contacted by a Madrid resident, who needed assistance getting an item to her daughter at the high school.  The resident was home with other children and could not break away.  Officer picked up the item and transported it to the high school.

Officer spoke to high school staff, reference students squealing tires and driving carelessly, in the parking lot and leaving school.  Officer will give the area extra patrol around these times.

Officer met with elementary school staff, reference a plan to re-open Main Street this week.  Information will be posted and sent out to all the parents reference this meeting.

Officer spoke to two Madrid residents and was given information from the vehicle thefts and break-ins, from over the weekend.  Officer took an additional report of property stolen out of one vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to the Madrid Home for a general fire alarm.  Officer made contact with employees and found out that it was a false alarm and just a cooking issue in one of the assisted living apartments.

Officer traveled to Adel and interviewed a subject that was in the Dallas County Jail.  Officer followed up with several victims in this on-going case from over the weekend as well.

Officer received a call from Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, reference a subject coming in to report an injury, received in an incident, on Saturday night, in the City of Madrid.  Officer returned a call to the subject and left a message.  The reporting nurse stated that he did not wish to be a victim but that they needed to report it to local police, per policy.


Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 900 Block of South Kennedy Avenue.

Officer spoke to a victim of a crime reported over the weekend, who had some questions on his case.  Officer referred him to Dallas County since the charges and arrest occurred there.

Officer received a call from a County resident wanting a welfare check done on a resident in the 900 block of South Kennedy.  Officer was unable to locate the subject.  Caller called back a short time later and stated that she got ahold of her.

Officer spoke to an agent with the FBI, who gave information on a tip that they received.

Officer met with a Madrid resident, who turned in a lost/found wallet, that was located on Highway 17.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident, reference a complaint about a residence, at 22nd and Main Street.  Officer called the owner of the property, and left a message, needing a call back with planned clean-up information.

Officer responded to Jonathan Drive reference a medical situation.

Officer took a report of harassment and trespassing. Officer attempted to make contact with the suspect, however there was no answer or return call.

Officer cited two juveniles into court for curfew violations.

Officer responded to the elementary playground for some bullying taking place there. Officer spoke with the subjects involved and also with the parent of a juvenile regarding the incident. Officer passed along information to the high school administration as well.  


Officer received a call from the Public Works Director.  A new sidewalk was poured on the West side of the elementary school, and a kid had ridden his bike through it, on early out day.  Officer called the concrete company who immediately returned and fixed the accident without issue.

Officers interviewed a possible witness in an on-going criminal case.

Officer shared information with a Polk County detective, reference an on-going case. 

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference issues that she is having with other parents, dealing with a juvenile relationship.

Officer took part in Halloween festivities and met with many Madrid juveniles, and went over safety issues from looking both ways to cross the street to stranger danger.


Officer sent updated reports to a Polk County detective, on an on-going joint investigation.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident, who complained about a parking issue, on Little Street.  Main Street is opening back up, so the Officer explained that the situation should fix itself, but that it would be watched and the owner spoke to if needed.  

Officer was called to the 900 Block of South Kennedy Avenue, for a 3-year-old that had walked out of a residence.  Officer arrived and found the young man safe at home, he was hiding and eating snacks.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job-related background check.

Officer took a report of harassment

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on two medical calls in the City.

Officer responded to car vs deer on Hwy 17.  No report taken.


Officer spoke to a property owner at 22nd and Main, reference clean-up of a property.

Officer did a back-ground check for a federal investigator.

Officer spoke to a Madrid landlord reference a possible tenant.  Officer did a back-ground on Iowa Courts Online, and gave the report to the landlord.

Officer met with high school staff and students and gave them a tour of the Police Department along with a job shadow experience.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call in the 300 block of South Cedar Street.

Officer was informed by dispatch of a Madrid resident, that left the Boone County Dump, without paying the service fee.  Officer located the subject, who had just made his first trip and had no idea that there was a fee, and informed him to call and make arrangements for payment.

Officer received a call from a subject involved in a car/deer accident last night.  They stated that when they got home, they realized that their front plate was missing.  An officer went out in the rain and found the plate in the field, and called the owner to come to the PD and pick it up.


Officer responded to the 500 Block of Milwaukee for a business burglary alarm.  Employee error.  Set off by mistake.  Employee reset alarm.

Police, fire and rescue departments gave the winning cross-country track team an escort into town.  


Officer assisted Madrid Rescue/Boone Co. Ambulance with an emergent medical in the 500 block of S. Union.

Officer responded to Casey’s for a hold-up alarm.  False alarm, accidentally set off by an employee.

Officer unlocked a vehicle for a resident in the 200 block of E. 8th Street.

Officer received info from a concerned resident of something that she had seen on Snapchat Maps.  Info was of an incident that may have occurred in Boone.  Info passed on to Boone PD to look into.