MPD Blotter October 21 – October 27, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer forwarded arrest information, on two local juveniles, charged with curfew over the weekend, to juvenile court services.

Officer had a meeting with the City Attorney, and went over a records request, and sent out a second response, after the Madrid resident, requested additional information.

Officer assisted the elementary school staff, with teaching ALICE/Stranger Danger awareness and safety, to all ages, at the elementary school.

Officer assisted high school staff with a student that had left the grounds.  Officer located the juvenile and returned him to the high school.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who received a call on his cell phone threatening him about having a warrant.  The number that came up on his cell phone was the actual number of the police department, which was added on the computer, from the subject doing the scam.  REMINDER: If you have a warrant out for your arrest, the Madrid Police Department will not call and warn you or ask you to send money to an over-seas account to clear it.

Officer returned a phone call regarding a found wallet.  Arranged for owner to come to PD to pick up.  Wallet was returned to the owner.

Officer returned a phone call regarding a subject wishing to have an ex-boyfriend advised not to come to her residence.  Officer called the ex-boyfriend and made him aware.

Office provided a vehicle unlock in front of the laundromat.

Officer returned a phone call to a resident regarding harassment. Spoke to the subject and advised the matter was a civil issue.


Officer had a phone meeting with the Emergency Management Coordinator, reference upcoming training.

Officer received two calls from Madrid residents who made complaints about receiving scam phone calls.  One claimed they won a large sum of money in the lottery and another claimed to be Social Security.  REMINDER: Never give your personal information out to strangers over the phone.

Officer responded to the Madrid Public Library for a juvenile dispute.  Dispute resolved.


Officer assisted Madrid Fire Department, with several safety classes to the entire Elementary School along with local day care services.

Officer was called to the 200 Block of South State Street, for an unsafe building.  Public Works Director was informed also. Owner was contacted.

Officer ran a background check for a Federal Agent.

Officer was dispatched to the Madrid Clinic for a couple arguing.  Officer made contact with the couple who admitted to yelling profanities at each other.  The young couple hugged and apologized for making a scene in public. 


Officer called in an ATV affidavit for a trade in from Vanwall.

Officer responded to 800 block of East 8th for a medical assist.  Provided lift assistance for EMS.


Officer responded to the Madrid Elementary School for a dog bite.  Dog had current rabies vaccination and the incident was turned over to Boone County Humane Society for follow-up.

Officer provided a funeral escort for Iles Funeral Home.

Officer assisted Rescue and ambulance with a combative resident at the Madrid Home.

Officer took a report of a barking dog on N. State Street.


Officer received several drop offs for the Drug Drop Off program.  Officer visited with DEA Agent regarding the success of the program.

Officer assisted Polk County Sheriff’s Office with attempting to contact the owner of a vehicle involved in a crash near Polk City. The Officer made contact with the male by phone and advised him to contact Polk County.

Officer issued a parking violation warning on Maple Ridge Dr.

Officers took four reports of stolen vehicles from in town after two males stole a car from rural Dallas County and came to Madrid to commit multiple car burglaries and thefts. The suspects were caught after a pursuit ending near Granger. Several agencies are compiling charges at this time.


Officer responded to City State Bank for an alarm. Everything ok false alarm cleaning crew didn’t have proper code.

Madrid resident had a young boy show up at his residence and didn’t know where his home was. Officer spoke with child and took him and spoke with parents.

Officer took a report of stolen money from their vehicle in relation to previous evening’s activities.

Officer took a report of a stolen backpack in relation to last night’s events.

Officer checked on 911 hang-up calls, everything appeared ok.

Officer took a report of a dog bite on E. 1st Street. Officer took all relevant info and turned it over to the Boone County Humane Society.