MPD Blotter May 28 to Jun 3, 2018



Officer stopped a vehicle and the driver was advised regarding defective vehicle equipment.

Officer followed up from several cases made during the past week.


Officer followed up on a junk vehicle that was served last week on East North Street. Officer received permission from the owner to have it removed from the property. Officer contacted the salvage company who came to town and towed it.

Officer received a complaint on several junk vehicles on a property on Kingman Blvd.  Officer left a business card on the door of the property after finding nobody home.  Officer spoke with the owner later in the day and showed that every vehicle on the property was licensed, insured, and in working order.  She is in the process of selling a couple of them to make room.

Officer was dispatched to Git N’ Go for a gas drive off.  Officer received all the information from the Clerk that she had and will attempt to locate the owner and have them return.  The vehicle was later described as a black 4-door Ford truck, after management watched the video.  The clerk thought that it was a mess up with the card reader on the pump.

Officer followed up with Dollar General on a past case dealing with counterfeit money and received a video of the subject that passed the money.

Officer was dispatched to Casey’s for an accident.  A vehicle driven by Conner Williams of Woodward backed into a vehicle getting gas at the pumps owned by Matthew Mataya.

Officer stopped a vehicle in the 100 block of E. 2nd Street.  The driver was warned for speed.

Officer assisted Dallas County with a welfare check on a subject after a boat registered to a Madrid resident was found to be overturned in a waterway in Dallas County and nobody  in the area.  The owner was located and determined the boat may have become untied due to the passing wind storms. Everything checked OK.


Officer had a junk vehicle towed out of Veteran’s Square at the request of the owner.

Officer received a review on a case from the Boone County Attorney, that was sent up in early March.  Officer will be doing paperwork for two charges from the past case.

Officer was called to Fairview Drive for an ATV riding on the road.  Officer was unable to locate the kids but did speak to a group in the area.

Officer received a complaint of cars parked at 8th and South Kennedy that were obstructing the view of people entering Highway 17.  Officer contacted the owner to have them moved.

Officer received a report of a possible assault.  The suspect was already arrested in Polk County on this date on another charge but the victim wanted to make a report on another thing that occurred in the City several hours before.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a phone scam that they received.

Officer noted someone inside a local church after dark and stopped to investigate.  It was determined to be church staff.  Everything checked OK.

Officer stopped several suspicious individuals whom were walking in a field near the cemetery.  The individuals were attempting a voice recording for ghost activity near the area.  Officer advised and everything checked OK.

Officer followed up with the victim of a burglary previously reported.

Officer retrieved video from a local store regarding a suspect whom passed counterfeit currency while making a purchase. 


Officer received a call from a victim of a stolen handgun from 2017, who wanted an update on the case.  Officer informed him that the arrest had been completed and that the firearm was still at the DCI Lab for testing and as soon as it was returned, he would be notified for pick-up.

Officer did paperwork on a case that was reported yesterday at shift change.  Officer will forward it to the County Attorney for review for possible charges.

Officer responded to the 500 block of Market St. reference juveniles riding a motorcycle in the street. The activity stopped upon Officer’s arrival, additional patrol will be in the area to monitor.

Officers arrested a Raymond Kenneth Svaleson of Madrid on two active Madrid warrants, domestic assault and criminal mischief.


Officer was informed by dispatch of a stolen vehicle from Boone that could be possibly coming towards Madrid.  Officer staged by the High School but was unable to locate the vehicle. Officer located the vehicle a short time later at a residence in town and spoke to the owner.  The owner stated that nobody had permission to be in the vehicle while she was at work.  Officer left the owner a business card to call if she received any other information on the case.

Officer received an open records request from a past criminal case.

Officer removed a large animal carcass from the roadway that was causing a traffic concern.

Officer took a report of a sinkhole that had appeared in the roadway. Officer passed the information along to public works.


Officer received pictures of possible stolen items from a past burglary.  Officer will make contact with the victim for possible identification.

Officer fingerprinted a subject for a job-related background check.

Officer received a call of a residential alarm during the passing storm.  The residence was secure upon officer’s arrival and it appeared the wind set the alarm off regarding on of the doors to the residence.

Officer followed up with multiple citizens making open records requests with the police department for information.  Officer will review all requests for release.

Officer received a complaint of an animal at large. The owner was contacted and given a warning.

Officer met with Ames PD to pick up a male wanted on a Madrid warrant. The man was transported to the Boone County Jail.

Officers assisted Madrid Rescue and Boone County Hospital with a medical call on E. 1st Street.


Officer assisted Boone Co. Ambulance with an emergent medical at the Madrid Home.

Officer responded to a residence in the 600 block of Kingman for a verbal domestic dispute.

Officer received a report of the cabin being open in Edgewood Park.

Officer responded to the 800 block or E. Eighth Street for a civil stand-by.

Officer responded to the 600 block of Maverick Lane to investigate several 911 calls.  Officer spoke to all of the residents and all stated that they hadn’t called 911.  Officer contacted dispatch who advised that the call had mapped to that residence on the second call but that it could have come from somewhere else.  No further calls were received.

Officer investigated a minor vehicle vs building accident.