MPD Blotter May 21 to May 27, 2018


Officer responded to the Madrid Home for a vehicle unlock.

Officer responded to the 600 block of S. Kennedy for a vehicle unlock.

Officer responded to a residence in the 400 block of E. First Street for a non-emergent medical.

Officer responded to a medical call at the Cedars.

Officer took a fraud report regarding someone using their credit card out of state.

Officer spoke to a subject regarding suspicious activity.  Officer will follow up with the information given.

Officer towed a junk vehicle in the 300 Block of North Main Street, with the owner’s permission.

Officer met with the Postman, who turned in illegal narcotics found on his route.  Officer will start an investigation on the property.

Officer received a complaint of a junk vehicle that has been sitting in a driveway for a long period of time in the 300 Block of East North Street.  Officer will serve the owner a notice on the ordinance infraction.

Officer arrested Haley Nicole Keubler on a Dallas County revocation warrant.  The original charges were identity theft and theft in the 2nd degree.  She was transported to the Boone County Jail. 

Officer was dispatched to City State Bank for a panic alarm.  Everything checked out OK and it was hit by accident.

Officer was dispatched to the 700 Block of West 2nd Street for an unwanted male at a residence.  Officer arrived and found the complaint to be civil, due to both subjects living there.  Officer calmed down the situation and came to a temporary solution to the problem.

Officer spoke to a new Madrid resident at Kingman and Gerald Street reference having a storage unit placed on the street temporarily while the move in process took place.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 400 Block of East 1st Street.

Officer had a meeting with the Public Works Director. Veteran’s Square will be closed on the Friday night’s the food truck is in town, starting at 3:00PM. Please have all vehicles removed from the parking lot on the South half before that time. Thanks in advance for helping us be able to bring these businesses into our great City.

Officer took a complaint of harassing phone calls from a Madrid resident.  Officer called the number back and suspects it to be a fake number from a scam line.  Officer did leave a message giving them a harassment warning.

Officer received a complaint of a tripping hazard on the East sidewalk, in the 800 Block of South Union on the answering machine.  Caller stated that they tripped on a ¾” lip on the sidewalk.  Officer took pictures and passed it on to the Public Works Director and Ward 2 Councilman.

Officer received a complaint from City Hall of a couch in the parking for an extended period of time in the 100 Block of North Locust Street.  Officer left a door hanger on the property for removal.

Officer took a report of a dog running at large on East 8th Street. Officer spoke to the owner and warned him to keep his dog in his own yard. 

Officer performed special traffic enforcement on Southern Prairie Drive on three separate occasions throughout the day to address complaints of excessive speeding on that road. No significant infractions were witnessed.

Officer was dispatched to the 400 Block of Newton Drive for a family disturbance.  Officer found a father and daughter arguing.  Officer counseled the two subjects and calmed the situation down and made arrangements for the day.

Officer received a call from a Madrid resident whom had a stray cat on his property for several days.  Officer contacted the Boone Area Humane Society and OK’d it for the subject to take the cat up and drop it off in Boone.

Officer received a complaint of a vehicle getting broken into on Brodie Lane and a purse was stolen.  Officer did the initial report and started the investigation.

Officer requested two videos from out of town businesses where debit and credit cards were used from the car burglary above.

Officer received a complaint about a yard needing mowed on East 2nd Street and County Line Road.  Officer spoke to the neighbor who had already contacted Blades to mow it.

Officer received a call from the Boone Area Humane Society to check on a dog that was called into the shelter in the 500 Block of East North Street.  Officer made contact with the owners and the animal and found nothing wrong with it.  Officer forwarded pictures to the Humane Society also.

Officer took a report of fireworks near the 500 block of W. 1st Street. Officer checked the area but was unable to locate the source as it had since stopped.

Officer responded to Dollar General in reference to counterfeit money being passed.

Officer responded to the 500 block of W. 1st Street reference a domestic situation. It was determined to be a verbal only argument. The two males were separated for the night. 

Officer responded to 400 block of Fairview Drive to keep the peace during a child exchange.