MPD Blotter May 14 to May 20, 2018



Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call in the 500 Block of Milwaukee.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock at the County Shed.

Officer assisted with a funeral procession.

Officer did two welfare checks on Madrid residents.

Officer checked on a suspicious vehicle that was call in by a Madrid resident in the 600 Block of South State Street.

Officer assisted a Marshall County Deputy with locating a Madrid resident and giving him a contact number to assist with a case.

Officer received a complaint of a junk vehicle in the 300 Block of North Market Street.  Officer will serve the owner a notice to remove.

Officer initiated a traffic stop at 5th and Main.  A young male in the back seat of the vehicle was warned for hanging completely out of the back window.

Officer took a report of an erratic driver.  Officer contacted the driver and it was determined they were lost and attempting to drive while using their GPS.  Officer gave driving directions to the couple.

Officer followed up with a subject regarding a previous report of someone driving recklessly through their neighborhood.


Officer was dispatched to a fire alarm at the Madrid Home. Turned out to be a false alarm.

Officer met with a Madrid resident who turned in a lost/found wallet.  Officer located the owner and returned it.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue with a medical call in the 500 Block of Milwaukee.

Officer received a report of a stolen bike from a resident on West 1st Street.

Officer assisted DHS with a home check on an open case in the City.

Officer received a complaint of a phone scam claiming to be Social Security and telling the Madrid resident that there was a warrant for their arrest.  Officer reminds Madrid residents that these are 100% scam calls and if the IRS, Police, or Social Security needs to get ahold of you, that they will not call you on the phone.

Officer ran traffic enforcement on Southern Prairie Drive.  Officer stopped 4 subjects for numerous traffic violations.


Officer received a call of a dog running loose at Kingman and Gerald.  Caller was able to assist the Officer and located the owner and returned the animal home.

Officer performed a welfare check on Grigsby Court, after a son could not get ahold of his father.

Officer received a call from a Madrid mother.  She stated that some middle school kids were yelling profanities and throwing books around at the school playground.  Officer contacted the kids and had them pick up all the garbage and asked them to not be yelling.

Officer received a call about an injured dog in the 400 block of W. Second Street.  Officer contacted Boone Humane Society and they responded to pick up the dog.


Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 600 Block of Maverick Lane.

Officer received drug information on the tip line and started an investigation.

Officer ran two out of state subjects for a venders’ license to go door to door to sell products.  Subjects were denied a license due to neither having a valid driver’s license.

Officer responded to a business reference an alarm. Officer checked the building and spoke with the business representative and determined everything to be OK.

Officer noticed two juvenile males looking through a window at an apartment complex. Officer spoke with the occupant and found that the boys were talking with a juvenile female through the window. The father addressed the conduct.

Officer assisted medical at the Madrid Home.

Officer took a parking complaint and will talk with the business owner reference the concern.


Officer returned some lost/found property to the Madrid Home and followed up on an on-going case.

Officer received a complaint on two vehicles parked on the roadway for an extended period, one on Walnut Street and one on Main Street. Officer tagged both vehicles with warnings for removal.

Officer received a complaint of a yard that was in violation of the city ordinance at Main and West 1st Street.  Officer tagged the door for the violation. Officer also tagged a residence at 22nd and Main Street for the same infraction.

Officer returned a call to a Madrid resident about a vehicle that had been served for a city ordinance violation.  The vehicle will be towed with permission of the owner as soon as possible.

Officer followed up on a junk vehicle that was served in the 400 Block of East 1st Street.  Vehicle had been removed by the owner.

Officer received a call requesting traffic control for a large motorcycle ride coming through town in early August.

Officer received a request from an insurance company for a past accident report.  Officer forwarded the information.


Officer responded to a medical call at the Cedars

Officer responded to a medical call in the 300 block of N. Water Street.

Officer provided staff at the Flat Tire Lounge for a party.

Officer assisted ABATE with traffic control for a motorcycle ride.


Officer received a call of animals going in the house that burnt in the 500 block of W. First Street.  Officer advised owner who advised that the back door was not boarded up.  Advised they would do so.

Officer responded to the Madrid Home reference a fire alarm, determined to be false.