MPD Blotter May 13 – May 22, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer removed a junk vehicle, out of Veteran’s Square, at the request of the owner.

Officer followed up on a juvenile case, reported over the weekend, that occurred 6 years ago in the City.

Officer received a complaint, of a downtown business owner, painting a handicapped symbol, on the City Street.  The complaint also stated that the subject cut the City concrete before getting permission from the Council.  Officer will talk to the subject about getting the paint removed and to stop any work until it is addressed with the City Council at a public meeting.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 300 Block of North Locust Street.

Officer took a report of items being stolen from a vehicle, over the weekend, in the 600 Block of Brodie Lane.

Officer followed up on a junk vehicle that was served a final notice last week to remove, in the 600 Block of South Green Street.  Owner had removed the vehicle.



Officer followed up on a junk vehicle that was served in the 500 Block of East 7th Street.  Vehicle had been removed by the owner.

Officer left a business card on a door, in the 300 Block of East 2nd Street, about a vehicle that had been sitting on the property for an extended period of time. 

Officer received a call from a County resident just West of the City Limits, reporting that she received a scam call saying that she had a warrant for her arrest.  She knew it was a scam and did not give any information. 

Officer attempted to contact the owner of two lengthy parked vehicles in the City, that lives in Luther, with no success.  Officer will contact him and ask him to remove both vehicles.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock on Fairview Drive.

Officer received a complaint of a reckless driver on Hwy 17.  Officer made contact with the driver at Casey’s whom was tired and pulled into the parking lot to rest before continuing on.

Officer received a complaint from Boone ambulance service of a vehicle tail gating the ambulance while travelling into Madrid.  Officer met with the driver and it was determined she did not have a valid driver’s license.  The driver was cited for the infraction.

Officer stopped a vehicle in the 200 block of S. State Street.  The driver, Loni Yarges of Des Moines, was determined to be wanted out of Southern Iowa on probation warrants and was driving on a suspended driver’s license.  The agency issuing the warrants would not extradite the subject from Boone County. Yarges was cited and released for driving while suspended.

Officer spoke to a juvenile and parent regarding harassing messages on social media.  Officer will follow up with the suspect.

Officer assisted with a welfare check on a subject living in Madrid called in by family from out of town.  The subject was located and everything checked OK.

Officer spoke to a subject regarding a past theft reported to Police.

Officer spoke to two juveniles driving a utility vehicle through town.  Officer advised on proper speed limit for UTV’s while travelling on the roadways.  The juveniles agreed to watch their speed more carefully.



Officer followed up on a property owner, in the 900 Block of South Kennedy Ave, reference a large pile of debris on their property.  The land is scheduled for clean up this week.  Officer will follow back up next Monday to make sure it is completed.

Officer returned a phone call to a subject with questions regarding activity at a neighboring residence. 



Officer received a complaint of a yard that need mowed in the 500 Block of West 2nd Street.  Complaint came in through a City Council member.  Officer stopped but the property owner was not home.  Officer left a business card on the door for the owner to mow.  Officer spoke to the owner later in the day that stated her mower was broke but she will have it fixed and mowed this weekend.

Officer spoke to the owner of an abandoned house at 22nd and Main Street about its condition.  Owner stated that the property was going to be demolished next week.

Officer spoke to the owner of a junk vehicle served in the 100 Block of South Market Street.  Owner requested the vehicle be removed.  Officer added it to the list.

Officer spoke to a business owner in the 600 Block of South Kennedy Ave reference a junk vehicle.  Owner requested that it be removed.  Officer added it to the list.

Officer was dispatched to the 200 Block of South State Street for a family disturbance.  Officer spoke to both brothers and mother and settled down the situation and separated the subjects.

Officer assisted with a non-emergent medical call on N. Water Street.



Officer was dispatched to Casey’s for a counterfeit bill.

Officer spoke to Casey’s staff reference a juvenile shoplifter from yesterday.  Officer was given a name of the subject and stated that he and his father came back in and paid for it.  Manager wanted the juvenile and father told that the juvenile was not allowed back in the store without a parent with him.

Officer met with a Madrid resident reference a lost/found vehicle key fob.  Item can be claimed at the Madrid Police Department.

Officer followed up on a lengthy parked vehicle at the Madrid Market.  The owner was contacted who stated that he would be getting a tow truck in early next week to pick up the broke down vehicle.

Officer issued a no trespassing warning to Logan Stripe of rural Madrid due to his involvement with a disturbance there last week.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock at Git N Go.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a harassment issue between family members.

Officer unlocked a vehicle on W. 5th Street.

Officer followed up with the Flat Tire reference an investigation.

Officer assisted with a medical call on Fairview Drive.



Officer assisted a storage unit renter in getting into their unit after they lost the key.

Officer picked up a found bag from the trail head parking area and returned to its owner.

Officer unlocked a vehicle on W. 5thStreet.

Officers responded to Zook Spur road for a report of a downed plane. It was determined that it was a planned military exercise.



Officer received a report of an erratic driver southbound on Hwy 17 from Luther.  Officer located them pulling into Dollar General.  Officer cited the driver for Failure to have a valid DL for operating a motor vehicle.  Officer had passenger, who had a valid DL, drive the vehicle away.

Officer unlocked a vehicle in the 600 block of S. Main St.

Officer responded to the 300 block of E. 3rd Street after witnessing fireworks going off in the neighborhood. Officer advised the home owner to stop immediately or be cited.



Officer received information regarding several juveniles consuming alcohol the past weekend.  Officer spoke to several juveniles and parents regarding the incident.  Investigation is ongoing.



Officer received information regarding a subject at a residence whom has a no contact order and in the company of the protected party.  Officer made contact with the initiating agency regarding the order and spoke to one of the parties regarding the complaint.  It was determined there was no violation as the offending party was not present.

Officer spoke to a juvenile regarding a driving infraction while navigating a corner in an unsafe manner.  The driver agreed it was unsafe and to correct the issue.