MPD Blotter March 25 – March 31, 2019

Madrid Police Contact Numbers:
Emergency – 911
Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527
Police Department – 515-795-3113
Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166

Officer received a call of a suspicious vehicle parked on E North St. Officer located the vehicle and found that it had recent damage. The caller stated that a Madrid resident had backed into the vehicle and damaged it but could not locate the owner. The owner called Police a short time later to report the damage after his wife called him at work. The subject will contact for a report after he returns home from work.
Officer spoke to dispatch, who notified him of a subject, who was suspected to be in town, that had (3) valid warrants for his arrest. Dispatch also informed the officer that it showed a warning for violent tendencies for the subject. Officer located the subject in the 900 Block of S State St and took him into custody. The subject was identified as Jeremy Joseph Lund. Two of the warrants were for probation violation and one was for theft. Officer transported the male to the Boone County Jail where he will be held until he is picked up for the issuing agency.
Officer spoke to a Madrid resident about a past accident report and supplied her copies of the pictures from the scene.
Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who believed that she had an animal living in her garage. Officer set a live trap in hopes of catching the cat food thief.
Officer received a request for extra patrol on a house in the City.
Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a lost/found bike in the City that he found in his yard. Officer will pick it up and put it at the City Shed until it is claimed by the owner.

Officer assisted a Boone County Deputy, on a traffic stop north of the City on Highway 17, after he called for assistance. Officer stood by while the vehicle was searched. The Deputy took the driver into custody for a drug related offense.
Officer spoke to a detective in Maryland, who was trying to get in contact with a Madrid resident reference a case. Officer stopped at the address provided but could not locate the subject. Officer left a business card for her to contact the Police Department. Subject contacted the officer later in the day and the message was relayed for the detective.
Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call in the 300 Block of S Cedar St.
Officer received a call from a Madrid resident reference an opossum in a trap that was set yesterday. Officer relocated the animal to the water plant and warned him for the theft of the cat food.
Officer was dispatched for a welfare check on a male, in the 900 block of S Kennedy Ave. Subject was motionless in a parked vehicle for a long period of time. Officer found the male just taking a nap, enjoying the weather.
Officer filled a records request for a Madrid resident.
Officer spoke to a resident about a prior accident that occurred.
Officer responded to a residence in the 100 block of S Water St for a suspicious person.
Officer spoke to a resident that was inquiring about getting a copy of a police report.

Officer filled a records request for a Madrid resident.
Officer received a call from an owner of a downtown business, with a parking issue. Officer made contact with two subjects and asked them to move their vehicles from private property, no parking zones.
Officer spoke to an attorney in a civil case and shared contact information.

Officer followed up on an accident from last Saturday, in the 300 block of E North St. Officer made contact with the driver and got all the necessary information for the exchange of information form for their insurance companies.
Officer was dispatched to an alarm at the Historical Society. Turned out to be a false alarm accidently set off by an employee.
Officer received a complaint about a property in the 500 block of W 1st St. Officer spoke to a family member of the owner along with family of the new owners that will take possession of the property next week. The property will be cleaned up as soon as the new owners are able to take over ownership of the property.
Officer received a complaint of a semi leaking oil, on the City street off of Southern Prairie Drive. Officer served the owner a notice to clean up the area and remove the semi off of City property and if it was found on City property again, since it has been deemed a hazard, that it would be towed immediately.
Officer performed a traffic stop at Casey’s, on a vehicle that was not displaying a registration plate. Paperwork checked out that it was a newly purchased vehicle.
Officer was dispatched to the 100 block of N Market for an out of control child. Officer worked with the parents to calm the situation before clearing.

Officer was dispatched to a semi that had an unsecured load northbound on Highway 17. Vehicle was through town before Officer was notified. Officer was unable to locate.
Officer received a call at the Police Department from a caller stating that a rock had just came off a semi’s load in front of her, and broke her windshield. Officer stopped the semi and the two drivers exchanged information. The Officer gave dispatch all the information for a call for service since it occurred in the County, to save a trip for a Deputy coming down.
Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call in the 300 block of S Cedar St.
Officer picked up a lost/found bike in the 300 Block of S Cedar St.
Officer filled a records request for a Madrid resident on a past accident report.
Officer assisted elementary school staff with speaking with a troubled youth about aggressive behavior at school.

Officer took a report of a missing juvenile after he didn’t return home after work. The young man eventually returned and was OK.
Officer assisted Madrid Rescue and Ambulance with a call on Locust St.

Officer responded to the Madrid Home for a fire alarm. All clear, a resident burnt toast and set the alarm off.