MPD Blotter March 23 – March 29, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166



Officer was called to the 700 Block of West 1st Street.  A neighbor called and stated that kids were stealing Christmas lights from a house up the road.  Officer arrived and found nobody in the area and found no damage to any property.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a possible scam.  A guy came to his house on
Sunday reference seal coating his driveway.  He stated that he was very pushy and then could not find anything online on his company and thought it might be a scam.  No company had a vendor’s license to go door to door in the City.

Officer received a report of a dog running on Southern Prairie Drive.  Officer could not get close to the animal without it running off.  Officer received a call later in the day that the animal was caught in the 900 Block of South Kennedy Avenue.  Officer passed the information to the owner who went direct and picked up the animal.

Officer responded to the 200 block of Southern Prairie Dr.  Boone County dispatch received a message from the Veterans Crisis Hotline that a subject was possibly suicidal.  Officer made contact with the subject.  Subject was well and assured he was not a self-harm risk.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a civil issue after a landlord served the tenants with eviction papers.

Officer responded to the 600 block of south Greene for a vehicle unlock.  Vehicle was unlocked. 


Officer did a records check, on a Madrid resident for a Federal Agent.

Officer was called to the 200 Block of East North Street for a dog running at large.  Officer picked up the animal and attempted to locate the owner but was unable to.  Officer held the animal in the City impound for a short period of time until the owner came and picked up the animal.

Officer was dispatched to the 400 Block of Fairview Drive.  The owners of the home came back to find their garage door open.  Officer cleared the house and found nobody inside.  A secondary search, with the owner’s present, found nothing missing or disturbed.

Officer responded to a burglary alarm at the Madrid Elementary School.  Open door located.  Officer cleared the building.  No subjects located.  Nothing appeared damaged or out of place.  Key holder responded and secured building and locked up.


Officer forwarded paperwork to an Iowa State Patrol Officer reference a property arrangement.

Officer performed a background check, for a Federal Investigator, reference a Madrid resident.

Officer was dispatched to call a Madrid resident, reference a harassing text message that he received from an unknown number.  Officer called the number and left a message giving them a warning not to send any further text messages.

Officer was called reference a suspicious person at Dollar General.  Subject checked out OK.


Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue, on a medical call in the 600 Block of South Washington Street.  Patient had fallen and needed assistance getting up.

Officer located a dog running at large on East 9th Street.  Officer located the owner who assisted in catching the dog.

Officer responded to the Meadow Estates reference suspicious activity at a trailer there. Officer checked the area and determined everything to be OK.


Officer received a complaint from a Madrid resident reference a flat tire on his vehicle.  The owner stated that it was from the Madrid Laundromat building that was partially torn down.  Officer contacted the owner and informed him that he would be officially served, for his dangerous building. Officer has been dealing with the owner along with the company hired to tear it down for several weeks. The Officer removed several nails and roofing material off of the roadway also.

Officer followed up with a family member, of the owner of a downtown business, that was spoke to about an unsafe building, in the 200 Block of South State Street.  Owner was out of town till the middle of next week.  Officer requested a call as soon as he returned so that a meeting could be set up to share information on the process of the repairs.


Officer spoke with a man reference a welfare check on his grandson. The grandson returned home a short time later and was ok.

Officer responded to East 8th Street reference someone driving a stock car on the roadway. The officer identified the owner and spoke with him bluntly about the ramifications if it occurred again.


Madrid resident called about an ongoing case with the police department.

Madrid resident was concerned with some children crossing the road, mother came and got children before officer could talk with them.