MPD Blotter June 8 – June 14, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166



Officer responded to the 500 block of West Eighth for a civil complaint.  Officer met with resident and explained why the issue was civil and suggested they contact an attorney.

Officer spoke to a property manager, who advised that they served a family in one of their units, and that the subjects were supposed to be out on Friday but were still there.  Officer will give the area extra patrol until they serve the civil paperwork for eviction.


Officer received a call from an out of town subject, asking questions about a no contact order with his wife.  Officer informed him that he needed to contact the clerk of court where he is from or contact his attorney, to receive information on this topic.

Officer responded to the area of Subway for a subject riding an ATV carelessly on public streets.  Officers located and spoke with the driver.  Driver was issued warnings for driving behaviors.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who lives at Meadow Estates.  She stated that a neighbor informed her of a suspicious female that was around her home over the weekend.  Officer advised her to make sure that people call the Police when these things occur.

Officer responded to the 500 block of west North Street for a report of fireworks being set off.  Officer checked the area.  Unable to locate and fireworks.

Officer responded to the 600 block of East North street for a cat stuck in a tree.  Officer was able to safely get the animal down from the tree.


Officer was dispatched to call a Madrid resident back.  The caller was just wanting follow up information reference a past call for service.

Officer spoke to a Madrid mother reference an on-going DHS case and shared information on a subject involved.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 200 Block of West 21st Street.

Officer spoke to a subject about a possible stolen vehicle.  Crime occurred in Dallas County so dispatch informed her to contact that agency for report.

Officer assisted Dallas County with locating a missing person.

Officer responded to S. Water Street reference unusual activity by a person there.

Officer received a report of a vehicle following another motorist too closely.


Officer was called to a minor accident at the Casey’s Parking Lot. Mary Carpenter of Madrid was pulling her truck and trailer into the gas pumps.  She then backed up and struck a truck driven by Troy Simmer of Madrid.  No damage was reported to the trailer and an estimated $1000 damage was done to the truck. No injuries were reported.

Officer was dispatched to 21st and North Water Street, for a company that hit a gas line.  Officer stayed on scene till Black Hills Energy arrived on scene to fix the break.

Officer received a request for a past accident report from an insurance company.  Officer scanned and emailed the information after receiving payment.

Officer unlocked a vehicle at Casey’s.

Officer checked the welfare of a woman that hadn’t been heard from since Tuesday, she was OK.


Officer responded to the area of Dollar General for a report of unsafe equipment left at a work are by construction workers.  Officer arrived on scene.  Equipment had been removed prior to arrival.  No unsafe equipment found.

Officer responded to the bike trail parking lot for a vehicle unlock.  Officer was able to unlock vehicle successfully.

Officer checked on an Aliant substation after they had received an alarm. It was determined that two 6-year olds were playing nearby and set it off.


Officer unlocked a car on W. 7th Street.

Officer assisted a male with getting in contact with an emergency key holder for a local business.