MPD Blotter June 25 to July 1, 2018



Officer was dispatched to 917 South Kennedy, for a sick animal.  Officer located the animal and it was indeed having problems.  The caller stated that she had already called the Boone Area Humane Society and that they were enroute to the scene to take custody of the animal.

Officer was dispatched to do a welfare check in the 200 Block of East 1st Street.  Officer found nothing wrong at the location and returned a call to the complainant and exchanged information.

Officer sent up a case review to the Boone County Attorney for possible charges.

Officer was dispatched to the 200 Block of North State Street for a civil issue dealing with a nephew that had moved into residence the two weeks prior.  Officer explained that a legal “eviction notice” must be served to get him out of the residence.

A Madrid resident turned in a lost/found backpack from Jensen Park to the City Clerk.  Officer took the property to its owner’s home and dropped it off.

Officer signed an ordinance violation letter, prepared by the City Clerk, after receiving a complaint about a yard that needed mowed.

Officer was dispatched back to the 200 Block of North State Street for a property dispute.

Officer called to a residence in the 500 block of W. Fifth Street for a possible family dispute that was going to take place.  Subject had left the residence prior to arrival.

Officer followed up on a domestic dispute that took place earlier in the month.  Victim no longer wished to pursue charges.


Officer was dispatched to a welfare check in the 400 Block of Newton Road.  Subject checked out OK and stated that he would contact his brother.

Officer received a call of a possible device placed in a mailbox at the post office, to catch mail.  Officer checked on it with post office staff and found it just to be debris from a package that was mailed.  It was cleared, and no mail was compromised.

Officer received a complaint from a Madrid resident reference tree branches that were cut and left on the roadway on East 1st Street.  Officer spoke to the subject cutting them and told him that all the debris needed removed immediately.

Officer assisted with a funeral procession that went North of town on Highway 17.

Officer released pictures of (3) individuals wanted for questioning on a car burglary and then the use of credit/debit cards without the owner’s permission, to the media.

Officer stopped and spoke to a suspicious couple late at night, shining a flashlight into a vehicle in the 600 block of Brodie Lane.  It was determined the subject had locked her keys inside her vehicle and was attempting to unlock the vehicle with tools.  Officer verified the owner and unlocked the vehicle for them to retrieve the keys.

Officer noticed an open garage door late at night with a light on and someone walking inside carrying tools.  Officer stopped and made contact with the subject.  It was determined the homeowner was working on his vehicle.  Everything checked OK.

Officer spoke to a family regarding a child acting out of control.  Officer advised all parties.

Officer stopped a vehicle in the 600 block of West North Street.  The driver was warned for improper lamps.

Officer reviewed new video footage that was turned over to police regarding a past report of theft.


Officer went to Boone and picked up ammo at Lindy’s Guns, for upcoming firearms training for the department.

Officer spoke to Toledo PD, Tama County Sheriff’s Office, and a Detective from Des Moines PD, and all shared information on cases.  In the end, two subjects that were being sought for questioning in a Madrid case were identified.  Officer will draw up paperwork to present to the court for several arrest warrants in the case.

Officers were dispatched to Southern Prairie Drive and Highway 17 for a two-vehicle collision.  Marvin Edson from Urbandale and Charles Gage of Madrid were involved. No injuries were reported, and a cost of repairs were estimated at $3000.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue in the 500 Block of Milwaukee Street.  Officer was able to assist a family member of an 8-month-old baby, clear the airway that was being restricted by a piece a plastic tape.

Officer spoke to several individuals regarding suspicious activity in the area of their residences.  Officer advised and will add extra patrol in the areas.

Officer was dispatched to a welfare check on an individual in town.  Everything checked OK and officer advised the caller.

Officer spoke to an individual regarding a civil child custody issue.  Officer advised.

Officer stopped a vehicle in the 800 block of Hwy 17.  The driver was advised on speed coming into town.


Officer assisted Boone County Sheriff’s Office, with a three-vehicle accident East of town, on Highway 210.  The Deputy was diverted from this accident due to a more serious one on the other side of the County, while he was responding.  Officer collected all the necessary information to forward to the Deputy for the report.  Two of the three vehicles had to be towed from the scene.  Two of the three drivers also had to seek medical attention, one was transported by Boone County Ambulance to Ames.

Officer finished up paperwork on a case and sent it up to the Boone County Attorney to review for criminal charges.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 900 Block of South Kennedy Avenue.


Officer assisted a Boone County Deputy with traffic control, on a two-vehicle accident, a couple of miles North of town, on Highway 17.

Officer spoke to a family member of a Madrid resident reference some issues that his daughter is having with her boyfriend and his family.  He stated that he has reached out to an attorney but just wanted to give us some information.

Officer responded to the school reference an alarm.


Officer filled a request for a collision report to be sent to the requesting insurance company.

Officer assisted BCH with a medical call in the 800 block of E. North St.

Officer unlocked a vehicle at Dollar General.

Officer assisted a motorist with directions to Des Moines.

Officer responded to a residence on W. 5th Street reference a domestic dispute. It was determined that the argument was verbal only and the male half volunteered to leave for the night.

Officer met with a Boone County Deputy to retrieve new traffic compendiums.

Officer took a report of suspicious behavior / possible prowler in the 500 block of W. 4th Street. The Officer located the vehicle and subject described and interviewed him. It was determined that the male had a valid reason to be in that area and had no mal-intent.

Officer blocked off a roadway after a cable line went down, partially impeding traffic.

Officer assisted a resident with removing vehicles from his driveway after a tree fell across them onto his house.


Officer took a report from a man that advised he was told by someone else that they heard he may be assaulted. The man had no other information but gave a description of a vehicle that drove past his house.

Officer responded to the Meadow Estates Park reference a subject dressed in all black staring through a window. The subject fled prior to arrival.