MPD Blotter June 24 – June 30, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call in the 200 block of East North Street.

Officer followed up on an on-going felony theft case, with several different departments that are also involved.

Officer received a call about a branch down in the road on North Main Street.  Officer moved the branch onto the parking.

Officer assisted Casey’s employees with removing an unwanted female from the store.

Officer did a welfare check on East 21st Street. Everything checked out OK.

Officer checked on a suspicious vehicle parked at the Fireworks stand in town.



Officer exchanged evidence with a Detective with Altoona Police Department.  The Detective was able to file a felony theft 1st warrant for a subject related to a Madrid case where (3) additional felony warrants were issued.

Officer ran a background check on a subject applying for a vender’s license in the City.

Officer’s attending a court proceeding, for a past case where a female was criminally charged and arrested, for aggravated child endangerment.  Subject was found guilty on the charge.  Subject will be sentenced at a later date.

Officer spoke to a subject regarding a found dog near their residence.  The homeowner took a photo of the dog and put it on social media.  The owner contacted them shortly after and retrieved the dog.

Officer stopped a vehicle on Hwy 17 for a traffic infraction.  The driver was given a warning.

Officer was dispatched to a fire alarm at the Madrid Home.  It was determined to be a false alarm.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire with traffic while they performed equipment testing.



Officer was dispatched to Dollar General for an animal that had been struck by a vehicle, that was deceased in the parking lot.

Officer served (2) downtown residences for the removal of junk vehicles and debris off of City property.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who asked for a house watch while they are on vacation.

Officer was dispatched to a two-vehicle accident at South Kennedy and 1st Street.  Unit 1 was driven by Janet Erb of Boone.  Unit 1 rear-ended Unit 2 driven by Keiron Burks of Kansas City, Kansas. No injuries were reported and only minor damage to unit 1.



Officer was called to Hoyt Boys for a vehicle parked blocking a storage unit, that the owner needed to get into.  Officer attempted to locate and call both the owner of the vehicle and the apartment with no luck.  Officer left a business card and a message on a cell phone to have the vehicle immediately removed.

Officer was dispatched to Dollar General for a theft.  Officer watched a video showing the crime.  Officer will be issuing a warrant for the subjects arrest due to him moving out of town.

Officer fingerprinted a Madrid resident for a coaching certificate back-ground check.

Officer initiated a traffic stop, on a vehicle coming into town on Highway 210 Westbound, for speeding.  The driver was given a verbal warning for the infraction.

Officer took a complaint of a dog at large.

Officer responded to the Maple Ridge Division reference an unattended dog. Officer spoke with the owner and checked welfare of the animal. Determined to be fine.



Officer was dispatched to the 500 Block of Milwaukee Street for a complaint of fireworks.  Officer located nobody outside the house and the resident was not home.  Officer spoke to a neighbor who had called the owner who stated he had left before my arrival.  Officer informed them that no fireworks were legal until July 3 & 4.

Officer was dispatched to the 300 Block of Locust Street for a man down.  Officer located a subject that had fallen and was bleeding heavily from both arms.  Officer assisted medical on the call.

Officer was dispatched to the Madrid Museum for an alarm.  Officer found employees there had accidently set it off.

Officer was dispatched to Gerald Street for an alarm going off in a garage. While en-route, dispatch notified that it was a false alarm and could disregard.

Officer interviewed a subject on a theft case stemming from Dollar General from yesterday. The subject admitted to the theft.  Officer charged Dallas Hoffman, for theft 5th.  The subject was cited, released, and given a court date to appear.

Officer filled a record request, from a Des Moines resident, reference a past accident.

Officer was called to Casey’s for two dogs running at large. Officer and two great citizens held the animals till the owner arrived to claim them.

Officer met with staff from the Market of Madrid, who turned over two insufficient funds check cases.

Officer was called to the 400 Block of North Water Street for damage done to a fence.  Neighbors spoke and found out kids damaged it two years prior.  Neighbor guaranteed no further damage would happen.


Officer unlocked a vehicle for a subject in the 300 block of W. 2nd.

Officer stopped a vehicle on Hwy 17 for a traffic infraction.

Officer followed up with a suspect of a bad check / theft investigation.


Officer responded to the 200 block of N. Locust for a vehicle stopped in the roadway and two subjects arguing.  Passenger is a resident of Woodward Academy and was being taken for a ride when he became combative.  Subjects father was notified and assisted in getting him back to Woodward.