MPD Blotter June 18 to June 24, 2018



Officer was called to Dollar General.  A staff member wanted to report an aggressive customer in the store.  The customer left before the officer’s arrival.

Officer ran a check on (3) door to door salespeople for the City to issue a vendor’s permit.

Officer did a call for service for a Madrid resident after finding out last week that someone put something in his gas tank.

Officer received a call from the Dish Network Company that bought a permit in the City, reporting that there was another company in town doing the same thing.  Officers received an area that they were in but were unable to locate the subjects.  REMINDER: Any door to door salespeople that come to your house, must have a permit from the City.  Ask the subject to show you the permit and if they do not have one, please contact the Police Department so that we can make contact with them.


Officer spoke to staff at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy about a question that IPERS had about a past Officer.

Officer received a call from a Madrid resident in the 500 Block of South Water Street.  The caller stated that sometime over the night, someone had went through his garbage left on the curb.  He believed that someone was trying to get information for identify theft.  REMINDER: Watch what you throw away and make sure to shred anything with personal information on it. Please call the Madrid Police if you see anything suspicious going on.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a lift assist in the 500 Block of Milwaukee.

Officer spoke to two children playing in the drainage canal about the dangers of fast moving water.  Officer asked them to spread the word that they cannot play in the water.

Officer was notified by Dollar General of a theft that took place earlier.  Officer reviewed the video with an employee and spoke to the suspect.  Subsequently, Brandi Wylie-Tully, of Madrid, was charged with Theft 5th and released pending a court date.

Officer followed up with turning over digital devices related to a case being investigated regarding warrants for the contents of the digital devices for digital forensic evidence.  The items will be forwarded to the proper agency.

Officer retrieved video related to several cases to be sent up to the County Attorney for current cases.

Officer received a hold up alarm at Casey’s.  Everything checked ok and was a false alarm.

Officer found a vehicle after dark with the door open and interior lights on in a driveway.  Officer made contact with the owner whom was working on the vehicle. Everything checked OK.

Officer spoke to several subjects in the park late at night near the playground equipment.  Everything checked OK and officer advised several juveniles there whom agreed to be home before curfew times.


Officer went to the Polk County Jail and interviewed a male suspect on two possible crimes in the City.  Officer will now follow up with the victim to get more information and then send everything to the Boone County Attorney for possible charges.

Officer spoke to an insurance agent on a Madrid case and exchanged information on it.

Officer met with a Boone County Deputy and turned over some evidence seized that needed taken to an Investigator at the Sheriff’s Office.

Officer spoke to an Investigator from a Police Department in Minnesota reference a background check on a subject.

Officer spoke to a subject regarding a past live-in paramour moving from the residence and taking property belonging to the other.  Officer advised all parties involved.

Officer assisted with a medical call at the Madrid Home.

Officer was dispatched to an alarm at the Cedar’s.  It was determined to be burnt food being prepared and everything checked OK.

Officer followed up with a fraud case and prepared items from the case for media release.  The media will be turned over to the local television stations for dissemination.

Officer received a call of a missing adult whom was acting confused then walked away from their residence after dark and could not be found.  The subject was located and returned home.  The subject was treated by Madrid Rescue and Boone Hospital.

Officer received and filled a records request from a citizen regarding emails from the police department email account.


Officer was dispatched to assist Madrid Fire/Rescue in the 500 Block of West 2nd Street.

Officer was dispatched to Tiger Tots for a cat that was found.  Officer took the animal back to the 200 Block of South Cedar where the animal hitched a ride from.

Officer returned a phone call to a Madrid resident having issues with her son.  Officer left a message on her phone to call back.  Officer spoke to her when she called back later and exchanged information.

Officer received a call from a resident on Maverick Lane.  He reported that his front license plate was stolen off while it was parked in Des Moines at work.  Officer informed him that he needed to contact Des Moines Police Department to make the report.

Officer took a report of a missing person.  Officer entered both the subject and his vehicle into the system to try and locate him.  Officer received information from the family later in the day, that he was found in Nevada.  Officer contacted dispatch to have the ATL canceled.

Officer was dispatched to an incomplete 911 call at Continental Labs. Everything checked out OK.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who was receiving calls from someone claiming to be the IRS and that they were going to have a warrant issued for their arrest.  Officer informed them that it was just a scam and to block the number.

Officer took a report of someone’s Facebook account being hacked and all her contacts received unusual messages, some requesting personal information. I informed her this is a scam and to periodically change her password.

Officer stopped a vehicle after witnessing it stop in traffic to speak with a juvenile walking on the sidewalk and the young man getting into the truck. The occupants were found to be relatives and the young man was safe.

Officer responded to an attended death at a residence. Officer assisted medical and family members with getting through the process. Officer also assisted in putting family in contact with a subject who was willing to take the decedent’s dog.

Officer followed up with a male who requested information under the freedom of information act.


Resident turned in a lost cellphone.  Officer located the owner and returned the phone.

Officer stopped a vehicle with no registration plates.  Driver had just purchased the vehicle and produced all the appropriate paperwork.

Officer spoke to a postal worker who had questions about a vehicle he had seen earlier.


Officer received a call of an unwanted subject at a residence in the 600 block of West 5th Street.  The subject was gone upon officer’s arrival.  Officer located the subject on a bicycle and gave a trespass warning.

Officer responded to Madrid High School for an alarm.

Officer received info from Adel PD on a vehicle they were looking for.  Vehicle was registered to a person in Madrid.  Officer checked the residence numerous times but was unable to locate the vehicle.


Officer responded to 500 block of Milwaukee Street for a fireworks complaint.  Officer spoke to individuals and warned them and advised of the local ordinance.

Officer assisted Madrid Rescue and BCH with a non-emergent assist at the Cedars.