MPD Blotter June 11 – June 17, 2018



Officer assisted a Madrid resident, with a case started yesterday, for his vehicle that his daughter was refusing to return.  The Officer spoke with On-Star for a GPS location on the vehicle.  Officer also spoke to Assistant County Attorney Early and he shared his information on the topic.  The vehicle was then entered as stolen in NCIC by dispatch.

Officer was called to the Madrid Market to start a case of insufficient funds checks.  Officer received (5) checks from a Madrid resident, written to the Market that were on a closed account.  Officer made contact with the subject and spoke to them.

Officer returned a phone call to a record company on a past accident report.  Officer believed that they were looking for an accident covered in the County that a Madrid Officer assisted on.  Officer left contact info for dispatch on the message.

Officer assisted BCSO with a vehicle unlock at Swede Point Park that had a small child and dog locked inside.

Officer responded to the PD to speak with a victim of a domestic abuse assault.  Still under investigation.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire with a smoke detector alarm going off in the 600 block of Kingman.


Officer was called to Jonathan Drive for a dog running at large.  Officer spoke with the owner.

Officer took drug evidence to Ankeny, to DCI for testing.

Officer returned a call to a Madrid resident reference an on-going theft case.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a scam call that she received claiming to be the IRS.

Officer assisted Boone County Deputy’s in the 400 Block of Newton Road on a committal.

Officer was asked by Boone Police Department for assistance locating a vehicle with possible stolen property in it.  Officer was disregarded by dispatch a short time later after the owner called and stated that the property had been returned.

Officer responded to a family disturbance in the 600 block of Maverick Lane.  Officer transported a subject to Boone Hospital for evaluation.

Officer followed up with a past theft report regarding possible location of stolen property.

Officer spoke to an individual regarding harassment and request for information.



Officer was dispatched to the 600 Block of Brodie Lane for a domestic assault that was occurring.  Officer made contact with the subjects and after doing an investigation on scene, placed Kentrell Killins, of Ames, under arrest for domestic abuse assault.  Subject was transported to the Boone County Jail where he was held.

Officer returned a call to a Madrid resident reference needing information on a case for his insurance company.

Officer returned a call to a Madrid resident reference several scam phone calls that they received the last two days from a subject stating that they were from Medicare.  Reminder to never give personal information out over the phone.

Officer followed up with the family of a juvenile case from the past week.

Officer received a call of an intruder inside a residence while the occupants were sleeping.  Officer along with a Boone Deputy responded, entered the residence and determined everything checked out OK as the noise was found to be a ceiling fan contacting a balloon in a neighboring room of the residence.

Officer followed up with several subjects regarding fulfillment of requests for video regarding Freedom of Information Act requests.

Officer spoke to a resident whom works for a mental health outreach program and passed along information to the officer regarding assistance they provide as a resource for officers to disseminate if needed by anyone seeking assistance.

Officer took a report of a lost grey/white/black cat from West 2st Street.  If found, the owner will be notified.


Officer met with a Madrid resident on a case from the Madrid Market on insufficient checks from last week.  All checks were paid.

Officer responded to the Milwaukee Street apartments to take a report of harassing text messages between divorced parents of a minor child and a new spouse. The victim did not wish to file a report at this time, just wanted information on options.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference someone putting something in his gas tank of his vehicle.

Officer received a call from a Madrid resident reference donating some items to the Boone Area Humane Society.  Officer gave her contact info for the shelter.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident about a past case and exchanged up to date information.

Officer received a message from an Assistant Boone County Attorney needing information from 2 witnesses from a past case.  Officer contacted both subjects and then forwarded the information onto the CA.

Officer took a report of fireworks being set off near Little and Main Street. Officer spoke with the father of the juvenile and he said he would put a stop to it.


Officer followed up with the victim of a past assault report.  The victim had information they wanted added to the case.

Officer located and retrieved stolen property from a past report of theft.  The items recovered were returned to the rightful owner and charges are pending further investigation.

Officer forwarded information to the County Attorney regarding a past domestic assault case.

Officers have spoken to a several individuals regarding questions about Iowa Sunshine Laws and open records requests regarding government transparency.  Officer provided contact information to the Iowa Attorney General’s office, the Iowa League of Cities and the Iowa Freedom of Information Council for filing complaints and information to research the laws found online in Iowa Code Chapters 21, 22 and 23.

Officer attempted to locate a salesperson walking through the Meadow Estates Park, was unable to locate the subject.

Officer met with a resident that had questions regarding a Freedom of Information Act Request that was denied. Officer provided the man with information for the Freedom of Information Act/Sunshine laws and offered assistance in getting the requested information.


Officer received report of an intoxicated subject leaving the Flat Tire Lounge and they were concerned that he may be driving. The caller gave a description of the male’s vehicle. The Officer located vehicle parked, unoccupied. The owner was located and advised that he was in fact intoxicated, but stated that a friend drove the vehicle for safety.

Officer unlocked a vehicle at bike path trail head.