MPD Blotter Jun 4 – Jun 10, 2018



Starting next week the Madrid Police Department will be partnering with The Madrid Filling Station Ice Cream Shoppe in starting a “Madrid’s Most Wanted” campaign. Officers will be patrolling, on the lookout for young citizens on bikes displaying exceptional due regard to traffic safety. (Helmets, protective gear, full stops, hand signals, and looking both ways) to name a few.

The “Offender” will be stopped by police, photographed with the Officer for the Department’s Most Wanted Facebook page, and given a “Ticket”, redeemable at the Filling Station Ice Cream Shoppe in Downtown Madrid for a sweet reward. Tickets will be issued through the end of the summer and the “Offenders” will be automatically placed into a drawing. One winner will be publicly recognized and will receive a new bicycle and safety gear to be presented at the Labor Day Celebration by the Chief of Police and the Madrid City Council’s Public Safety Chairperson, Lane Shaver.

(Special thanks to Jill & Reese Polich of the Filling Station for donating the sweet rewards, and Lane Shaver of Mid-National Graphics for donation and printing of the tickets. Funds for the bicycle and gear will be provided by the individual members of the police department, not taxpayer funded.)


Officer was dispatched to Kirkpatrick Funeral Home for the smell of smoke.  Officer and funeral staff located a light that was smoking and very hot.  Madrid Fire responded  along with an electrician to fix the problem.

Officer was dispatched to an emergency medical call in the 800 Block of West 2nd Street.


Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job related back-ground check.

Officer responded to a medical call in the 400 block of N. Water Street.

Officer spoke to an individual whom made a records request for information from the Police Department.

Officer followed up with a subject regarding a report made earlier in the week regarding property to retrieve.

Officer spoke to an individual whom wished to donate a hardware item to the Madrid Police Department for Department use.


Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job related background check.

Officer was called to the 400 Block of Newton Road for a father and daughter having an issue over property.  Officer assisted them in separating the property and the female called a cab to leave.

Officer was called reference door to door salespersons selling products without a permit in the 400 Block of Newton Road.  Officer made contact with the male and then gave him a ride to the other three subjects in town.  Officer ran all the subjects and when they did not pass the back-ground check, denied their permit in town.

Officer reviewed multiple videos of suspects provided by several businesses throughout the area regarding a past report of a burglary to identify the suspects.  Officer notified the victim whom could not identify the suspects.  Officer will follow up with media outlets for dissemination to assist in identification.

Officer reviewed drug evidence from a past case, logged the evidence with DCI and packaged the evidence for DCI examination for possible future charges.

Officer followed up with the victim of a burglary report for further information.

Officer spoke to an individual regarding harassment from another subject.

Officer received a complaint of suspicious activity near their residence.  Officer’s will follow up with persons in the surrounding area for further information.


Officer inspected a golf cart for the city license to operate.

Officer received a complaint of a suspicious vehicle that parks on South Green Street and a female walks away from it for periods of time.  Officer was already aware of the situation.

Officer received a request of a copy of a past report.  Officer provided the Madrid resident with the requested paperwork.

Officer followed up with an animal at large complaint in the 100 block of Delander St. Officer issued a warning to the dog’s owner.

Officer attempted to locate a resident for Boone Police. The person was not at home.


Officer unlocked vehicle for a customer at Carquest.

Officer spoke to a resident about weather spotter class.


Officer spoke to a subject on Newton Rd. reference his vehicle not being returned after a family member had driven it. Charges were declined by the victim and officer advised.

Officers provided traffic control for the “Roast and Ride” motorcycle event travelling through town.

Officer spoke to several subjects regarding suspicious activity in the area of their residence.  Officer advised and offered extra patrol in the area surrounding the times of activity noted.


Officer followed up with a male who wished to report that his vehicle had not been returned by his daughter. He advised that she borrowed it on the 8th with agreement she would return it later that day. Officer filled out paperwork to file for a warrant for operation of motor-vehicle without owner’s consent.

Officer fingerprinted a male for a job related background check.

Officer spoke with a Des Moines Officer reference the OMVWOC report from earlier in the day.