MPD Blotter July 8 – July 14, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 100 Block of North Main Street. Life Flight was landed on scene and transported the patient to Mercy in Des Moines.

Officer received a complaint of a house with junk vehicles and debris on the property, in the 400 Block of East 2nd Street.  Officer will serve them a notice to get cleaned up before the annual Labor Day Festival.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident that was served a junk vehicle violation downtown, on two vehicles.  He stated that they would be licensed and moved into the parking lot tomorrow.

Officer received a complaint, on a downtown business, about needing the area cleaned up along with a vehicle removed.  Officer spoke to the owner reference the infraction and it needing to be cleaned up for Labor Day.  He stated that he would get on the issue this weekend.

Officer spoke to several juveniles about bike safety and passed out stickers.

Officer was called reference a juvenile walking on Southern Prairie Drive, wearing a cast.  Officer made contact with him and gave him a ride to the Library.  Officer made sure that a family member was going to pick him up due to him having recent surgery on his feet.

Officer conducted a traffic stop in the 900 block of S. Kennedy.  The driver was advised on improper vehicle lighting and registration.

Officer received a complaint of UTV’s in the area of 22nd and N. Market Street driving recklessly during the day.  Officer was provided a description and will give extra patrol to the area.


Officer was contacted by a City employee reference an elderly man falling at 1st and Kennedy Avenue.  He stated that he stopped and checked on him and he stated that he was fine but thought an Officer should follow up.  Officer made contact with the male and found him to have minor scrapes but no major injury.  Subject refused all medical treatment.

Officer located a vehicle that was broken down at 1st and State Street.  Officer found that the driver had a job interview at the Madrid School so he drove her there so she would not be late.  She stated that her husband would get the vehicle removed asap.

Officer spoke to an employee of the Madrid Clinic about a check fraud case.  Officer called and gave all the information to dispatch and asked that it be given to a Boone Officer since the female was a resident there.


Officer followed up with a Madrid resident, and did a welfare check, after dealing with the subject the day before on a fall.

Officer assisted Madrid Library Staff with an equipment failure.

Officer left a message for a Madrid resident at 21st and Union, that his property needed cleaned up, and asked to schedule a meeting with him, to discuss clean-up.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident, in the 400 Block of South Market Street, reference a junk vehicle on her property.  She stated that the vehicle belongs to her son and she would pass on the information to him, because she wanted it removed also.

Officer attempted to make contact with the owner of a second junk vehicle in the 400 Block of South Market Street, but found nobody home.  Officer left a business card to contact him to check on plans for removal.

Officer was dispatched to 2300 Block of QF Lane on a possible personal injury accident, due to the Deputy being out of position.  Officer could not locate anyone in the area. Dispatch found that On-star was accidently tripped in a vehicle that traveled over the washboard in front of the house, after speaking to the owner of the vehicle.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident and answered questions, reference concerns of his elderly family members.

Officer filled a records request for a Madrid resident.

Officer answered questions reference setting a dumpster on the street for a short time during a siding job.

Officer took a report of a runaway juvenile.


Officer met with the caretaker whom provided police with a found electronic device of a juvenile previously reported missing for the past 2 days.  After an investigation and securing information from the device, officer was able to determine the whereabouts of the missing juvenile in Des Moines.  Officer notified Des Moines Police Dept. of the location of the juvenile whom was found safe and turned over to Madrid Police.

Officer followed up with Des Moines Police reference the previous case.
Officer picked up a found wallet at a downtown business. Officer located the owner and made arrangements for retrieval.