MPD Blotter July 6 – July 12, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166



Officer was dispatched to an emergency medical call in the 300 block of Locust Street. Patient was transported to Ames to the hospital.

Officer spoke to some downtown business owners and had a couple vehicles moved so the street department could paint some street markings.

Officer returned a phone call to an out-of-town subject that lost her phone on the High Trestle Trail.  It had not been turned into Madrid but the officer gave her contact information for a couple other departments that may have had it turned in to them.  

Officer received a report of a bike being taken sometime within the last week.  Its described as a 3 wheeled trike. Please call the Madrid Police if you see it around so that it can be returned to its rightful owner.  (Officer later located the bike and informed the owner so that it could be picked up)

Officer was dispatched to the 600 block of West 5th Street for an assault that had occurred between two brothers.  Officer spoke to both brothers and the mother, who was a witness to the actions, who all told pretty much the same story.  Officer gave a trespass warning to one of the brothers for the property it occurred on.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident that found a wallet at 4th and Main.  He had contacted the owner, from rural Boone County, that stated that her car had been stolen, and it was in it.  Officer informed the caller that if she came and picked it up that it needed to be reported to the sheriff’s office.

Officer assisted with a medical call in the 500 block of South Market Street.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference information on disposing of her husband’s needles from being a diabetic.  Officer asked them to call Boone County Hospital for more information.

Officer assisted with an emergency medical call in the 400 block of East 9th Street.

Officer picked up a bike at 1st and Water that was on the parking.  Officer received a call that it was located in the middle of the roadway and moved by a resident going to work in the early morning hours.  Bike can be claimed at the Madrid Police Department.


Officer was called to West 6th and Market Street. Owner of the house there hit a traffic sign while pulling into her driveway, avoiding the construction equipment. Officer contacted the Public Works Director and informed him about the damage to the street sign.

Officer performed a civil standby at 503 E 6th Street while a couple exchanged property.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire and Rescue on an emergency medical call east of Madrid.

Officer dispatched to Casey’s for a disorderly customer, suspect had left before officer’s arrival.


Officer was dispatched to an open line 911 call on West 6th Street. Subject called back and found it was an accidental pocket dial.  Everything checked out OK.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a past theft case.  The officer that worked the case will follow up tomorrow for the additional information.

Officer assisted with traffic control for a gas leak at the Madrid Elementary School.

Officer took a report of suspicious activity.


Officer responded to Madelyn Lane to take an accident report. It occurred sometime the night before and the offending motorist left the scene without providing information. The officer investigated, identified, and located the driver. The juvenile female claimed that she thought she struck a curb and not a car. The victim did not wish to force charges on her. Officer assisted with the information exchange.

Officer responded to the 500 block of East 1st reference two males yelling profanities at each other around a disabled vehicle in the alleyway. Officer worked with the males to get them out of there and on their way.

Officer spoke with a woman reference harassment and threats she has been receiving from her ex-husband.


Officer fingerprinted a man for a job-related background check.

Officer answered questions regarding operating a golf cart within city limits.

Officer responded north of the City to attempt to locate a juvenile male believed to be 8 years-old walking along the highway alone. The officer located the young man and determined him to be 13 years-old and just out for a walk.

Officer responded to a report of an assault in the 300 block of W 1st.


Officer took a statement from a woman that was a victim of an assault that occurred on the 9th.

Someone dropped off a bike that was found on the trail. It is a silver Murray brand mountain bike.

Officer posted a 72-hour notice on an overdue parked trailer on Green Street.