MPD Blotter July 22 – July 31, 2018

Madrid Police Contact Numbers:
Emergency – 911
Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527
Police Department – 515-795-3113
Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job-related background search.

Officer ran traffic enforcement and stopped several vehicles for moving violations.  All vehicles were warned for the infraction they were stopped for.


Officer followed up on a juvenile case and spoke with both halves of the complaint along with school staff.

Officer received a call of a possible gas leak.  Madrid Fire and Black Hills Energy responded.  Everything checked OK and no gas was found leaking.

Officer received a call regarding late night loud noises from an apartment in the 200 block of S. Greene St.  Officer will follow up with the tenants and landlord.

Officer received a call regarding a subject whom was riding on the bike trail late at night and had not been heard from hours after he was expected back.  Officer drove the trail and made contact with the subject whom checked OK and was riding longer than expected.

Officer received a report of a suspicious vehicle at Edgewood Park.  The subject was gone upon officers’ arrival.

Officer provided information to the Iowa Crime Victim Program regarding a past case. 


Officers worked within the City to make sure the RAGBRAI riders were safe.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue with a medical call in the 400 Block of North Water Street.

Officer was dispatched to 917 South Kennedy Street for a dog bite.  Officer found that it happened in the County.  Officer passed the information on.

Officer was dispatched to the 200 Block of South Greene Street for a neighbor dispute dealing with children.

Officer ran traffic on the bike trail and stopped several cars for stopping on the traveled portion of the highway.


Officer participated in a training exercise at Madrid Home.

Officer picked up a dog from a resident at the intersection of First and Kennedy.  Dog appears to be a Brittany Spaniel and had broken its cable tie.


Officer located a vehicle involved with a suspicious activity call. The male driver was questioned, given a trespass warning and released.

Officer attempted to locate a road rage driver, however no vehicle description was given by the caller and the vehicle turned off prior to reaching the city.

A motorist approached an Officer to advise their vehicle broke down at a local business and requested police not tow it. I spoke with the business and arranged for the vehicle to remain until they could remove it.


Officer responded to Edgewood Park for possible juveniles damaging park property.  Located juveniles, spoke with them and determined no vandalism had occurred.

Officer responded to a report of a reckless driver headed into town on 17. Officer located the vehicle and followed to observe behavior. The vehicle maintained flow and did not show any erratic actions to warrant a traffic stop.

Officer returned a call to a woman who lives at the Madrid Home reference her daughter being harassed. Officer spoke with the daughter who advised that did she not wish to file a report at this time.


Officer received a complaint from a resident about cars speeding on S. Main Street near the park.  Officer ran stationary radar in the area and stopped three vehicles for excessive speed.

Officer responded to a residence in the 500 block of Milwaukee Street to assist Madrid Rescue and Boone Co. Ambulance with a suicidal subject.

Officer responded to a residence in the 600 block of S. Washington Street for some vandalism done to their property.  Resident requested extra patrol.

Officer assisted Madrid fire in getting vehicles moved off State Street where the Fireman’s Dance is taking place.


Officer took a report of kids playing on the storm shelter at Meadow Estates. Officer made contact with the juveniles and advised them to stay off.

Officer assisted the VFW bar with removing a patron who became agitated and aggressive with other customers. The gentleman settled down quickly and was given a ride home.

Officer was called to a domestic situation at the Meadow Estates park. The male was intoxicated and was damaging property inside the residence with a hammer. The man was able to be calmed down after a short time and agreed to go to bed.


Officer fingerprinted a resident for a pre-employment background check.

Officer spoke to a resident who had questions about acquiring at concealed carry permit.

Officer spoke to an individual about suspicious activity.  The activity had actually taken place outside of the City.


Officers provided security at the polling site for a city election.

Officer took possession of a found dog in the 900 block of S. Kennedy.  The dog’s owner was located shortly after and the dog returned.  The owner was advised regarding dog at large.

Officer followed up with the Meadow Estates manager to advise of the call to the park.