MPD Blotter July 22 – July 28, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference parking a semi in the 200 Block of South Union Street.

Officer was dispatched to a vehicle Southbound on Highway 17, careless driving.  Officer located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.  The Illinois family was enroute to Drake to drop off their daughter attending college there, and running late.  Officer warned them for the excessive speed.

Officer spoke to a postal investigator reference concerns from a local carrier.  Officer addressed the issues and stated that he would follow up if there were further issues.


Officer received a call of a lost dog in the 500 Block of 2nd Street.  Officer received information a short time later that she had returned home.

Officer received a call from City Hall Staff, that a dog was dropped off that was found in the middle of Highway 210.  The animal was claimed by her owner.

Officer worked with City Staff and Emergency Management, to coordinate a tornado siren issue the City was having.

Officer received a call of a missing person and a robbery that occurred.  After speaking with them briefly, it was determined that the female was in Madrid Spain.  Officer informed that they needed to contact law enforcement there to take the report.

Officer followed up with Post Office Staff reference an issue a mail carrier was having.

Officer was contacted by dispatch reference a careless driver called in by a Boone County Ambulance.  Officer was a mile behind the ambulance and due to safety issues because of heavy traffic, the call was passed onto Polk County.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference rules on a lemonade stand to be set up on their own property.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue, with a medical call in the 500 Block of Milwaukee Street.

Officer was notified by a parent of their juvenile sneaking out late at night with friends and was in the area of Edgewood Park.  Officer responded and the juvenile ran into a cornfield.  The juvenile was brought back to the park and released to a parent.


Officer located a semi-truck/trailer, parked on Highway 17, just North of the Highway 210 intersection.  Officer made contact with the driver who had fallen asleep, parked on the shoulder of the Highway.  Officer had the subject pull over onto Annex Road to get some coffee and stretch before he continued his route.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 400 Block of Newton Road.

Officer returned a call to a DHS worker, and exchanged information on a case.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 300 Block of South Water Street.

Officer followed up on a downtown business served for overgrown weeds and a junk vehicle.  The grass had been mowed and the vehicle was being removed tonight or tomorrow.

Officer received a call of a Red BMW, heading North on Highway 17, at a high rate of speed.  Vehicle made it through the City before the Officer could get into position.

Officer was notified of a welfare check on family members whom have not been heard from in several days.  Officer located the subjects and spoke to them over the phone.  It was determined they were on vacation and everything checked OK.


Officer returned a phone call to a subject who had questions reference on on-going DHS case.

Officer met with a Madrid resident, who turned in a lost/found bike lock.

Officers responded to a downtown apartment to assist a subject having a mental health crisis. Officers along with personnel from Boone County Hospital and the mobile crisis unit spoke with the subject for nearly 4 hours to convince them to seek help. Ultimately personnel were able to get through to them and an Officer transported the subject to the Boone County Hospital for further resources.


Officer responded to a minor two-vehicle accident on private property near 6th and Kennedy Ave. Officer assisted family members in exchange of vital vehicle information.


Officer received a call reference a welfare check on some dogs that were outside in the 900 Block of South Kennedy.

Officer attempted to locate a vehicle for Polk Co. that was involved in a hit and Run accident.  Unable to locate the vehicle.

Officer attempted to locate a reckless driver possibly headed to town. Vehicle never reached city limits.

Officer responded to S. Union Street reference a burning complaint. Officer spoke with the property owner who agreed to extinguish the fire.