MPD Blotter July 20 – July 26, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer checked on a semi that was stopped on Highway 17, Northbound, just South of Kingman Blvd.  Vehicle had turned too sharp and pulled his emergency brake release from the tractor to his trailer and locked the brakes on the trailer.  A crew was coming up from Des Moines to fix the vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to an emergency medical call in the 600 block of South Greene Street. Patient was transported to Des Moines.

Officer was called to the drainage canal, between Union and State, by the Public Works Director.  A subject had dumped debris in the drainage canal.  The subject was already removing all the material that was placed there.

Officer assisted with a lift assist in the 900 block of South Kennedy Avenue.

Officer assisted an out of town subject, with returning a lost debit card, that was located at a local business.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job-related background check.

Officers responded to the Madrid Car Wash.  A motorist was trapped in the auto bay.  Officers were able to safely assist the motorist out of the bay.  No property damage occurred.


Officer received a complaint of parking in Veteran’s Square downtown. Officer will take a look at the property and pass on information to the Public Works Director, so that the parking lines can be painted, so proper enforcement can be done.

Officer received a request for a past accident report from an insurance company.  After receiving payment, the report was mailed.

Officer received a call from a property owner at 6th and South Kennedy.  Caller stated that he had a dumpster outside and someone had illegally dumped items in it.  He stated that he was having it picked up tomorrow but requested extra patrol tonight since it was level and nothing else could be added.


Officer received a call from a Madrid resident reference issues with her boyfriend.  She complained about property being taken, so the officer worked out that civil issue.  The female also complained about the male breaking a mirror on her car.  She stated that she wanted him to pay for it and would contact us again if she needed further assistance with any criminal actions.

Officer returned a call to an out of town subject, needing a copy of a past arrest report.

Officer received a call of kids on top of the dug outs at the baseball fields. A City employee had already spoken to them and told them to get down.  Officer spoke to several kids and asked them to be considerate of city property.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident in the 200 block of South Market Street.  She stated that a credit company notified her that her cell phone number was used on another person’s account. Officers did a call for service with all the information in case it can be linked to a fraud.


Officer was dispatched to 2nd and Highway 17, for a vehicle driving with a flat tire.  Officer checked the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

Officer received a call from a Madrid resident that had an emergency out of town and asked if he could have an officer let his dog out for him.  Officer got all the information and assisted the owner with letting the dog out and feeding and watering it until the owner could get home.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who complained a juvenile was making some threatening statements to other kids at the park.  Officer spoke to the juvenile’s mother who stated that she would speak to her son and handle the issue.

Officer assisted a Madrid family, with hosting a family meeting at the Police Department, in an attempt to work out some personal issues.

Officer was made aware of reckless driving at Edgewood Park.  Suspect was gone upon arrival but officer spoke with eyewitnesses at Edgewood and will be following up with ongoing investigation.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who requested assistance with a family meeting, so the officer could act as a mediator and assist them.  Officer agreed to the meeting and will be setting a time soon.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue, with an emergency medical call in the 400 block of Fairview Drive.

Officer had an abandoned vehicle towed from the 200 block of South Green Street. Vehicle had sat on the wrong side of the roadway and had not moved for months.  The owner had moved out of town.

Officer assisted with a civil stand-by in the 600 block of West 6th Street.

Officer assisted a property owner in the 100 block of Maple Ridge Drive with getting rid of some old items.

Officer received a call from a Madrid resident, reference a scam call that he received saying that his son had been arrested, and that he must send $7500 to get him out.  Officer called the son, who was safe at home.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident, reference a case in Des Moines.  Officer informed her that she must contact that department for information.

Officer assisted MFD with an unattended death in the 200 block of S State.

Officer responded to a custody dispute in the 200 block of S State.


Officer responded to the 900 block of South Kennedy for a medical call.  Officer assisted EMS.

Officer conducted a civil standby at the Madrid Police Department.

Officer issued a no-trespass warning to Tasha Jones for 211 South State Apt A.

Officer responded to a report of a reckless driver, turned northbound on Hwy 17 from Hwy 210.  Officer attempted to locate, was unable to catch vehicle.  Located and stopped by Boone PD.

Officer responded to a parking complaint.  Officer will check back tomorrow and confirm if vehicle is still there.

Officer assisted with medical call on 9th St.


Officer was called to the 400 block of North Water Street, after the homeowner found an opossum had come in through the dog door and made a bed in a storage closet.  Officer caught the animal and released it unharmed at a more suitable location.

Officer initiated a traffic stop, on Highway 17.  Officer warned the out of state driver for speeding.

Officer assisted on a medical call at N 9th St.

Officer received a phone call from a woman stating another party she wants to contact will not answer her on FB chat.

Officer assisted Madrid resident with a medical need.

Officer discovered a car full of juveniles at Edgewood Park after-hours. They were told to move on.