MPD Blotter July 2 – July 8, 2018



An Officer received a request for a past criminal mischief report.  Officer mailed the information from the case.

Officer was dispatched to the area of 6th and Union for fireworks.  Officer located a father and his daughter lighting off some lady fingers on their own property.  Officer warned them and asked them to wait till the following day when it was legal.  Subjects agreed to do so and thanked the officer.

Officer received a call reference a damaged light pole in the 100 Block of North State Street.  Officer found it to be ready to fall down.  Officer contacted public works and asked them to assist in removing the pole before it fell.

Officer received a call of a suspicious vehicle parked on West 5th Street.  Officer made contact with the owner who stated her daughter parked it there, at a friend’s house.  She will get it moved tonight.


Officer was dispatched to an incomplete 911 in the 100 Block of East 9th Street.  Officer made contact with a pair of juveniles there who stated they could have accidently called.  They were speaking to their mother on the phone and they were advised only to call if there was an emergency.

Officer inspected a golf cart for city registration.

Officer received a call from staff at the Madrid Home, reporting a subject that came in and caused an issue.  Officer instructed them to call back if the subject returned so that he could be trespassed from the property.

Officer unlocked a vehicle for a subject at Casey’s.

Officer received a complaint of fireworks being used after legal hours in the central part of the city.  Officer was unable to locate any individuals outside in the area.


Resident stopped by the PD to report that the chain and padlock at the city dump was missing.

Officer responded to a 911 hang up call in the 900 block of S. Kennedy Ave.  It was determined to be a phone line issue possibly with the stormy weather.  Everything checked OK.

Officer unlocked a vehicle for a subject in the 700 block of W. 8th street.

Officer received a call of a possible domestic on Hwy 210 West of the City.  Officer notified Boone County and they had no officers available in the Madrid area.  Officer attempted to locate the vehicle on several gravel roads along with Boone Conservation Officer.  The vehicle was not located in the area.

Officer advised several people at a residence regarding the fireworks ordinance on hours of legal use of fireworks in the city.  The residents agreed to stop lighting fireworks for the night.


Officer responded to a medical call in the 300 block of Walnut and assisted EMS

Officer spoke with a citizen regarding what constitutes harassment.

Officer met with a citizen reference a Freedom of Information request form and answered their questions about what would be available and the process.

Officer responded to the 100 Block of N Union for a vehicle unlock.

Officer returned found property.


Officer unlocked a vehicle for a subject at Subway.

Officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction in the 900 block of N. Kennedy.  The driver was warned.

Officer received a call of a suspicious person near the South side of town.  The subject was gone on officer’s arrival.


Officer received a call regarding a juvenile whom left the previous night and did not return home the next day.  Officer located the juvenile at a friend’s house and he was returned home.

Officer followed up with several subjects regarding a trespassing issue.

Officer checked on a subject working on an inoperable vehicle on the side of the Hwy but off the travelled portion.  The subject had notified someone to tow the vehicle if he was unable to repair the problem on scene.

Officer contacted the Meadow Estates Trailer Park management about repeated suspicious activity occurring in their park after dark. The manager advised they would work with the department to find a resolution.

Officer notified a citizen their request for information they turned in yesterday was compiled and ready for pick up at their convenience.

Officer took a complaint of fireworks. Officer responded, however the activity had since stopped.


Officer responded to 200 block of S. Green Street to assist a resident who had locked herself out of her residence.

Officer spoke with a citizen reference his credit card being misused by a friend he loaned it to. Officer made contact with the other male and assisted the two in meeting. The victim ultimately decided not to pursue filing a report after they came to a civil agreement.

Officer attempted to locate a vehicle wanted on a stop and hold for the Fort Dodge Police Department.

Officer attempted to locate a vehicle for a welfare check. Vehicle was not seen.

Officer took a report of turkeys at large. Officer contacted a family member of the owner who was able to return them home.