MPD Blotter July 16 – July 22, 2018


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer was called to the 200 Block of South Green Street for a theft.  A male subject was seen going through mailboxes.  The subject ran when confronted.  Officers were unable to locate the subject.  The subject called back and reported that she found her apartment had been entered and property was also taken.

Officer followed up on the last call and was able to identify a possible suspect in the case, that was staying with a friend in the apartment building.  Officer will draw up a case review and send it to the Boone County Attorney.

Officer was dispatched to the Madrid Home for a general fire alarm.  Officer found it to be a false alarm which stemmed from a cooking issue.

Officer spoke to Boone County reference a portable radio issue and both tried to dissect the problem to get it fixed.


Officer assisted School staff with a background check on a possible future part time bus driver.

Officer followed up on a juvenile case from yesterday.  Officer followed up with the victim along with other agencies assisting with the investigation.

Officer reviewed camera footage regarding several past reports of a suspicious person in their neighborhood.

Officer was notified by a subject of a missing item from inside their vehicle.  The subject declined to make a report but wanted to make Officers aware.

Officer responded to a property damage motor vehicle collision at Hwy 210 and Hwy 17.

Officer was notified of a prowler at a residence outside of the City.  Officer along with deputies and a K9 responded. The K9 was unable to locate anyone in the area by way of tracking.


Officer returned a call to a property manager for a local apartment building, answered questions, and sent them a copy of a police report.

Officer spoke to a past victim of a crime and exchanged information on an on-going case.

Officer received a complaint of debris in a yard in the 800 block of East 8th Street.  Officer spoke to the property tenant and asked them to have it removed, in which he stated that he would.

Officer received a complaint of a subject blocking an alley in the 100 Block of East 1st Street, from the City Clerk.  Officer left a business card on the door of the subject and asked them to keep the alley clear.

Officer spoke to several juveniles after dark whom were riding bicycles with no lights.  Officer advised of the dangers of not being seen by motorists and they agreed to ride home on the sidewalk.

Officer responded to the 200 block of W. 1st street to assist a Boone Deputy whom spotted a suspicious person in the alley with a light.  It was determined to be a subject working late on a building renovation.  Everything checked OK.

Officer was notified of a reckless driver in the county driving South on Hwy 17 from the Boone area.  Officer was unable to locate the vehicle coming into town.

Officer received information from a subject regarding possible illegal activity in town.  Officer will follow up with the information provided.


Officer assisted Madrid Fire Rescue on a medical call in the 500 Block of Milwaukee Street, after a patient fell down several steps.

Officer followed up with a complaint sent to the City Clerk reference a fire hazard issue in the 200 Block of South State Street.  The complaint listed 2 issues. The first one was corrected upon the Officers arrival and the second one, there was a clear exit.  Officer will contact the owner to try and get the hallway clear of old furniture.

Officer returned call in reference to possible violation of protective order.  Reporting person lives in the County and was advised to call BCSO.

Officer received report of a burglary to a motor vehicle that occurred on 7-15-18.

Officer checked area of 800 block of E. First Street for possible suspicious activity.


Officer took a criminal mischief report at 917 South Kennedy Avenue.

Officer attended an interview at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines.

Officer responded to a residence near 7th and Main Streets reference vandalism to a political yard sign.  Political signs are personal property and anyone caught defacing them will be subject to arrest.

Officer responded to the Green Street apartments reference a noise complaint. Officer spoke with the 3 young boys who were rough housing and they agreed to settle down and go to bed in exchange for some police badge tattoos.


Officer responded to a medical call at the Cedar’s.  The patient was transported by Boone Ambulance.

Officer followed up with information provided by a subject regarding a past burglary case reported.

Officer took a report of criminal mischief involving a vehicle in the 500 block of East North Street.

Officer assisted an elderly couple whom were lost with driving directions to Des Moines.

Officer took a report of a second similar and possibly related criminal mischief case involving a second vehicle in the 200 block of S. Greene St.

Officer received a call of a gas drive off from Git-N-Go.  The vehicle was last seen travelling North on Hwy 17 and turning West on Hwy 210.  Officer was unable to locate the vehicle and passed the info along to Dallas County and Woodward Police Dept.

Officer responded to Jonathon Drive reference a family dispute.