MPD Blotter February 10 – February 16, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer was called to the Madrid High School for a minor accident.  A student side swiped another student’s vehicle causing minor damage to both.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job-related background check.

Officer assisted Boone County Ambulance with a subject that fell and needed a lift assist in the 300 Block of North Locust Street.

Officer, along with Boone County Conservation Officer, assisted a Madrid resident in the 500 Block of Milwaukee Street with a lift assist when all ambulance services were tied up on calls.

Officer assisted a Boone County Conservation Officer, with attempting to locate a vehicle that might have been involved in a trespassing case at Swede Point Park.

Officer sent a past report to an insurance company, after receiving a request along with payment.


Officer took a report from the owner of the laundromat of damage to one of his machines.  The act was caught on camera.  Officer was able to identify the subject with the help from Madrid Media Network.  The owner worked out a civil arrangement with the subject instead of filing criminal charges.

Officer received a complaint of someone driving through a yard on West 5th Street.

Officer assisted a Madrid apartment owner with running a background on two possible tenants.

Officer received a report of a dog running at large on South Green Street.  Officer located the animal and notified the owner who took control of the dog.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident in Boxtown, who voiced his concerns reference parking off of Highway 17, between 6th and 8th streets.  He stated that when business owners park in front, that it blocks vison of turning traffic.  Officer will speak to the owner’s reference parking.

Officer forwarded a past case file to the Boone County Attorney’s Office.

Officer received a report of a truck parked on the traveled portion of the roadway, facing the wrong direction, at 22nd and Locust.  Officer contacted the owner to have it removed.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference receiving a scam call.  The subject gave out her personal information.  Officer informed her to contact her bank and the social security office to put them on the watch list. Officer followed up with the bank to make sure that accounts were shut down.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 400 Block of East 9th Street. 


Officer located owner of stalled vehicle blocking the roadway. Owner removed vehicle promptly.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident after they received a scam call.


Officer assisted Madrid EMS/Boone Co. Ambulance with a medical call in the 300 block of North Locust Street.

Officer spoke to a resident about a parking issue.


Officer responded to the 200-400 block of North Locust after receiving a call about dogs running at large.  Officer was unable to locate the animals.

Officer responded to the 500 Block of Milwaukee for a lift assist.  Officer provided assistance.

Officer responded to the 300 Block of East North Street for a vehicle unlock.  Officer unlocked vehicle.