MPD Blotter December 2 – December 8, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer was dispatched to a two-vehicle accident at 8th and South Kennedy Ave.  Unit 1 was turning eastbound on East 8th Street off of Highway 17 / South Kennedy Avenue.  The driver had not properly scraped the ice from her front window and had a limited field of view.  Unit 1 took the corner to wide and crossed the center line, striking the front end of a Madrid school bus that was stopped at the stop sign facing West. No injuries and minor damage were reported in the slow speed collision.

Officer met with the school bus superintendent and gave him a copy of this morning’s accident report for the insurance company.

Officer met with a local insurance agent who requested information on a past accident report that the Madrid PD covered for the Sheriff’s Office.  Officer forwarded the information to the agent.

Officer was called to the 400 Block of North Main Street for a raccoon in a house.  Officer removed the animal and relocated it to the water plant.

Officer returned a call to a Madrid resident who had a question on a past case.

Officer followed up on a theft / unauthorized spending case, dealing with a resident’s debit card being charged for over $1600 to Victoria Secret’s online.  Officer sent a request to the company for all the account information.

Officer responded to a motor vehicle accident at North Kennedy and East North Street.  No injuries.  Accident was non-reportable. Officer did an exchange of information for the drivers.


Officer received a call of a dog running at 2nd and South Main Street while the kids were walking to school.  Officer spoke to a Madrid resident that had picked the dog up and thought she knew where it belonged but turned out to be the wrong house.  Officer received a call from dispatch from the animal’s owner and the animal was returned.

Officer followed up on a call from last week of debris on the parking at 6th and South Kennedy Avenue.  Officer spoke to the owner and informed them that whatever was not picked up by the garbage company this week must be removed.

Officer was dispatched to an incomplete 911 call in the 400 Block of West 22nd Street.  Officer spoke to the female that lived at the residence and found it to be her young child playing with the phone.

Officer was called to the 200 Block of Grigsby Court by a Madrid resident saying there may be a bird in his residence.  Officer found that his smoke alarms were chirping due to battery issues.  Officer informed him to call his landlord to have them replaced.

Officer was dispatched to the 600 Block of South Kennedy Avenue for a resident who had gotten a U-Haul stuck in her front yard.  Officer assisted the female and with the help from a Madrid fireman they were able to get it out and parked in a safe area for loading.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who had been the victim of a theft / unauthorized spending on his debit card.  Officer received the information back from the company identifying the suspect that committed the felony theft.  The victim decided that he no longer wanted to be a victim and entered into a civil agreement with the suspect to pay the money back.  Criminal case is closed at this time.

Officer spoke to staff of the Madrid Historical Society reference a vehicle that they said showed up there two weeks ago. Officer contacted the owner, who lives in Boone, and told her that it needed to be removed.  She stated that she would get right on it and have it removed.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call with a Madrid resident having a possible stroke.


Officer received a call of a suspicious subject sitting in a vehicle downtown that may be smoking marijuana.  Officer made contact with the male and found him to be enjoying a cigar before he left for work.

Officer assisted a Madrid resident, in the 100 Block of West 2nd Street, with a vehicle unlock.

Officer made a call to a demolition company who was contracted to tear a property down in the City.  The owner of the company confirmed that they would be in town the following day to complete the work.  Officer passed on information to City officials.

Officer received a complaint of a Black Charger being driven by a high school aged student driving and accelerating fast in the 500 block of East 2nd.  Caller also stated that a Silver Mazda truck with front end damage has been doing the same.  Caller wanted the parents spoke to about the driving issues and also told not to trespass on others property while walking to friend’s houses.

Officer responded to alley near Veteran’s Square for an open burn.  Subject was advised of ordinance and fire was extinguished.

Officer responded to 800 Block of East 2nd for an open burn.  Subject was advised of ordinance and fire was extinguished.

Officer responded to 500 Block of East 2nd for a driving complaint.  Officer spoke to juvenile driver and his mother.  Juvenile took full responsibility for driving behaviors.  Warning was advised for driving behaviors.

Officer responded to the 200 Block of South Walnut for a medical call. 19-month-old female difficulty breathing.  Officer assisted EMS.


Officer was dispatched to a two-vehicle accident, on North Kennedy / Highway 17, at the high school entrance. Unit 1, driven by Randy Behle of Boone, was Northbound, slowing for turning traffic.  Unit 2 was driven by Alex Vanderbeek of Waukee, who was also headed Northbound.  Vanderbeek stated that he fell asleep and rear-ended Unit 1.  Unit 1 was driven away from the scene, while Condon’s Towing was contacted and towed Unit 2 because of extensive front-end damage.  No injuries were reported.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a civil case.

Officer followed up with workers demolishing a residence in town about some safety issues.  Officer passed on the info to the public safety councilman.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job related background check.

Officer assisted a mother, with speaking with her young daughter, after she was caught stealing candy, from a friend.

Officer responded to Gerald St reference a male seen running through backyards. The male was found and determined to be a juvenile. An investigation determined that there was no criminal activity.

An officer responded to a trailer at the Meadow Estates park to speak with a parent about an assault that took place at the high school earlier. The officer referred them to speak with school officials first to resolve the issue.


Officer called/emailed a Madrid property owner, that just demolished a property in town, to get updated information on the final process.

Officer was called to an out of control elderly female in the 400 Block of North Main Street.  After speaking with all parties involved, Officer called out Boone County Ambulance to transport the female to the hospital.

Officer returned a phone call to a Madrid resident needing some information about events going on in the City this coming weekend.

Officer received a call of a suspicious vehicle parking in front of different houses.  Officer was able to identify the vehicle belonging to a Postal Employee following around the delivery staff.


Officer attended the Madrid City Council meeting

Officer received a found bicycle located on the trail near the police department.  Officer posted the found bike on social media in attempt to locate owner.

Officer provided a vehicle unlock at the Market of Madrid.

Officer answered a call for a request on holiday activity schedule.

Officer took a theft report from the 700 Block of East 6th Street.  Investigation is on-going.

Officer assisted with a civil issue involving a teenage couple that broke up.

Officer filed multiple warrants for a motor-vehicle theft case.


Officer received a complaint in the 500 Block of East 1st of a dog running that they caught.  Officer picked up the animal and put him in the city shed.  Officer was able to locate the animal’s owner and returned her.