MPD Blotter December 17 – December 24, 2018


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer was dispatched to a stolen vehicle in the 400 Block of North Main Street.  Victim knew the suspect in the theft.  Officer spoke to dispatch and entered the truck as stolen.  Officer also contacted the suspect’s probation officer and notified him.  The officer was made aware that he had recently sent up for a revocation warrant on the subject also.  Charges are pending in this case.

Officer followed up on a case that the Officer was assisting another agency with.

Officer received an email reference several junk vehicle’s and properties in the City.  Officer spoke to a property owner and a tenant in the 600 Block of South Madison Street.  They stated that a car body and parts are sold and will be removed from the back yard.  The subject cleaned up the car parts in the front yard while the Officer was still present.  Officer also spoke to a subject who owns a property in the 800 block of East 2nd Street reference a junk vehicle.  A salvage company was called whom will be picking it up.  The two properties that were mentioned in the email, the officer saw no infractions.

Officer spoke to a babysitter of an elementary school student.  She reported that the child came home with marks from another child playing to rough at school.  Officer met with subjects and took a picture and will speak to the school principal in the morning. 

Officer assisted a Madrid resident with a civil issue dealing with a title to a vehicle.

Officer received a complaint of a parking issue on Maverick Lane.  Officer made contact with the owner of the vehicle who moved it immediately.  


Officer met with staff at the elementary school reference Shop with a Cop.

Officer assisted Madrid Public Works department at the Madrid Sewer Plant.

Officer towed a junk vehicle from South Main Street.

Officer was called to the 100 Block of Jonathan Drive for a dog running at large. Officer spoke to the owner and had the kids go pick up the animal waste that was left in the neighbor’s yard.

Officer was called to the 100 block of Jonathan Drive to investigate possible animal neglect.  Officer checked and spoke to owner and found no issues. 


Officer pulled a report on a violation of a no contact order from August of this year, and provided the victim with a copy, for an up-coming court hearing.

Officer worked on a records request from a Madrid resident.

Officer responded to the 200 block of Cedar St. for a civil dispute. 


Officer met with staff at the Madrid Home and KWBG Radio, and went over upcoming events and safety for the Holiday Season.

Officers delivered gifts with Santa to families in the City of Madrid for the annual toy drive.

Officer received a call of a lost dog in the City. Animal was described as a Chocolate Lab.  Owner called back later and the animal had returned home.

Officer received a call from a past Madrid residence.  He stated that Fed-Ex had delivered a package to his old house in the 500 Block of South Water Street by mistake.  Officer spoke to the new owner of the home and he stated that his daughter had accidently opened it.  Officer took it into his possession until the rightful owner could come to town this weekend and pick it up.

Officer received a call of a Madrid resident driving with kids not in car seats.  Officer was unable to locate the subject but Officer called him on the phone and warned him if he was, that he needed to make sure that they were in car seats.

Officer spoke to a subject that needed paperwork served for a court hearing tomorrow.  The subject lives in Polk County.  The subject drove there to see if the paperwork could be served.

Officer responded to the Madrid Home for a fire alarm. Determined to be false. 


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a house watch over the Christmas weekend.

Officer followed up on a stolen vehicle case started during the week.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident, who is a truck driver.  He asked about parking for the Christmas Holiday since he will be doing a 4-day layover seeing his family.  It was worked out that he would park just off Southern Prairie Drive, on the cul-de-sac, for the layover period only.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 500 Block of West 2nd Street.

Officer assisted county deputies in attempting to locate a vehicle pulling a trailer without functioning trailer lights. The vehicle never reached city limits and officer was unable to locate.

Officer responded to the Madrid Home for a fire alarm, determined to be a false alarm. 


Officer took a report of harassment. The suspect lives in McAllen, Texas so the officer will work with their department to reach a resolution.

Officer assisted Madrid Rescue/Boone Co. Ambulance with an emergency medical call in the 400 block of N. Water St.

Officer took a report of a found bike in the 600 block of E. First St. 


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident and answered a civil question dealing with property.


Officer responded to the area of 300 N. Locust for a fireworks complaint.  Officer checked the area and was unable to locate anyone discharging fireworks.

Officer was visited by Santa whom stopped to visit Madrid while travelling through on Christmas Eve.   Officer and Santa made several stops at residences and provided gifts and candy to families in Madrid. 

Officer spoke to a subject over the phone regarding a question on a traffic citation that was previously issued.