MPD Blotter August 27 – September 3, 2018


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job-related background check.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a phone scam where they stated a warrant had been issued for their arrest.

Officer followed up with both sides of a violation of a no contact order.  Officer informed one half that a warrant had been issued for his arrest in the case and notified the victim of the same.

Officer was dispatched to a two-vehicle accident, 2 miles East of the City limits, on Highway 210.  Officer received all information from the drivers and witnesses and gave it to dispatch while he waited for the Deputy to arrive and handle the report.

Officer advised resident on civil issues regarding the loan and return of a personal vehicle.

Officer advised resident on harassment issues regarding electronic communications threats.

Officer advised residents in regards to a neighbor dispute.


Officer performed traffic control on Highway 17 for the Farm Progress Show.

Officer served several vehicles in Veteran’s Square and to the North on City property again, that needed moved for Labor Day.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue call on an emergency medical call at the Madrid Home.

Officer spoke with a Casey’s Employee who wanted a call for service done for a customer that made harassing comments to her the day before while at work.  Officer spoke with management who are going to pass the information onto HR and see if a trespass warning can be given.

Officer did extra patrol for a Madrid resident, who was waiting for a vehicle to be returned, that he loaned to a subject for a day this weekend, and never brought it back.

Officer worked on several records requests.


Officer met with High School Staff and followed up on a truancy issue with a student.

Officer met with a postal employee, who turned in a lost/found wallet.  Officer will try and locate the owner.

Officer fulfilled a records request for a video.

Officer followed up on a junk vehicle at 2nd and Dalander that had been verbally served a notice on.  Vehicle had been sold and removed by the owner.

Officer was dispatched to an unattended death at the Cedar’s.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a civil issue.

Officer provided traffic control at Kennedy Ave and 2nd Street for the Farm Progress Show traffic leaving the area.

Officer sent information to the County Attorney on a case from earlier in the week.

Officer was made aware of a juvenile whom lost a piece of jewelry while playing outside.  Officer assisted by using a metal detector to attempt to locate the item for the family.

Officer spoke to a subject requesting a past police report from 2017.


Officer fulfilled (3) records requests for videos.

Officer received a complaint of grass needing mowed and over grown weeds, along with debris in the backyard, of a residence on South Madison Street.  Officer left a business card asking them to mow and pick up the property.

Officer followed up on several vehicles posted around Veteran’s Square that needed moved for Labor Day.  All were moved.  Officer posted several vehicles that were parked on State Street that also needed moved for vendors to be able to set up.

Officer spoke to a subject and supplied her with a past case report.

Officer was dispatched to an emergency medical call at the Madrid Home.  Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on the call.

Officer assisted medical personnel with an uncooperative suicidal person.

Officer received a report of illegal dumping that occurred in Polk County. Officer referred the reporting party to the appropriate number.


Officer spoke to Elementary School Staff reference a male subject that they have saw around School property and had questions about.

Officer released a video to a Madrid resident after receiving an open records request.

Officer took information reference a suspicious vehicle/occupants seen in the Maple Ridge area.

Officer spoke to staff at Git N Go about a possible gas drive off from a week ago.  Officer found no call for service for the gas drive off.  The manager will handle the issue with the employee in house.

Officer returned a call to a male who forgot why he called.


Officer responded to a medical call in the 400 block of S. Main Street.

Officer spoke to a subject reference a missing bicycle.

Officer received a medical call in the 500 block of Milwaukee St, and they assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call in front of the Madrid Public Library.

Officer was dispatched to a reckless driver Northbound on Highway 17.  Officer made contact with the driver at Casey’s.  Driver checked out OK.

Officer assisted a stranded motorist at Casey’s by helping him push a stalled vehicle up on a trailer.

Officers assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call downtown.


Officer assisted the Madrid Car Show Staff on helping locate an owner to get a car moved.

Officer did a call for service when a vehicle backed into another downtown.  Neither driver wanted to report the damage.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 200 Block of South State Street.

Officer was called to the 700 Block of State Street for a line hanging down.  Officer notified the residence owner who stated it was old unused Medicom line.

Officers were dispatched to the Madrid Home for a general fire alarm.  While enroute they were informed it was a false alarm.

Officer assisted a young man that had fallen and hit his head downtown.  Officer called Madrid Fire/Rescue and had him checked and then called a family member who came and picked him up.

Officer assisted Boone County Conservation with a bike wreck on the bike trail at QF Lane.  Victim had head injuries and was transported to Methodist by Ambulance.  Officer took control of his bike and brought it to the PD for safe keeping.


Officer met with a subject that was in a bike accident last night and returned his bike.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident who reported last night around 8PM, he was riding his bike and he was clipped by a car driving by.  He reported the vehicle never stopped.

Officer was called to Dollar General for a vehicle unlock.

Officer was contacted by a Boone County Deputy who had a motorcycle elude him on Highway 17 Southbound.  Officer attempted to locate the bike but was unable to.