MPD Blotter – August 20 – August 26, 2018


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 400 Block of West 2nd Street.

Officer received a call of a fight at 5th and Main Street.  Officer made contact with one of the males who stated that it was just a disagreement and he did not want to file a report.

Officer received a complaint of a junk vehicle in the 500 Block of South Main Street.  Officer checked on the vehicle and it was indeed in violation of the City Ordinance.  Officer did paperwork and mailed the owner a letter to remove the junk vehicle from the property.

Office spoke to a Madrid resident reference an IRS scam call that he had received.  He had called an actual IRS agent before reporting it, who informed him that it was indeed a scam.  REMINDER: The IRS will never call you.  If someone calls you and says that are from the IRS and they are issuing an arrest warrant for you, it is a scam.

Officer received a call of cat running in the area of Hwy 17 and 2nd Street.

Officer followed up with a request for information by a citizen.

Officer assisted a subject regarding a civil standby at a residence to retrieve property.


Officer met with a Madrid resident who turned in a lost/found debit card.  Officer returned the card to its owner.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 400 Block of West 2nd Street.

Officer assisted Granger Police Department with a case and contacted a Madrid resident, and exchanged information on a suspicious vehicle.

Officer spoke with a DHS Staff member and exchanged information reference a case that was reported to them.

Officer received a request for a past accident report from an insurance company.  Officer mailed them a copy.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job related back-ground check.

Officer unlocked a vehicle for a subject at Dollar General.

Officer was dispatched to the 500 block of E. 8th reference a dispute.  It was determined to be verbal between family members and officer advised.


Officer was dispatched to a fire alarm at the Madrid Elementary School.  Checked out to be a false alarm.

Officer received a complaint of over grown grass at 6th and State.  Officer attempted to contact the owner, but nobody was home.  Officer left a business card on the door with a request to mow.

Officer took evidence to the Perry Police Department for an on-going case.

Officer spoke to residents downtown for a second time reference removing property to the South of Veteran’s Square for Labor Day.

Officer was dispatched to Casey’s for a possible scam.  The subject’s card was denied so nothing was received from the store.  Officer called in the description and found the vehicle was called in from Ames earlier in the day.  Clerk was able to get a name from an ID.  Casey’s called back and reported the same individuals were at the Slater Casey’s after they left town.

Officers spoke to resident from the 900 block of S. Kennedy Drive about being locked out of her home.  Officers learned that protective order had been obtained and stood by until BCSO could arrive to serve the order.

Officer responded to area of First Street and Locust Street for suspicious activity.

Officer spoke to an agent from Tactical Institute about a post that a resident had posted on Twitter.  Officer referred the information to Chief Tasler who followed up with the family.


Officer received a call from a Madrid resident complaining of a 4-wheeler being ridden on the roadway at 3rd and Cedar.  Officer contacted the subject who was taking pictures of his ATV before leaving for military deployment.  Officer warned the subject to park it.

Officer spoke to a parent of a Madrid High School student, reference a comment made on social media.

Officer sent a Grimes resident, a junk vehicle notice, for a camper stored on his property in town.

Officer was stopped by a Madrid resident who reported that her child’s scooter was just stolen out of her yard.  Between the mom and the Officer the scooter and the juvenile that took it, were located.

Officer assisted with a civil standby at the Meadow Estates reference a protective order.

Officer took a report of a juvenile wearing dark clothing riding a motorized scooter on or near the roadway after dark. Officer located the young man and gave him a ride home. The Officer spoke with his grandmother and advised of the complaint and of the City’s ordinance on non-registered vehicles upon the roadway.


Officer responded to the Madrid Museum for an alarm.  Alarm accidently set off by an employee.

Officer fingerprinted a resident for a pre-employment background check.


Officer responded to two fire alarms at the Madrid Home, both determined to be false.

Officer attempted to call a male reference a dispute between his and another child. The Officer made multiple attempts to call the complainant with no answer or way to leave a message.

Officer responded to the High School reference an alarm.

Officer took a harassment complaint at 917 S. Kennedy Ave. Officer contacted the party sending the offensive correspondence and he agreed to seize contact or be charged.

Officer arrested a male for driving while revoked.


Officer was advised of the school zone lights flashing early this morning.  Officer checked, and the lights were no longer flashing.

Officer assisted a church with fuel voucher at Git-n-Go.

Officer spoke with a subject regarding a past case.

Officer assisted medical personnel at the Milwaukee Street apartments.

Officer assisted in looking for a young man after he missed his dinner curfew. He was located and was fine.