MPD Blotter August 13 – August 18, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident, who wanted to make a complaint about loud music from over the weekend, on West 8th Street.  The property in question is actually in the County so she was informed to call dispatch if the problem continues.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference issues she is having with a family member and just wanted us aware of the situation.

Officer contacted the Iowa Lottery, for assistance with an on-going case.

Officer spoke to Management at Meadow Estates reference an issue with a tenant in the Park.

Officer spoke to a Polk County Attorney and exchanged information on a case and emailed them a call for service also.

Officer assisted Dallas County, with identifying a subject, that was at the Woodward Academy acting suspicious.

Officer followed up on a vehicle served in Veteran’s Square, for lengthy parking.  Vehicle had been removed by the owner.

Officer spoke to staff at Git N Go, reference a female putting garbage in their dumpster.

Officer performed a background check for a federal investigator from Border Patrol.

Officer worked on a records request received from a Madrid resident.

Officer spoke to a juvenile that was saw riding a moped carelessly. Officer called the father and let him handle it at home.

Officer responded to the intersection of Union and 21st for a motor vehicle accident.


Officer was dispatched to 5th and Main, for two subjects arguing in the roadway.  Officer located the subjects who were already separated.  Officer found one of them to be having some mental health issues.  A third party transported the subject to Ames, for an evaluation.

Officer was called to the Cedar’s for a subject sleeping in his truck.  Officer performed a welfare check and found that the paper delivery person was taking a break.

Officer followed up with Casey’s staff reference an on-going case.

Officer spoke to a juvenile female about a driving issue and notified her mother of the interaction.

Officer met with elementary school staff and came up with a safety plan for drop off and pick up children until the road construction project is completed.

Officer met with VFW Staff and watched a video of a couple picking up a money drop, from the business, that was accidently dropped on the sidewalk.  Investigation is on-going.

Officer met with the City Attorney and filled a records request for a Madrid resident.


Officer received information and was able to identify a subject that he was looking to question on a case from the VFW.  Officer spoke to the subject who located the lost/found money and she turned it in.

Officer interviewed a Madrid resident, for information on a past criminal case.

Officer released a copy of an accident report, to a Madrid resident, who was involved in an accident on Monday night.


Officer received a complaint of trespassing and criminal mischief in the 300 Block of West 6th Street.  Officer watched the subject’s security camera and was able to identify the male suspect.  Officer took a report and sent up for a warrant on the subject.

Officer arrested Joel Jeffress, on a Madrid warrant, for criminal mischief in the 4th degree.


Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call.

Officer took a report of a downed sign at Edgewood Park

Officer returned a phone call to Madrid citizen


Officer responded to the Madrid Service Center for a 911 hang-up call.  Officer spoke to subjects inside and found it to be kids playing with the phone.

Officer received report of vehicle travelling North on Hwy 17 all over the road.  Office located the vehicle and stopped it.  Found to be an elderly female that was tired.  Driver pulled vehicle off into HS parking lot to rest.

Officer performed a welfare check on a 2yr old child at the request of the father.   Officer also advised his child custody issues are a civil matter.

Officer took a report of a stolen vehicle. Victim advised it was in the parking lot as late as 4pm today, Officer sent papers to county attorney for charges. While starting on paperwork the vehicle and suspect returned home. Victim decided to take care of the issue internally.