MPD Blotter August 10 – August 16, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer received a complaint of debris being thrown over the power lines at Edgewood Park.  Officer passed it on to the Public Works Director who had it removed.

Officer ran radar both entering and exiting the city limits on Highway 17 to slow the traffic flow through the City.

Officer attempted to notify several businesses about high winds entering our area, after the storm sirens were set off.

Officer assisted with checking on three children, in the 500 block of East 2nd Street, after a tree fell on their home and they were home without parents.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue with an emergency medical call at East 1st and Green Street, after a tree branch struck a man in the head causing serious head injuries.

Officer checked on several residents in the 400 block of North Main, due to all of them being unable to get out of their homes.

Officer put up barricades at East North and North Union due to power lines, poles, and transformers being down in the area.

Officer assisted Boone County deputy’s with a domestic situation South of the City on the chicken farm road.

Officer assisted with a medical call on E. 9th St.

Officer helped a woman gain entry into her locked apartment.

Officers assisted with traffic control and putting up barricades at Highway 17 and 210, due to Highway 17 Northbound being shut down. DOT eventually got up and put up road closed signs and detoured traffic East.

Officers assisted with removing debris in an attempt to get roads cleared and opened.

Officer assisted with an emergency medical call at the Cedars, after a male fell and received a serious head injury.

Officer assisted Polk County with an accident at Highway 17 and 415.  Subjects had left the scene but officer was able to pass information onto Polk County for the driver and several of the passengers.


Officer gained entry into a residence and got medications for a subject stranded at a county residence.  Officer met the subjects in the county where the medication was transferred to the owner.

Officer relayed needed equipment, to the Madrid Homes, that a Boone County Deputy brought down.

Officer received a burning complaint at 22nd and Main.  Officer found them to only be burning in a metal confined area so there was no infraction.

Officer spoke to a city employee and then paged out Madrid Fire for the city brush dump burning out of control.  The City set an alternate dumping site due to the large amount of tree debris being transported to the small area.

Officer spoke to a resident in the 600 block of South State Street reference trespassing on his neighbor’s property.

Officer was dispatched to attempt to locate a subject, for Boone PD, in the 200 block of South Market Street.  Officer located him and replayed a message about returning a vehicle or facing criminal charges.


Officer relayed to many people working in the City, that some power was being returned and that they needed to be careful while removing tree branches and debris.

Officer received a complaint of a burglary at Meadow Estates where items were stolen out of a maintenance shed.  Items stolen were two Stihl chainsaws and a Generac Generator.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 300 block of North Water Street.

Officer returned a bike to its rightful owner, that was held for safe keeping, at the police department, after an accident on the trail last week.


Officer removed debris off of roadways all throughout town.

Officer was dispatched to an accident in the 800 block of South Union Street.  Work van backed into a parked car in the alley.  Very minimal damage.  Information was exchanged between owners.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident, reference community service hours during clean-up.

Officer issued a trespass order for property at 917 S Kennedy.

Officer responded to a report of strange activity at Dalton Construction. Officer discovered it is private night security at the premises.


Officer responded to the area of North Kennedy and the high school for a missing dog.  The dog was located in the area by the owner

Officer responded to the 300 block of North Locust for a medical call.  Officer provided support and assistance to EMS.

Officer responded to the traffic lights.  Power was restored to the traffic lights.  Officer took down the temporary stop signs.


Officer unlocked a car on Maple Ridge.

Officer relayed a message to a Madrid resident from an out-of-state relative.


Officer responded to a report of a struck fire hydrant leaking water at Maple Ridge and Kennedy Ave. Officer contacted public works and informed them of the issue.

Officer responded to the Madrid Home reference a fire alarm. Officer determined that it was a false alarm triggered by a resident overcooking her breakfast. Officer assisted in airing out the apartment and resetting the alarm.