MPD Blotter April 8 – April 14, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer was called to a suspicious vehicle parked downtown.  Vehicle had no plates and the ignition was tampered with.  Officer also noticed an open container in the vehicle.  Officer will attempt to locate the vehicle’s owner.  Officer spoke to the boyfriend of the truck later in the day.  Officer asked him to move it to a legal parking area in which he immediately did.  Officer answered questions about the registration process for the newly purchased vehicle.

Officer followed up on a complaint of two junk vehicles on a property in the 400 Block of East 2nd Street.  Officer contacted a family member in Woodward who stated that they will get both vehicles put in the garage or removed asap.

Officer met with an insurance agent, who requested a copy of a past accident report.  Officer made copies of the paperwork and provided him with them, after the applicable fee was paid.

Officer received a complaint of a dog barking in the 100 Block of South Dalander St. Complainant stated that something better be done about it or else he was taking it to the next level.  Officer spoke to the owner of the dog and she admitted that the dog was barking while her and her kids were outside playing with the dog, nothing more.  Dog was inside upon the officer’s arrival.

Officer received a complaint from the same subject as above, about a carpet installer working in the street in the 400 Block of East 2nd Street. Officer spoke to the worker and asked him to move to the Church parking lot to cut the piece of carpet, in which he did without issue.

Officer received a request for a past accident report from an insurance company.  Officer made copies and mailed the request back to the requesting party.

Officer stopped a vehicle in the 300 block of N. Kennedy Ave.  The driver, Mason Powers of Marshalltown, was subsequently arrested for a valid warrant reference probation violation and transported to jail.

Officer followed up with a subject regarding information from a past report of harassment.



Officer received a parking complaint in the 300 Block of East 6th Street.  A vehicle was blocking a subject’s driveway.  A family member of the owner was contacted and got word to the owner, who moved the vehicle.

Officer served two owners’, of three vehicles, in the County Line Road Trailer Park, with junk vehicle ordinance violations.

Officer served the owner of a junk vehicle in Veteran’s Square, a notice to remove it.

Officer served the owner of a junk vehicle, in the 200 Block of South State Street, a notice to remove it.

Officer mailed the owner of a junk vehicle, in the 100 Block of North Locust, a notice to remove the vehicle.  The owner lives in another city.

Officer served the owner of (2) junk vehicle’s, in the 200 Block of East 6th Street, a notice to have them removed.

Officer received a request for a house watch from a Madrid resident

Officer collected four insufficient checks for the Market of Madrid and closed a case initiated by the business.

Officer received a complaint about (2) dogs running at large on East 9th Street.  Officer spoke to the owner, who was just moving in.  They are putting up a dog run once they are fully moved in so there won’t be an issue going forward.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job-related background check.

Officer received a call reference an ongoing dispute between several juveniles and a parent of one of the juveniles confronting another at a residence regarding the dispute.  Officer advised both parties involved.



Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job related back-ground check.

Officer met with a Madrid resident who turned in a lost/found children’s watch.

Officer received a request for a house watch by a Madrid resident.

Officer assisted with an exchange of information, after being called to Wilcox Printing, for a very minor accident, when a delivery truck struck a parked vehicle.



Officer was dispatched to Casey’s for a gas drive off.  Officer made contact with the Manager who stated that it happened yesterday and gave him the name of the suspect that they believe did it accidently.  Officer went to the subject’s house, and left a business card, after he found them not home.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference issues that they are having with their juvenile child, along with issues with other children and her child.

Officer received a report of a lost dog that got away from its owner.  Officer received a call from a city employee later in the day, that had saw the dog on West 4th Street.  Officer immediately called the owner who went to try and catch him.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a background check for a suppressor purchase.

Officer mailed a junk vehicle violation notice, to a Madrid resident, for an infraction in the 400 of East 9th.

Officer stopped at a residence in the 600 Block of South Main, reference a junk vehicle.  Officer left a business card with contact info, when he found nobody home.

Officer mailed a junk vehicle violation notice, to a Madrid resident, in the 100 Block of East 6th Street.

Officer noted a vehicle leaving city limits northbound at nearly 90 mph in the 55 zone. Officer was able to catch up to the vehicle near Luther and made a traffic stop. The driver was issued a court summons for speeding.



Officer performed a traffic stop, while running radar on Highway 210, and warned a Madrid resident for speeding.

Officer responded to a report of suspicious activity on East 1st Street. Everything checked ok.



Officers responded to the 800 block of E. 8th Street reference a downed power line causing electrical service issues throughout the city. The outage was caused by a subject cutting down a tree, it falling the wrong direction and striking the lines. Officers worked with the owners of the property, the electric company, and other emergency services to remedy the issue as quickly as safely possible.



Officer responded to the 600 block of Maverick Lane for a verbal domestic situation.  Officer did a stand-by so one of the residents could move out without fear of assault.