MPD Blotter April 6 – April 12, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166



Officer picked up a dog that was running loose in the 600 Block of South Market Street.  Officer could not locate an owner so it was taken to the city shed.  Officer checked on the animal in the morning and called the Humane Society to come pick it up, since the owner had not contacted the police looking for him.  After lunch a family member contacted the police department and was advised the animal was at the Humane Society.

Officer assisted with function testing of the weather and attack sirens in the City of Madrid.

Officer assisted a new Madrid homebuyer with a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher.

Officer assisted DHS with a home house check in the 400 block of South Street.

Officer spoke to a local religious leader, reference communication on a possible drive through event this week.

Officer responded to the 900 block of South Kennedy Lot 50 for a possible prowler.  Officer checked the area and was unable to locate anyone around the residence.  Home was secure.

Officer responded to 500 Block of West 1st for an argument between two people.  Officer responded to the scene.  The male half voluntarily left to stay elsewhere.  Two firearms were seized for safe-keeping.


Officer was dispatched to return a call to a subject.  Officer spoke to a subject who wanted information on a DHS case.  Officer informed them that the private information could not be released.  Officer passed on the information to the DHS case worker.

Officer met with a Madrid resident and gave them some necessity items needed, that she was unable to locate, due to panic buying in the stores.

Officer responded to a fire on the High Trestle Trail near the intersection of QF Lane.  Officer provided assistance to Fire/Rescue.


Officer was dispatched to call a Madrid resident, reference wanting information on a no-contact order.  Officer explained what was needed and both agreed that the possible actions, were not criminal or close to the threshold of meeting the requirements of a no-contact order.

Officer was contacted reference a grass/tree on fire, just East of QF Lane, on the bike trail.  Officer located the fire and stood by until Woodward Fire arrived to extinguish it.

Officer spoke to a subject, reference wanting to meet and retrieve some property that was taken for safe keeping, from a call on Monday night. Officer met them a short time later and returned the property.

Officer spoke to a resident at the Madrid Police Department about social media postings.  Officer advised no criminal activity had occurred and suggested the citizen contact the service provider with a complaint. 


Officer disposed of some debris that was located on the bike trail.

Officer responded to a residence on N. State Street reference a dog biting a woman and her dog by a dog running at large. The other dog was located a short distance away and returned to its home. The owners were advised of the issue and the Boone County Humane Society was also notified so quarantine procedures could commence.  


Officer was contacted by a Madrid resident, reference a dog running at South Union and 9th Street.  Officer spoke to the owner who stated that the dog broke its cable.  He stated that he would be getting a heavier one to keep it secure.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 500 Block of East 6th Street. Vehicle was unlocked without incident.

Officer was dispatched to the 600 Block of Maverick Lane for a tenant that wanted to report some missing property.  Officer spoke to the victim, who then decided that he did not want a report, and that the issue was resolved. 


Officer responded to the Cedars for a vehicle unlock.  Officer was successfully able to unlock the vehicle.


Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on an emergency medical call in the 100 Block of West 2nd Street.