MPD Blotter April 27 – May 3, 2020


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue, on an emergency medical call at Casey’s.

Officer received several calls from an Ames resident, complaining about off the walls things.  Officer instructed the female that she needed to contact the Ames Police Department for any complaints that she has and recommended for her to call the hotline if she needed any assistance with her mental health.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a neighbor issue over a fence.  Officer referred her to the City Clerk for all building permit questions but informed her that if everything was done with the city permits and the county, that if the fence went up and any damage was done to it, that she could file criminal charges for the damage.

Officer met with a Madrid resident, who turned in a lost/found wallet.  Officer located the owner and knew the wallet to be reported stolen in March from in the City. Officer contacted the owner who stated that she would come and pick it up at the PD after work.  Officer met her and returned the wallet.

Officer did extra patrol around the school, during lunch period, to make sure Highway 210 stayed clear of traffic.  Officer met with school superintendent and worked out a plan for one-way traffic on the west side of the school going forward to remedy safety issues on the highway.

Officer attempted to follow up with a subject in the 600 block of Maverick Lane, from an incident that occurred over the weekend.  The female was not home at this time, so a business card was left in the door and asked to contact reference the case.  The female called back and met with the Officer later in the day.

Officer responded to the 100 Block of Jonathan Dr for a neighbor dispute.  Officer mediated the dispute and advised of civil action that could be pursued.

Officer responded to the area of East Second and Greene for a suspicious vehicle making repeated passes through the neighborhood.  Officer attempted to locate the vehicle.  Unable to locate.  Officer remained in the area throughout the shift.



Officer assisted with traffic at the elementary school during lunch hour.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a house watch while he was out of town.

Officer sent up reports and video evidence, to the Boone County Attorney, on a pending felony theft case.

Officer responded to the Cedars for a medical assist call.  Officer provided assistance to EMS.

Officer responded to the Madrid home for a fire alarm.  Officer arrived on scene and spoke with Home Staff, who confirmed the alarm was a false alarm.  Officer disregarded Fire response.


Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a house watch.

Officer followed up on a junk vehicle on East 9th Street, that the owner was verbally spoken to about while on another call to the residence.  Vehicle had been removed by the owner.


Officer responded to a 911 hang-up call; construction worker had accidentally called 911 by pocket dialing everything checked out ok

Officer took a complaint of ATV’s driving around town.

Officer picked up an abandoned scooter at the 200 block of 2nd St

Officer received a phone call about a dog at large.  The dog owner called and was referred to last known location of the dog.

Officer responded to a residence on S. Water Street reference a juvenile holding a knife to himself. Officer spoke with the subject and got him to put it down. The parents will seek counseling asap.


Officer sent up paperwork needed by the Clerk of Court to issue a warrant for a subject that had committed a criminal offense in the City of Madrid.

Officer returned a call and spoke to an out of town subject, reference a child custody issue.

Officer took a report of a missing cat.

Officer assisted a man with his oxygen machine.

Officer responded to W. North Street reference a 911 hang-up call. It was determined that the call came from a confused resident of the Madrid Home.  


Officer assisted county deputies in locating a vehicle.

Officer responded to the 300 block of E. 6th Street reference a fireworks complaint. Officer spoke with the offending party and issued a warning.

Officer stopped to juveniles riding unregistered dirt bikes in town. They were advised to take them straight home.

Officer noted a vehicle in a driveway with its doors standing open at around 1 am with no one around. Officer made contact with the owner and secured the vehicle for them.  Everything was OK. 


Officer received report of an open 911 call from 100 block of N. Kennedy.  Dispatch was able to verify that it was an accidental call from a cell phone from the Casey’s lot.  Officer also checked the area and found nothing.

Officer followed up with a burglary case.