MPD Blotter April 1 – April 7, 2019


Madrid Police Contact Numbers:

Emergency – 911

Dispatch (Primary) – 515-433-0527

Police Department – 515-795-3113

Police Cell Phone – 515-795-6166


Officer received a call of a driver doing a poor job of driving into the City, northbound on Highway 17.  Caller stated that it was not the first day that she saw the vehicle drive poorly.  Officer will stop and speak to the driver due to it being called in after the fact.

Officer received a formal complaint by a Madrid resident in the 500 Block of East 1st Street, in reference to 8 properties in her 2-block area, that had what she considered nuisance’s.  Officer spoke to several property owners about cleaning up some areas and will continue to follow up with them on the progress.  Officer will get a hold of the remaining property owners and speak to them as well.  REMINDER: It’s been a long winter but warm weather is finally right around the corner.  Please start cleaning up your yards and getting rid of junk vehicles.  Officers will be serving ordinance violation in the upcoming months.  If you need assistance with getting rid of items, please contact the Chief of Police.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference child custody issues and her ex not taking the child to school today.  Officer contacted the subject and found that the child was home sick.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a series of insufficient checks to the Market of Madrid.

Officer was contacted by dispatch of a subject that a Trooper arrested in Story County, on a Madrid warrant for child endangerment.  Officer took custody of the female at the Story County Jail and transported her to Boone County.  Arrested was Katherine Mondragon, of Ames.

Officer was called to the Madrid Elementary School for an out of control student.

Officer met with a Madrid resident, who turned in a lost/found cell phone, found in the Park.  Officer made contact with the owner whom picked up the phone.

Officer received a call of a deceased deer in the roadway on Hwy 210 West of Madrid.  Officer removed the deer from the travel portion of the roadway.



Officer assisted Madrid Fire/Rescue on a medical call, at the assisted living apartments, at the Madrid Home.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference extra patrol of their residence while they are away dealing with medical issues.

Officer received a call from a subject in Florida, requesting medical attention for his father that lives just outside the City.  Officer contacted dispatch to call out Fire/Rescue/Ambulance to have the subject checked out.



Officer received a call from the Public Works Director about finding a burn mark on 8th Street from a resident burning leaves on the City Street.  REMINDER: Residents are not allowed to burn on the City Streets. You must keep the leaves, sticks, and ashes on your own property. City has set dates for burning from April 2nd through May 26th. Please have fires completely extinguished by dark.

Officer was contacted by a City employee who reported a large fight at 3rd and State.  Officer arrived to find a large group of 10-11-year old’s arguing.  Nothing physical occurred.  Officer had the subjects shake hands and agree to stay away from each other if they cannot get along.

Officer received a report of possible re-rod sticking up in the Street in the 200 Block of East 1st Street.  Officer located the object that was just roll filler used when they tarred the cracks in the Highway recently. 

Officer received a call from a resident in the 400 Block of Newton Road reference a lost and found dog.  The owner of the dog claimed it before the Officer’s arrival.

Officer was dispatched to a domestic in the 300 block of N. Union.  It was determined to be a verbal argument over money.  Both parties worked out a solution for the evening.

Officer was notified of several juveniles threatening another at their residence.  Officer will follow up with the juveniles and their parents regarding the allegations.



Officer was contacted reference a lost dog.  Owners stopped at the PD a short time later and stated that they had found their dog in a subject’s yard and had re-claimed him.

Officer testified in court, after receiving a subpoena for trial.

Officer spoke to several property owners reference junk ordinance violations.  Officer will be assisting with clean-up on two properties this weekend that have received complaints about junk from a Madrid resident, who are elderly or have been injured.

Officer filled a request from an insurance company, for a copy of a past accident report.



Officer assisted Waterloo PD with a case they were working on.

Officer responded to a report of a fight at Edgewood park, officer made contact with the two juvenile females who advised they were just messing around.



Officer stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation in the 600 block of E. North St.  The driver was warned for the infraction.

Officer spoke to a juvenile and parent reference a previous reported harassment.  Officer advised the juvenile of being trespassed from the reporting persons property.



Officer responded to a residence in the 900 block of S. Kennedy Drive for an incomplete 911 call.  Officer spoke to the residents and found there to be no problem.  Call was from an old telephone line they used to have and is no longer in-service.