MPD Blotter Apr 30 to May 6, 2018

Madrid Police Blotter


Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job-related background check.

Officer met with DEA Agents and turned over the drug drop off items that were received over the weekend.

Officer was dispatched to a careless driver Eastbound on Highway 210 from the river bridge.  Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock at Git N Go.

Officer sent (2) past accident reports to insurance companies, after receiving requests for the information.

Officer stopped a vehicle in the alley behind the 200 block of S. State Street.  Subsequently the driver, Jon Graham of Madrid, was cited for driving while license is suspended.

Officer followed up with several past accident cases.

Officer received a call of a vehicle pulling a trailer driving into Madrid that was said to be driving outside their lane.  Officer located the vehicle and followed it through town.  No infractions were witnessed while following the vehicle.


Officer responded to a fire alarm at Continental Labs.  Turned out to be a false alarm.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock at the Madrid Post Office.

Officer towed a junk vehicle from the 100 Block of East 3rd Street with the owner’s permission.

Officer responded to a second false fire alarm at Continental Labs.  They are working on a sensor that keeps tripping the system.

Officer finger printed a Madrid resident for a job-related background check.

Officer assisted Polk County Deputies and Polk City Fire/Rescue regarding a semi that overturned on Hwy17 South of Madrid due to high winds during the passing storm.  The driver suffered minor injuries.  Thank you to the several subjects whom witnessed the event and stopped to render aid to the driver prior to Rescue’s arrival.


Officer received a call on a vehicle that has been parked in the 200 Block of N Market for a couple days in front of a residence. Officer will get ahold of the owner and check why its parked there.

Officer received a call from a Madrid resident whom was in California and could not get ahold of his wife.  He requested a welfare check to have her call him.

Officer received information of kids stealing candy and pop from the machines at the laundromat. While doing patrol, an Officer noticed (3) suspicious juvenile males around the machines, through the window.  Officer made contact with them and found them to have a large amount of candy in their possession.  Officer called the owner to watch the video to see if anything had been taken.  It was determined that the three juveniles had indeed stolen items. The investigation found that they had been doing these acts for the two days prior as well.  The owner agreed to be paid for the items instead of filing criminal charges.  The parents of all three juveniles were contacted.


Officer received a call of a dog running at large between 21st and 22nd Street.  Officer was unable to locate the animal.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock at Continental Labs.

Officer assisted with storm spotting after the tornado siren sounded.

Officer assisted a handicapped woman navigate around the road construction on Highway 210 so she was able to come and visit her daughter.


Officer responded to an emergency medical call at the Madrid Home.

Officer spoke to the Public Works Director and was informed of an alley being closed in the 500 Block of Main Street towards Market.  Any traffic or damage to City property he stated that he wanted citations written and charges filed.

Officer responded to Newton Road for a report o f a possible rabid racoon that had bit and scratched a male. The victim self-transported to the Veteran’s Affairs emergency room and staff there notified police.  Officer checked the area, however was unable to locate the animal.  


Officer followed up with the male from the previous night’s animal call to assist with setting a live trap for the animal.

Officer responded to N. Market Street to speak with a woman and her children reference them committing criminal mischief.  It was determined that there was no really damage caused and so the Officer warned the two young men and passed along the information to public works to remedy the issue.  


Officer responded to 500 block of Milwaukee Street to assist with a resident that had fallen.