MPD Blotter Apr 23 to Apr 29, 2018



Officer followed up with the owner of a property, along the trail, that received a complaint from the Public Works Supervisor, and needed cleaned up.  The owners stated that they were in the process of starting the clean-up and would be in town soon to start.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference an issue with a neighbor.  Officer will give the area extra patrol and she will call back with any further issues.

Officer received a call from the mailman reference a sewer cover being off one of the drains on Newton Road.  Officer located the drain and called the Public Works Director who responded and between the two, got the problem fixed.

Officer received a call of suspicious persons at a residence.  Officer attempted contact at the residence with no answer.  Officer located one of the subjects a short time later that was there and everything checked to be OK.

Officer received a call of a welfare check on a juvenile at a residence.  Officer made contact with an adult whom is staying at the residence along with the juvenile and everything checked OK.

Officer received a call of a vehicle doing a poor job of driving on Hwy 17 and was now at Git-N-Go.  Officer made contact with the female driver whom was returning to work at a hospital and was tired.  The female agreed to rest while she was stopped before continuing on her way.

Officer followed up with a burning complaint from the past week.  Subsequently Jon Graham, of Madrid, was cited for violating City burning ordinance.   


Officer spoke to a Madrid landlord and served them with a junk vehicle ordinance violation.

Officer performed a vehicle unlock in the 200 Block of Parkview.

Officer inspected a golf cart to have a city licensed issued.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a phone scam.

Officer followed up with a past assault case to secure a warrant.

Officer spoke to a subject regarding fireworks inside City limits for the 4th of July.


Officer served a Madrid resident with a junk vehicle ordinance violation and gave them (7) days to have the vehicle removed.  The City will be starting this enforcement again this year.  If you have vehicles in violation or have questions on this Chapter, please contact Chief Tasler.

Officer responded to medical in 617 s Kennedy.

Officer checked on suspicious vehicle parked in residence in the 600 block of Green. Vehicle was towed to the wrong address.

Officer performed a traffic stop on Hwy 17, Latosha James was cited for operating with no valid driver’s license. Vehicle is also under investigation for its using in an ongoing shoplifting case.

Officer checked on suspicious activity after hours at a business. The suspect was authorized to be in the premises after hours.

Officer checked on 2 open doors (1 vehicle, 1 residence) on Maple Ridge. Both doors were left open on accident by the respective owners.


Officer’s followed up with a Madrid resident and received more information and evidence on a past case.

Officer spoke to a Madrid resident reference a phone scam.

Officer assisted resident with a VIN verification on a boat that was purchased out of state.

Officer assisted Madrid EMS/Boone Ambulance with an emergent medical in the 700 block of E. First Street.


Officer met with a Madrid resident and gave them a copy of a past incident report.

Officer assisted with an emergency medical call in the 700 Block of East 2nd Street.

Officer performed a civil stand-by in the 400 Block of West 2nd Street.

Officer was called to 6th and South Kennedy for a semi blocking the roadway.  Officer gave the driver directions back to Continental Labs.

Officer assisted Madrid Fire Dept with a structure fire on 1st st.

Officer took report of dead deer on shoulder of Hwy 17, it was passed on to the state roads dept.

Officer called to the 600 block of S. State Street for a suspicious vehicle.  Officer stopped the vehicle in the 200 block of S. State and spoke to occupants of vehicle.  Two adults and a minor who was just learning to drive.

Officer received a call of a man walking around town shirtless and yelling at everyone.  Officer located subject in the 500 block of S. Main St.  Subject voluntarily went to the hospital with a relative.

Officer received a complaint on the large pile of rock dumped on the street at the end of Maple Ridge Drive.  Officer spoke to the contractor who advised it would be moved the next day.


Officer staffed the DEA drug take back site for collection.

Officer was dispatched to a vehicle collision involving a building.  No injuries were reported.

Officer followed up with a parent regarding a family issue.

Officer took a complaint regarding the burning of construction debris in the 100 block of N. Locust Street. Officer spoke with the homeowner who was tending the fire, he promptly put it out with his apologies to the neighborhood.


Officer notified of two motorcycles travelling at a high rate of speed westbound on Hwy. 210.  Hwy 210 closed due to construction so the motorcycles never made it to the City.

Officer assisted in locating a missing female from Clive. Officer received information that the male she was with is now living in Woodward, Officer passed along info to Dallas County Officers.