May 8, 2018 Park Board Minutes

Madrid Parks & Recreation Board
Meeting Notes
DATE: May 8, 2018

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  1. Updates from City Officials – None
  2. Updates from Facilities/Ground Maintenance (Andy)
    1. Bathrooms have been opened. Cintas said they will do monthly cleanings, but Andy is pretty sure it’s actually weekly and will confirm.
    2. Mowing started today.
    3. Ron Hodges started back today.
    4. Will try to get the volleyball net up this week.
    5. Planning some stump grinding with Lyn Depping next week, weather permitting.
    6. Would like to keep the shed clear, referencing cabin dismantling. Possibly use carport for storage. (on pallets)
    7. Going to try and schedule a time to finish the timbers around the playground areas.
    8. Cody (PT kid from last year) will be returning this summer.
    9. There is enough roofing material left for the west bathroom and the wishing well.  Also plans in the works to update the toilets, sinks, and paint in the west bathrooms.
    10. Summer goal: Repaint open shelter.
    11. Carol Truckenmiller mentioned the Jensen gazebo needs some attention. Jolynne added that the railing is broken and the wood finish gone/splintered. Andy will look into.
    12. Informed that drainage canal work will be coming through Edgewood. This will require the tennis courts to be removed. Jolynne asked that the Park Board be provided a copy of the canal mapping so as to be aware of all potential affected areas.
    13. Lastly, Andy is hoping to add more rubber fill to play areas in July when the fiscal year rolls over.
  3. Updates from Special Business (including citizen projects/concerns)
    1. Kym Schealler – Kickball Tournament
      1. Maybe we can make a community event of it? Follow up with Kym for more info on what she is hoping to do.
    2. Brandon Allen – Smoke-Free Zones?
      1. Brandon Allen had expressed concern about persons smoking on park grounds. He directly reached out to Mayor Pro-Tem Kurt Kruse about ordinances and signage. Jolynne had also informed him from the Soccer Board that all City Parks are Smoke-Free Zones by State Law.
      2. Andy will follow up on some signage.
    3. Multi-person Request: Tennis court repair
      1. Given news of the drainage canal changes, the Park Board requested that a new location for a new (single) court be determined. All board members agree that there is a demand for courts. Nearby cities have leagues and traveling leagues.
      2. Andy suggested seeing what Polk City has for court “flooring” & their opinion in general.
      3. The board decided to put together some figures regarding pricing and public interest.
  4. Reports from Leagues
    1. Need to have leagues start submitting monthly reports IF they are unable to have a representative at the meetings
    2. Soccer: Laying sod next week. Will need some watering assistance.
      1. Eric suggested asking the FD.
      2. City also has a 300 gallon water tank they may be able to use to assist with watering the south end. (Pretty much unreachable by hoses.)
  5. Updates on Special Projects
    1. Cabin Project
      1. No new donation reports.
      2. Dismantling: City accepted bid from MAFCO (Frank Manning) for $6850.00 to dismantle cabin. Jolynne will continue to coordinate with Frank.
      3. Possible Fundraising option: Woodburning donor names into the shiplap. (removed from roof and used as wall paneling). Could possibly also use the trees that have to be removed from the area.
    2. New event ideas
      1. Volleyball leagues
        1. Community interest has been expressed. Jolynne is working with Rachel Phillips, who has volunteered to coordinate the league.
      2. Bags League
        1. Eric Ohrt proposed. No cost to the City. Easy to put together. There is an American Corn Hole Association for bylaws & rules.
        2. People managing league in Ankeny charge $30 for in-town teams and $45 for non-locals.
        3. Looking at 1 summer season. 10 weeks: 8 play, Skip the 4th. Done by Labor Day. 5 week round robin & 5 weeks tournament.
        4. Jolynne suggested sponsorship to cover cost of boards, prizes, etc. Flat Tire, Tiger Bowl…
        5. Big question is regarding alcohol on park grounds.
      3. League formation raises questions about the alcohol ordinance.
        1. Jolynne stated she did not feel the full ordinance should be lifted, but agreed that the park should look into special permits/permissions for events.
      4. League formation also brought up concessions.
        1. Park Board is in strong concensus that concessions should be open for all & shared. Again, this issue reiterates the need for a Parks & Rec Director. The Park Board will put together a proposal that all leagues be brought under one umbrella. Less word for their individual boards, but more profit.
  6. Old Business
    1. Cottonwood Tree
      1. No new report.
    2. Volleyball Court
      1. Will see what other cities do to keep sand in.
      2. Also will require leagues to rake with each use.
    3. New Park Board Identity & Objectives
      1. Did Tom find the City ordinance regarding Park Board duties and bylaws?