MPD Blotter Mar 05 – Mar 11, 2018



Officer spoke to a Madrid business owner who wanted assistance with getting (2) junk vehicles removed from his property.  Officer will contact the salvage company and let them know.

Officer received a civil complaint about a local business.

Officer spoke to a member of Flat Tire Lounge reference security issues at some upcoming events.

Officer received a call of illegal parking around the Elementary School around pick-up time. Officer saw a car parked in the alley just West of the School.  The driver left upon seeing the patrol vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to the 600 block of Washington Street reference an unknown female walking the neighborhood knocking on doors and asking to come inside the residence.  Officer located the female a short time later and she was taken to her friend’s residence where she was staying.  It was determined to be related to a medical disorder and she was released to a competent adult at the residence.


Officer was called to an accident at the entrance of the Madrid High School.  Minor damage was found on both vehicles involved.  Officer did an exchange of information for the driver’s.

Officer served a notice to all the residents on Southern Prairie Drive reference a proposed parking ordinance not allowing parking on the North side of the roadway.

Officer responded to an emergency medical call in the 300 Block of 22nd Street.  Turned out to be a false alarm.

Officer spoke to a subject regarding a civil issue with her children.

Officer stopped a vehicle in the 600 block of S. Main Street.  The driver was warned for failure to dim headlamps to oncoming vehicles.

Officer was dispatched to a dispute in the 600 block of Maverick Lane.  The dispute was verbal and both parties were advised.


Officer spoke to a mother who reported her son was threatened at school by another 9 year-old.  The school was already involved but she wanted an Officer to follow up since there had been a past case.

Officer received a request from an insurance company, on information from an accident that occurred in the City in October of 2017.  Officer forwarded them the report.

Officer received a call of an open door on a downtown business.  Officer passed the information to the Public Works Director.

Officer assisted a stalled vehicle at 1st and Highway 17 and gave them traffic control as the moved their vehicle off the Highway.

Officer received a complaint of a stolen refrigerator out of a rental unit from a local property owner.  The officer left a message on the subject’s cell phone who now resides in Texas asking for a return call.

Officer was dispatched to the 400 Block of Newton Road for a family issues call.  Officer separated the father and the daughter for a cool down period.

Officer spoke to a local business employee regarding suspicious activity.

Officer was dispatched to the 400 block of Newton Road on a disturbance.  No illegal activity took place and officer advised all parties.

Officer assisted a disabled vehicle with traffic control in the 100 block of E. 1st Street.

Officer followed up with a suspicious activity call from earlier in the day.

Officer did a call for service after a vehicle backed into a pole in Veterans Square. Minor damage was done to the vehicle and no damage done to City property.  Officer passed the information onto the Public Works Director after a call for service was made.


Officer received a call from Public Works reference a trailer parked downtown that needed moved.  Officer contacted the owner and relayed the message.

Officer worked with City staff on possible traffic issues and safety solutions on Southern Prairie Drive.


Officer responded to the High School to speak to two students about calling 911.  Officer spoke to the students and to their parents.

Officer responded to 900 block of Kennedy in reference to harassing text messages.  Turned out to be a scam.

Officer responded to the 500 block of W. Fourth for a dog at large.


Officer responded to West 2nd Street reference juveniles with flashlights seen in the caller’s yard. The juveniles were located and asked to leave.  


Officer responded to the Madrid Home apartments to speak with a subject who had questions about a possible sexual assault that occurred in West Des Moines. Officer worked with the parties involved to assist in reporting and medical examination by the appropriate officials.