Madrid Grant Survey in Process

On June 29th – 30th and July 13th – 14th, the City of Madrid will have a contracted survey crew conducting a survey of residents to obtain information to determine eligibility for the City to apply for grant programs to help with the cost of improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment facilities.

The City desires to apply for grant funds to help finance the construction of improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment plant.  The grant, if approved, would help pay for a portion of the project cost.  A grant, as opposed to a loan, would not have to be paid back by the City.  If the City receives the grant, the total cost of the project will not have to be raised through local taxes, rates increase, or other revenues.  

The survey will involve three questions:

  • Question pertaining to the household’s support for the wastewater treatment facility project
  • Question asking whether the total household income is above or below a set dollar amount depending on family size.
  • Question on the number of people who reside in the household.

The question regarding the income of the household is VERY IMPORTANT and will determine eligibility for the grant programs and are critical to the success of the application.  Program guidelines require this information to be a part of each application.  If the incomes of a majority of individuals in the survey are higher than the median income limits the City will not be eligible for the grant programs.

The surveys are completely CONFIDENTIAL and do need not be signed.  All information is totally anonymous and only the collective summary data is used for reporting purposes.  Listed below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

The cooperation of residents in completing this survey is greatly appreciated.


Q – Who will see the information that is provided during the survey?

A – The survey is completely confidential.  The survey forms do not identify responses by address or name and the survey crew will NOT ask for any names.  Information gathered during the survey is reported as a summary of the whole group of surveys to the City and perspective grant agencies.

Q – Will the survey crew ask me for my income? 

A – No, the survey taker will ask you to identify if your family income is above or below a set number.  They will not ask for a specific income amount.

Q – Do I have to answer the survey?

A – No, however, if you refuse to answer the survey, we have to assume that the household is above the low-to-moderate income limit which can impact the City’s chances at being eligible for grant funding.

Q – Will everyone in town be surveyed?

A – No, the number of surveys needed is calculated based on the number of household units within the survey area (city or target neighborhood) and how many surveys will provide the best representation of the entire area.  The households selected for the survey are then randomly selected based on a ratio.  Using this system, which is required, it is likely that one neighbor may be surveyed and the next may not.

Q – Can we get the survey mailed to us and return to the City instead of having someone come to our door?

A – The preferred method is to obtain surveys in person with the survey crew at the door.  Mailing surveys out and receiving them back voids the anonymity of the respondent and may skew the survey results.

Q – What if I am not home when the survey crew comes to my home?

A – The survey crew will make a minimum of two attempts to contact someone at the household before replacing that home with a substitute home.

Q – How long will the survey take to complete?

A – The time to complete the survey will vary depending on the number of questions on the survey.  Typically, we ask a minimum of three questions up to a maximum of six or seven.  The time to complete the survey takes on average two to three minutes and up to five to six minutes for the longer surveys.

Q – Will the survey crew have identification on them?

A – Yes, the survey crew will have name tags with them that identify them as part of a survey crew operating within the City.

Q – Do I need to let the survey person into my home?

A – No, the survey crew should not need to enter the home and should not ask to do so.  They can take the information they need through the door of the home.

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