Madrid Elementary Traffic News Release

Hello families!  As we are sure you know, the roads to the west and north of the elementary building will not be open for the start of school.  By working together and having patience we will have a great start to the year.  We want to put forth a plan and ask for everyone’s help and support in implementing this plan.  A few items to share:


While road construction is taking place to the west and north of the elementary, car riders will be released at 2:55.  The other release times stay the same with bus riders being released at 3:05 and walkers at 3:10.  This change will only take place until Main and 21st Streets are reopened.  This is in an effort to allow car riders to park a block or two away and still clear the roads before buses leave and walkers are released.


The bus loading area will be at the southeast corner of the elementary building on Water Street.  It will be on the west side of Water Street so the bus doors will face the school and the front of the buses will face Highway 210.  The bus loading zone will run from the “no parking anytime” sign that is close to Highway 210 back to the cut-in in front of the main office doorway.  There will be no drop off and no parking in this area.  The buses need access to run students and shuttles before school, during school and after school.


Drop off in the mornings will be on the east side of the building.  Students should not be dropped off before 7:55.  We ask that families approach the playground and building on Water Street from the north using 22nd Street so they are heading south on Water Street and their passenger door is to the playground and school to drop off.

  • Students not eating breakfast should be dropped off at the east gate of the playground.
  • Students eating breakfast should be dropped off at the main office door to go up to the cafeteria.


We recognize that the first day of school is the busiest drop off day of the year.  Families want pictures and to see their students off for the first day.  Please understand this and be prepared to park a block or two from the school if you drive.  Much like what you will read in “Picking Students Up After School” explained below.


If you child is a car rider and you are meeting your child after school for pick up, parking near the school on Water Street is going to be difficult.  It will be very helpful and probably quicker to park one to two blocks away.  Some preferred roads would be State Street from 22nd Street to 2nd Street; Union Street from 22nd Street to 2nd Street and North Market Street.

While student release at the end of the day is taking place on the east side of the building during construction, crosswalk supervision will be moved from the west side to the east side.  The supervision will be at the corner of Water Street and Highway 210 and at the mid-block crossing on Water Street.

Finally, if you meet your students on the grounds, we are asking that you meeting them in the grassy area to the southeast of the building.  Students will not be released to the west and there will be no access to the west.


A big thank you for your help and support during the projected 3-4 weeks we will need to do this!  Also, a big thank you in understanding that we very well may need to make some adjustments to help things run even more smoothly.  We will communicate any adjustment with a letter home and through Infinite Campus message.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Jana Surratt, Elementary Principal
Brian Horn, Superintendent

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