Wireless Internet Access Policy

Wireless Internet Access Policy


The Madrid Public Library believes all of its patrons should have full access to information.  Consequently, we support free wireless Internet access for our patrons.

  • The wireless network is NOT secure and usage is at patron’s own risk.  Virus security and privacy protection are the responsibility of the patron and are not provided by the library.
  • The library’s wireless access is unfiltered.  By choosing this free Internet access service, you agree to abide by the library’s Internet and conduct policies.  The policy applies in the library and on the library grounds.  The Internet policy states limitations of Internet access, the user’s responsibilities and acceptable and unacceptable use.  Inquire at the circulation desk to view the Internet policy.
  • The library is not responsible for damage to files or functionality of the computer resulting from connecting to the wireless network.
  • The library cannot guarantee that you will be able to connect to our wireless network.
  • The library is not responsible for damage, theft, loss of property or loss of personal information while used in the library.
  • Wireless Internet access should be available in all areas of the library, but there may be some “dead” spots where reception is limited.  Thus the library cannot guarantee Internet speed or quality of connection.
  • The library does not supply printing on the wireless network.  To print you will need to use one of the library’s public access computers.  There is a charge per page for black and white text or color.
  • Audio output should be muted or headphones should be used.
  • Since connection to the wireless is unfiltered any patrons viewing sites that could be construed as obscene will be asked by staff to exit those sites.  Failure to comply with that request will be reported to the police and will also result in suspension from the library and library grounds for one week. A second incident will result in a six month suspension.


Adopted September 2009

Reviewed and adopted September 2013

Reviewed February 2017

Reviewed and adopted February 2020