Library Minutes May 2017

Meeting called to order by President, Alice Sharp at 5:30 p.m.

Roll: Pam Allen, yes. Denise Hiveley, yes. Dave Evans, absent. Kelli Wolf, arrived at 5:37, yes.           Alice Sharp, yes.

Director, Angie Strong, yes.
Absent: Dave Evans

Approval of Agenda: [Additions or corrections- Under New Business – AED machine donation]

On a motion by Denise, 2nd by Pam, agenda approved with the addition.
Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Dave; absent. Kelli; absent. Alice; yes. Motion carried; all ayes.

Approval of Minutes:  Board Meeting minutes of April 11, 2017

On a motion by Denise, 2nd by Pam, minutes of the April 11, 2017 meeting were approved as read.

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Dave; absent. Kelli; absent. Alice; yes. Motion carried; all ayes.

Approval of Bills:

Special notes if any on claims: Friends asked if the board could help with half of the cost of the storage shed with estate money.

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Denise, bills were approved as presented with the Friends request.

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Dave; absent. Kelli; absent. Alice; yes. Motion carried; all ayes
Financial Report:

Detailed account is available upon request.



$             179.50  Fines/Fees
$               49.00  Fax Revenue
$             106.85  Copy Revenue
$                7.00  Mag/Books sold
$                1.50   Misc.
$             50.00  Meeting Room
$            393.85  Total for month
$         3,257.13  Total year to date

Trust Fund Receipts:

$      1,000.00   Memorials in honor of Carol Carlson
$        600.00   Community Chest – Summer Reading Program
$­_________________________ __
$      1,600.00   Total for the month
$    10,252.32   Total year to date

Library Donations:

$           00.00
$           00.00______________
$           00.00  Total for month
$       1,952.66  Total year to date

Circulation Report for the month of April

Items loaned in April  2017     1,707                    Average daily circulation  68
Items loaned in April 2016      1,784                    Open Access Items   152
Items loaned last month (Mar) 2,112                    Access Plus Items  34

Internet Use: Public Access Computers – 676 & Wireless users – 699
Bridges Checkouts:  audiobooks-76 eBooks-79 streaming video-0
[Open access: all patrons not in our tax locale: ex. Dallas County, Polk County, and other towns.
Access Plus: items requested from our library sent to other libraries.  Both of these programs are partly reimbursed by state funding programs.]

Public Concerns:

In order to give equal time to everyone, each person to address the Board will have a maximum time of 15 minutes each.  This guideline is used only if there has not been an official request to appear before the board prior to a meeting.

None to report

Correspondence and Communications:

1.    None to report.

Old Business:

1.    Midwest Tech came and installed the replacement cameras and an additional camera in the meeting room.  The cameras that Andy and Kent had requested were out of stock and instead they were able to get better cameras for the same price.  Andy and Kent mentioned that if something were to happen to the library’s DVR the new cameras would be compatible with a new one.  Angie was informed about the receiver for the surround sound as well.  Andy and Kent learned from the manufacturer (Yamaha) that the receiver is not malfunctioning, but needs an adapter for the system to run properly.  The manufacturer changed some settings and did not inform consumers, Andy and Kent apologized for the problems.  They asked if they wanted Angie to purchase the adapter (roughly $20) from Amazon or they could.  Angie said she would, and once received, Andy and Kent will come and set up the library’s receiver and will switch it out with the receiver Midwest Tech has let the library borrow.

2.    At the last meeting Angie asked that the library trustees watch an online class as a part of trustee training for accreditation. The trustees watched Free Libraries Aren’t Free: an Introduction to Funding and Budgets through a webinar that was archived through the State Library of Iowa.  The board discussed the class.

3.    Angie reminded the board that the library will be open over the lunch hour beginning the day after Memorial Day, May 30.  The library’s new hours will be Monday through Thursday; 9 am to 7 pm, Fridays; 9 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays; 9 am to 12 pm.  Angie has started changing some things with new hours, such as the library’s letterhead.  Angie will also update the website and Facebook pages.  Angie has talked to Lane Shaver from Mid National Graphics about a new sign for the front doors with the new hours on them.  Denise asked if Angie has submitted anything to the newspaper about the new hours.  Angie sent in a public service announcement last week and it should be in this week’s paper.  She has also included it in the paper several times since January with other things such as the library’s newsletter.

4.    Angie was informed that the library will be over budget this fiscal year even after the budget numbers are amended.  The amended budget numbers that Angie had given to the former city administrator had not been given the to the city clerk.  Angie was told from Mary Jo, the city clerk, and Lori Stansberry (contractor that is helping the city with the transition after the resignation of the city administrator) that the city would not be penalized for being over budget and that the mayor will be fine with it.  Angie contacted Mayor Ringgenberg about the library being over budget and he said yes, he is OK that the library will be over.  The mayor told Angie that with the leaving of the city administrator the city budget is under review and the city will be able to cover the overage of the library budget.

5.    Angie contacted Jamie Williams from the Ericson Public Library in Boone in reference to county funding.  Jamie was told by Phil Meier, the County Auditor, that they raised funding to $90,000 for the next fiscal year.  This is a slight increase from last year ($86,400).  The Madrid Library gets 20% of that amount which will be $18,000. Angie has not received an official letter from the supervisors but wanted to let the board know of the increase.

6.    Angie presented two more job descriptions for review.  One is for a Youth Services/Teen Librarian and an Assistant Director job description.  There were a couple of corrections to these documents.  Angie asked the board if they would like to include a requirement to have the Assistant Director apply for a Public Librarian’s certificate through the State Library.  The board asked what was involved in obtaining one.  Angie replied the class has two sections and has homework.  The first class is in person then the others are online.  Angie spent at least two hours a week working on this when she took the class.  The State Library of Iowa at this time does not require that an assistant director be certified.  Angie did let the board know that if she would leave her position that the person who takes over would need to become certified within two years of being hired for the library to keep its accreditation.  (This is stated in the library director job description and is mentioned in the accreditation standards from the State Library)  So the board decided not to include this requirement to the Assistant Director job description.

On a motion by Kelli, 2nd by Pam, to approve the Youth Services/Teen Librarian and Assistant Director job descriptions with the corrections.

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Dave; absent. Kelli; yes. Alice; yes.

Motion carried; all ayes

New Business:

1.    At the last meeting Angie discussed the purchase of a storage shed to store the Friends of the Library’s book sale books to help open up space in the library’s work room to provide a quiet study space for patrons.  Scott Church the Public Works Director approached Angie with a preassembled wooden shed for consideration.  The cost is $1,914.00, and Scott and the city would create a gravel pad for it behind the library.  The shed is moveable if necessary and will be delivered and set up on Wednesday, May 10.  Angie contacted Friends about this and they were concerned that it would not leave them much money in their account if they purchased the entire thing.  They asked if it could be possible if the library board would be willing to use estate money to pay for half and the Friends would pay the other half. (This was also done with the surround sound/projector.)  The board approved the purchase along with the other library bills that were presented earlier in the meeting.


2.    The State Library has changed the Interlibrary Loan System.  (Interlibrary loan is a way that libraries can lend and borrow books from each other.  This is important in providing access for all Iowa library patrons no matter the size of a town’s library.)

The old system has been around for twenty years and Angie was told that the State Library wanted something more secure.  Angie, Steph and Amy are learning the new system with help from webinars from the state.  With Amy taking over the interlibrary loan responsibilities this transition has been a little easier for her.  The new system started on May 1 with no major problems so far.

3.    A patron would like to donate a portable AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine to put in the meeting room.  This patron suggested that Angie talk to Chief Tasler about this device.  Angie did so, Rick said that formal training is not required for the public to use this machine, he suggested that Angie and Steph be trained if this machine is acquired, which he can set up a training time.  Angie asked Rick if there would be any liability if we received this machine and he said no.  The board would like to be sure that there would not be any liability with this and would like Angie to talk to City Attorney, John Jordan about this.  This issue has been tabled until next meeting.

Director’s Report: 

Angie and Amy have written a grant request to the Madrid Community Endowment Fund asking to purchase three iPads for patrons to use within the library.  They have requested $1,200.00 for this project.  Angie was also going to write a grant request to the Hopkins Grove Trust but missed the deadline.  Angie thought it was an April 30 deadline but it was April 15.  Angie also asked the board that if they have any grant suggestions to please let her know.

At this time Angie does not have enough applications to interview for the open Library Aide position.  She has posted that the position will be open until filled.

The library is also looking for summer help with the Summer Reading Program.  A flyer has been sent to the high school noting the open summer job possibility.

The library has received $600.00 from the Community Chest grant for the Summer Reading Program this year.  Funds will be used for program presenters such as the Blank Park Zoo, promotional items, books, and prizes for the program.

Once again this year, all three kindergarten classes came to the library for a tour the week of April 18.

Angie gave the board a copy of the Summer Reading calendar of events, as well as a copy of the flyers that were handed out when Steph went to the elementary school to promote the summer program on May 2.  There were a couple of schedule changes that Angie pointed out, robotics camp was going to be held in June but has been moved to July and Chess Club for July was moved.  Signups for the summer program will begin on May 15, participants will be able to sign up at the library as well as on the library’s website.  The Summer Kickoff will be Wednesday, June 7 on the library’s front lawn.  Denise commented that the 2nd and 3rd graders were very excited by the school visit that Steph did for the summer program.

Upcoming programs include:

·         Movie Night on Saturday, May 13 at 7 pm showing the movie Sing

·         Book discussion on Monday, May 15 at 7 pm

·         Adult Coloring on Thursday, May 18 at 7 pm

·         Chess Club on Monday, June 5 at 6 pm.

·         Summer Kickoff on Wednesday, June 7 at 1:30 pm on the front lawn

·         Pinterest Party on Thursday, June 8 at 7 pm

·         June Movie Night on Saturday, June 10 at 7 pm featuring Fantastic Beasts

·         The week of June 12 is the first full week of summer programs for all ages

Board Comments:

Items to be discussed at the next board meeting:

AED machine, job descriptions

Next Council meeting to attend:  May 15, 2017 at 5:30 pm with board member Denise to attend

Adjourn Meeting

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Kelli, meeting adjourned at 6:42 pm

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Dave; absent. Kelli; yes. Alice; yes. Motion carried; all ayes

Next regular Board meeting will be: Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Angie Strong, Director