Library Minutes May 14, 2019 – draft

May 2019 minutes -draft


Minutes of the Madrid Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting:

May 14, 2019

Meeting called to order by President, Kelli Wolf at 5:32 p.m.


Roll: Pam Allen, yes.  Denise Hiveley, yes.  Alice Sharp, absent.  Kelli Wolf, yes.  Dave Evans, yes.

Director, Angie Strong, yes.

Absent: Alice Sharp


Approval of Agenda:   [Additions or corrections- none]

On a motion by Denise, 2nd by Pam, agenda approved as presented.

Roll: Pam; yes. Dave; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes.  Motion carried; all ayes.


Approval of Minutes:  Board Meeting minutes of April 9, 2019

Corrections: Removal of an extra word under New Business #3, one punctuation error under the director’s report and a spelling error under upcoming programs.

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Dave, minutes of the April 9, 2019 meeting were approved with the corrections.

Roll: Pam; yes. Dave; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes.  Motion carried; all ayes.


Approval of Bills:

Special notes if any on claims: none.

On a motion by Dave, 2nd by Denise, bills are approved as presented.

Roll: Pam; yes. Dave; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes.  Motion carried; all ayes


Financial Report:

Detailed account is available upon request.




$        94.19  Fines/Fees

$        31.50  Fax Revenue

$      136.60  Copy Revenue

$         1.70   Mag/Books sold

$         3.00   Misc.

$        25.00  Meeting Room    

$       291.99  Total for month

$    3,134.19  Total year to date



Trust Fund Receipts:

$     1,100.00  Community Chest Grant

$     1,500.00  Lowrey Trust Grant

$____284.66__Mem’l books Sundberg Kirkpatrick Funeral Home

$     2,884.66  Total for the month

$     7,504.82   Total year to date



Library Donations:

$         20.00  Gen’l donation – Judy Peterson


$         20.00  Total for month

$     1,601.00 Total year to date






Circulation Report for the month of April


Items loaned in Apr. 2019             1,399                 Average daily circulation   54

Items loaned in Apr. 2018             1,504                 Open Access Items          116

Items loaned last month (Mar)       1,455                 Access Plus Items              9

Internet Use: Public Access Computers – 733 & Wireless users – 1,360

Bridges Checkouts:  audiobooks-83 eBooks-123 streaming video-0 magazines-3

[Open access: all patrons not in our tax locale: ex. Dallas County, Polk County, and other towns.

Access Plus: items requested from our library sent to other libraries.  Both of these programs are partly reimbursed by state funding programs.]



Public Concerns:

            In order to give equal time to everyone, each person to address the Board will have a maximum time of 15 minutes each.  This guideline is used only if there has not been an official request to appear before the board prior to a meeting.

            None to report



Correspondence and Communications:


  1. None to report



Unfinished Business:


  1. Angie presented another estimate for the meeting room floor from Carpet One. Kelli contacted another contractor about the floors but no estimate was received.  After comparing the estimates the board has decided to go ahead with Heritage Interiors, who the library has worked with in the past.  The other quotes were about the same price, but the old floor would not be removed if Carpet One did the work.  The board decided to go with a luxury vinyl plank instead of vinyl composite flooring that is currently in the room.  The cost is slightly higher for the plank but in the long run will be cheaper because the library will not have the costs of waxing the floor.  The library would like to purchase the flooring and store it until an installation date can be determined, so that the cost of the project can be split between this fiscal year and next.  Angie asked if the board wanted to ok a flooring color choice, they trust Angie’s judgement.

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Dave, to accept Heritage Interior’s luxury vinyl plank flooring estimate, going ahead and purchasing the product for this fiscal year and allowing Angie to decide the flooring color choice.

Roll: Pam; yes. Dave; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Motion carried; all ayes


  1. There is still no correspondence about county funding for fiscal year 19-20. Last year the library did not receive anything until the end of May.


  1. Angie contacted Public Works Director Scott Church about the roofing and exterior lighting issues at the library. The lights were being replaced at the time of the meeting.  The reason for replacement was due to bad ballasts.  Angie has not received any estimates yet for the roof, but hopes to have something soon.


  1. Angie has completed the final form in the E-Rate process for this year (this federal program provides discounts on internet). Since Angie has completed this form she is hopeful that the discounts will kick in at the beginning of the new fiscal year July 1.




New Business:


  1. Angie demonstrated the new Adventure Pass program to the trustees. This will count towards the trustee education requirement for accreditation.


  1. Angie and the board reviewed the library’s building maintenance plan; discussed possible issues and items that have already been repaired.



Director’s Report:


Angie has not received any correspondence about the grants that were written to Hopkins Grove or the Madrid Community Endowment Fund.  The deadline for the Lowrey Trust is June 30.


The Summer Reading Calendar of events, sample reading logs, and summer flyer where given to the trustees.  This year instead of book bucks Steph is trying new reading incentives.  For ages 0-3 we will have the rubber ducky club.  Children and their parents will have activity sheets that focus on early literacy.  For each activity reached they will color in a duck on the reading log, when they reach a certain number they will be able to pick a prize.  Children ages 3 to 6th grade will be doing the read and bead program.  Children who register will receive a chain necklace, brag tag, and a reading log.  Once a reading goal has been met they can come to the library and visit the bead bank to receive beads for minutes read.  Children will be able to “level up” and may exchange beads to receive new ones, they will only be able to visit the bead bank once per day.  There will be a possibility to earn additional beads for attending events, volunteering or other activities.  In addition to the beads if a child visits the bead bank 10 times they will receive an ice cream ticket, 15 times another prize and so on.  The teen and adult reading logs will be the same as last year.  Angie will show the calendar and flyer to the city council.


Upcoming programs include:

  • Final week of preschool outreach for this school year – May 13-15.
  • Adult Coloring on Thursday, May 16 at 7 pm.
  • Family Board Game Night on May 17 from 7 to 9 pm.
  • Adult Book Discussion on May 20 at 7 pm. We will be discussing The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
  • Early out End of School Party on Wednesday, May 22 at 2:30 pm.
  • History of the Ledges Program by Andy Bartlett on Thursday, May 30 at 6:30 pm.
  • Summer Kickoff with Magician Jim Perry on June 5 at 10 am at the elementary school for grades K-6.
  • Adult Coloring on Thursday, June 6 at 7 pm.
  • June Movie Night on Saturday, June 8 at 7 pm featuring How to Train Your Dragon 3.
  • ISU Bug Zoo program at the Community Room on Monday, June 10 at 10 am.
  • Chess Club, Monday, June 10 at 6 pm.
  • Weekly library summer programs begin the week of June 10.


Board Comments:  None


Items to be discussed at the next board meeting: County funding, flooring, roof


Next Council meeting to attend:  May 20, 2019 at 5:30 pm with board member Pam to attend.


Adjourn Meeting

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Denise, meeting adjourned at 6:37 pm

Roll: Pam; yes. Dave; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Motion carried; all ayes





Next regular Board meeting will be: Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Angie Strong, Director



These are draft minutes and have not been approved by the board.