Library Minutes June 12, 2018

June 2018 minutes


Minutes of the Madrid Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting:

June 12, 2018

Meeting called to order by President, Dave Evans at 5:30 p.m.


Roll: Pam Allen, yes. Denise Hiveley, yes.  Alice Sharp, absent.  Kelli Wolf, yes.  Dave Evans, yes.

Director, Angie Strong, yes.

Absent: Alice Sharp


Approval of Agenda:   [Additions or corrections- New Business – Trust Account]

On a motion by Denise, 2nd by Pam, agenda approved with the addition.

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes.


Approval of Minutes:  Board Meeting minutes of May 8, 2018

Corrections: none

On a motion by Kelli, 2nd by Pam, minutes of the May 8, 2018 meeting were approved as read.

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes.


Approval of Bills:

Special notes if any on claims: Angie noted that there are two bills that have not been received yet (Des Moines Register subscription and repair of the interior lights) an estimate amount was noted on the claims sheet for both bills.  Angie will submit those bills when she receives them and will let the board know of the correct amounts at the next meeting.

On a motion by Denise, 2nd by Kelli, bills approved with the estimates.

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes


Financial Report:

Detailed account is available upon request.




$             177.90  Fines/Fees

$               48.50  Fax Revenue

$             139.40  Copy Revenue

$                7.45   Mag/Books sold

$                1.50   Misc.

$            125.00  Meeting Room            

$            499.75  Total for month

$         3,881.98  Total year to date


2nd half allocations – $9,000


Trust Fund Receipts:

$         100.00  Kathy Barnes – donation for mystery books

$         540.56  Sundberg Kirkpatrick Funeral Home (ILES) – mem’l books

$          25.00_ Mem’l for Lois Pies from Judy & Eugene Grimes_____  

$         665.56  Total for the month

$      9,128.95  Total year to date


Library Donations:

$           25.00   Book in honor of Carla Werre from Paul & Rosemarie Bertini

$           00.00                 ________

$           25.00  Total for month

$       1,817.50  Total year to date





Circulation Report for the month of May


Items loaned in May 2018              1,541                Average daily circulation  59

Items loaned in May 2017              1,708                Open Access Items         98

Items loaned last month (Apr.)       1,504                 Access Plus Items           26


Internet Use: Public Access Computers – 884 & Wireless users – 1,352

Bridges Checkouts:  audiobooks-113 eBooks-108 streaming video-0

[Open access: all patrons not in our tax locale: ex. Dallas County, Polk County, and other towns.

Access Plus: items requested from our library sent to other libraries.  Both of these programs are partly reimbursed by state funding programs.]



Public Concerns:

            In order to give equal time to everyone, each person to address the Board will have a maximum time of 15 minutes each.  This guideline is used only if there has not been an official request to appear before the board prior to a meeting.

            None to report



Correspondence and Communications:


  1. Angie received an email from E-rate (federal program which gives discounts on internet) that the final form she completed for the process had been received and accepted for the fiscal year (18-19). This means that the library should start receiving the internet discounts starting in July.


Unfinished Business:


  1. The building maintenance plan was discussed again. Angie was asked to talk to Scott Church (Public Works Director) about the areas of concern as well as the repair of the front sidewalk.  Angie relayed the options for the repair of the sidewalk that were given to her by Scott, and showed the board an estimate ($825.00) to replace a large section of the sidewalk in front of the doors.  If the entire slab was replaced the cost would be much more since the columns in front of the library are sitting on this slab.  The board feels removing a larger section of the area is more economical.  The board is also concerned about having access to the library when this is done.  Depending on when the repair is scheduled the board feels the Library may need to close.   Angie opened the possibility of using the side door to the library, with so many programs scheduled for the summer it may not be possible to close.

On a motion by Denise, 2nd by Pam, to accept the bid to remove a large section of the sidewalk in front of the library entrance and to give the director the discretion to decide whether or not the library will remain open or closed during the repair.

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes


  1. The interior lights with the bad ballasts were replaced with LED lights. Angie is just waiting on the bill.


  1. At the last meeting Angie told the board that the library’s portion of the city’s ordinances had mistakes. She talked to Mary Jo (city clerk) about those mistakes and was told that they would be corrected.  The new ordinances were accepted by the city council, and when the city clerk dropped by with the copy of the new ordinances for the library, Angie discovered that the ordinance pertaining to the trustee make up was still wrong.  The city clerk told Angie that it was codification


company error and that she would look into fixing it.  (Library ordinances cannot be changed unless it is voted on by the public.) More information on this will be discussed at the next meeting.


  1. The library finally received the official letter from Boone County about funding for the fiscal year 18-19. The three Boone County libraries will receive $95,000 which is an increase of the previous year ($90,000).  Madrid receives 20% of the allocations which is $19,000.


  1. At the May meeting there was discussion about the library’s involvement in providing entertainment for one of the Food Truck Fridays sponsored by the Madrid Area Chamber. Angie was waiting for Steph to return from vacation to figure out when and what the library would do for this event.  It was decided that the library would have a couple of craft tables and would read stories at the July 27th


  1. At the April meeting Denise approached Angie and the board about the library becoming a part of the Positive Behavior and Supports Program (PBIS) with the elementary school. This program rewards positive behaviors and the school is looking to partner with a community organization to expand the program.  The library would give out special tickets to students who are showing positive behaviors and students would use these tickets at school for rewards.  Denise suggested to Angie to work on ways students would be able to earn tickets from the library.  She suggested creating a possible list of positive behaviors such as cleaning up after playing in the children’s area, or being respectful to staff or others in the library to show students how they can earn tickets while at the library.  (Not all children will receive tickets it will be up to the library staff who will receive tickets).  More information about this will be given to Angie this fall.

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Kelli, for the library to partner with the school with the PBIS program.

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes

New Business:


  1. The library received an email letting Angie know that the computer filter for organizations (K9) will no longer be available for purchase. The subscription for the library’s filters is until July 10, 2018.   After that date support will not be provided.  Angie started to compile some information on alternatives because according to E-rate (federal program that gives the library discounts on internet) you must filter all computers.  After looking at possible alternatives, cost is going to be a factor.  Also Angie is concerned with compatibility issues with not only the access points but with the software on the computers.  There are other libraries that use the same K9 filters and Angie is hoping the State Library will suggest alternatives.  Angie would also like to see if Midwest Tech (company who installed the access points in the library) would know of any filtering options.  The issue is tabled until more information is compiled and to see what other libraries are doing.


  1. The city clerk has asked for Angie’s input in helping her and Councilman Samples create a new employee handbook for the city.


  1. The city clerk also approached Angie about the auditors wanting to simplify accounts and was inquiring about the library’s trust account. Angie explained to Mary Jo that the trust account monies are carried over at the end of the fiscal year.  The donation account monies are not carried over and are returned to the general fund. Monies that are put into trust are for specific items, for example, individuals donating money for audiobooks, grant monies, and memorial books.  Mary Jo would like Angie to discuss the trust account with Lori Stansberry (consultant working with the city since the resignation of the former city administrator).  The board is adamant that the trust account should not be removed.  It was commented that if individuals donate money to the library and it wasn’t spent by the end of the fiscal year and then that money was put into the general fund people may not donate.  Also another concern is if grants are received near the end of the fiscal year how could it be spent before it would revert back to the general fund?  Angie will discuss this issue at the next board meeting.



Director’s Report:


The library has been awarded money from the Madrid Community Endowment Fund for the purchase of new computer chairs.  The library received $647.92.  The library also received a letter from the Hopkins Grove United Methodist Church Congregational Trust about the grant the library wrote for a new iPad & Laptop cart.  The library will be awarded $399.00 for this.  Angie will be unable to attend the awards ceremony for this as she will be out of town, Steph will be accepting the grant.  Denise commented that she would also be able to accept the grant money if need be.


The Summer Reading Program has begun.  Magician Larry Dunbar kicked off the summer program on Wednesday, June 6 at 10 am.  174 participants attended this program.  Weekly programs started June 12 & 13 and will continue until the first week of August (except the week of July 4).


Upcoming programs include:

  • Adult Coloring is Thursday, June 14th at 7 pm.
  • Teen after hours event is Friday, June 15th from 7 pm to 10 pm.
  • Mad Science Summer Program on Monday, June 18 at 10 am in the community room.
  • Adult book discussion is Monday, June 18 at 7 pm.
  • Teen craft afternoon – making buttons and guitar picks is Thursday, June 21 at 3:30 pm
  • Swinging through the Stacks mini golf at the library is on Saturday, June 23 from 1:30 pm to 3 pm.
  • Movie afternoon featuring the movie Rock Dog on Monday, June 25 at 1:30 pm.
  • Teen music lyric trivia night on Thursday, June 28 at 6:30 pm.
  • Lego Crew on Tuesday, July 3 at 10 am and 2 pm.
  • Blank Park Zoo presentation on Monday, July 9 at 10 am in the community room.
  • Chess Club on Monday, July 9th at 6 pm.


The board rotates the role of president every year.  Kelli will be board president starting in July.


Board Comments:

  Pam will be unable to attend the July meeting


Items to be discussed at the next board meeting:

Annual long range plan review, trust account, ordinances, sidewalk repair


Next Council meeting to attend:  June 18, 2018 at 5:30 pm with board member Denise to attend.


Adjourn Meeting

On a motion by Kelli, 2nd by Pam, meeting adjourned at 6:38 pm

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes


Next regular Board meeting will be: Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Angie Strong, Director