Library Minutes July 2017

Meeting called to order by President, Dave Evans at 5:28 p.m.

Roll: Pam Allen, yes. Denise Hiveley, yes. Alice Sharp, absent. Kelli Wolf, yes. Dave Evans, yes.

Director, Angie Strong, yes.
Absent: Alice Sharp

Approval of Agenda: [Additions or corrections- none]

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Denise, agenda approved as presented.
Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes.

Approval of Minutes:  Board Meeting minutes of June 13, 2017

            One correction – Under New Business #1 the addition of a comma after does in the sentence: His quote is to enhance what the library janitor does (,) not replace her.

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Kelli, minutes of the June 13, 2017 meeting were approved with the correction.
Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes.

Approval of Bills:

Special notes if any on claims: The actual amount of the Des Moines Register bill that was submitted as an estimate in June was $324.03.  Also since the board meeting was moved, there are several bills that have not yet been received.  Angie has estimated those bills and they are for Baker & Taylor, another is to Angie for the internet filters for the library computers and finally the Bridges Consortium bill.  Angie will provide correct totals at the August meeting.           

On a motion by Denise, 2nd by Pam, bills approved as well as the estimates.
Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes


Financial Report:

Detailed account is available upon request.



$             159.60  Fines/Fees
$             103.50  Fax Revenue
$             112.50  Copy Revenue
$               11.45  Mag/Books sold
$                0.00   Misc.
$             75.00  Meeting Room
$            462.05  Total for month
$         4,090.28  Total year to date


Trust Fund Receipts:

$         800.00   MCEF Grant – 2 iPads
$           32.00   Replacement large print book from Sheldon Library
$­_____  27.99_ Replacement books Tiger Tots__
$         859.99   Total for the month
$    11,132.31   Total year to date

Library Donations:

$           50.00   Gen’l donation from Business & Professional Women of Iowa
$           12.00__Gen’l donation  ___
$           62.00   Total for month
$       2,099.66   Total year to date

Circulation Report for the month of June

Items loaned in June 2017     3,414                     Average daily circulation  131
Items loaned in June 2016     2,895                     Open Access Items   240
Items loaned last month (May) 1,706                    Access Plus Items  17
Internet Use: Public Access Computers – 1,903 & Wireless users – 821
Bridges Checkouts:  audiobooks-68 eBooks-103 streaming video-0

[Open access: all patrons not in our tax locale: ex. Dallas County, Polk County, and other towns.

Access Plus: items requested from our library sent to other libraries.  Both of these programs are partly reimbursed by state funding programs.]

Public Concerns:

            In order to give equal time to everyone, each person to address the Board will have a maximum time of 15 minutes each.  This guideline is used only if there has not been an official request to appear before the board prior to a meeting.

            None to report

Correspondence and Communications:

  1. Once again this year Angie received an email from the State Library of Iowa about the library’s tier status and funding level for Direct Sate Aid. The library is fully accredited at tier level three.  The library will need to renew by February 2018.  Angie has already discussed some of the changes to the standards for accreditation with the board.  She is unclear of a couple of standards but will get clarification from the State Library when the renewal time gets closer.  Angie is confident that the library will be able to keep its tier status with the new standards.

Old Business:

  1. At the last meeting, discussion was focused on a portable AED (automated external defibrillator) machine donation. Angie contacted the donor (Judy Grant) about the board’s decision to purchase the machine.  Angie received an email reply.  Angie has been under the impression that Judy was going to purchase the machine and then donate it to the library but the email had asked who was to going to purchase it.  Angie asked about the misunderstanding and at this point has not received a reply back about the machine.  When Angie finds out about the machine she will notify the board.  Denise asked if the library had received the 4 sets of award winning books that this patron generously gives the library as well as the school libraries.  Angie replied that she had just been given those sets earlier that day from school librarian Linda Horn.  Linda explained that they used a different publisher than in years past, there had been a mix up, and the school finally received them.  (Usually these sets arrive in May).
  1. At the June meeting, Angie presented information about Cintas, a cleaning company. Angie was to talk to Mary Jo about possibly sharing costs if they used this company.  Angie did talk to her about it briefly, Mary Jo and Angie were going to sit down and discuss it in more detail at a later time.  Angie also contacted the sales rep Fred Garrin about a quote to have the library mats done as well as the possibility of sharing costs with city hall for work done.  At the time of the meeting, Angie had not received a quote for the mats so the issue was tabled until the next meeting.
  1. The final job description (Adult Services/Interlibrary Loan) was presented to the board for review.

On a motion by Denise, 2nd by Kelli, to approve the Adult Services/Interlibrary Loan job description

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes

Mayor Ringgenberg asked that Angie send the city a copy of the library’s job descriptions when she had finished them.  She will do so.

  1. At the last meeting, Angie informed the board about the new statewide database from Gale which is replacing the former database EBSCOhost. Angie has set up links on the library’s website for the new database and she has also started training staff.  As a part of trustee training, it was proposed that at the August meeting Angie will highlight the new databases for the trustees.  Angie wanted to wait until the next meeting due to the fact that the Transparent Languages portion of the database is set to be released later this week.

New Business: 

  1. Review of the library’s long range plan was conducted. Many items have been achieved.  Angie and the board have been reminded of areas where the objectives have not been met yet. 
  1. Review of the by-laws was conducted by the board. Dave asked if an inclusion could be made under the officers section.  He requested that the word consecutive be added to the sentence – The President may succeed themselves in office, provided that none serve more than three (consecutive) terms.

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Denise, to approve the by-laws with the correction

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes

Director’s Report:

Angie and Amy have written another grant for the library to the Lowrey Trust.  The library has asked for a new children’s rug for story times and a preschool coding program called Cubetto.  Angie has asked for $750.00.  The mats that are used for story time are starting to look bad and a new rug can easily be rolled up after a program.  Angie explained that she would also like to replace the mats in the near future as well since they are used during movie night and other programs.  Cubetto is a wooden robot and a board that can program the robot, a storyboard is also included. This system is a very simple coding program that does not need a tablet or other electronic device to make it work.  The library is planning on having a special program on using the Cubetto, then once patrons are familiar with it, it will be available in the library for preschoolers and their parents to use.  Steph plans on using it during programs as well.  Angie will let the board know if any or all of the grant is given to the library.

Angie contacted Scott Church about the cement patch that was failing in front of the library doors.  The city has come and patched it.  Scott told Angie that eventually the city will come and replace the slab in front of the library doors when it isn’t as busy at the library.

As a part of Direct State Aid and accreditation, Angie has filled out the necessary paperwork for the State Library of Iowa.  Angie has completed the Direct State Aid report, Interlibrary Loan report, and the Open Access report.  These reports are due on July 31, but are already done.

Upcoming programs include:

  • Adult Pinterest Party on Thursday, July 6 at 7pm
  • July Movie Night on Saturday, July 8 at 7 pm featuring Lego Batman
  • Blank Park Zoo visit on Monday, July 10 at 10 am in the Community Room
  • Chess Club on Monday, July 10 at 6 pm
  • Teen Superfight Challenge on Thursday, July 13 at 7 pm
  • Book discussion on Monday, July 17 at 7 pm
  • Adult Coloring on Thursday, July 20 at 7 pm
  • Family STEM afternoon on Saturday, July 22 at 1:30 pm
  • Grout Museum Program on Cold Science Experiments on Monday, July 24 at 10 am in the Community Room
  • Robotics Camp – Monday, July 24 through Thursday, July 27 at 6 pm each night
  • Teen Bad Art Night on Friday, July 28 at 7 pm
  • Tinker Tuesday on August 1 at 1:30 pm
  • Teddy Bear Sleepover on Thursday, August 3 at 7 pm
  • Teen Lock-in on Friday, August 4 from 7 pm to 12 pm
  • Chess Club on Monday, August 7 at 6pm

Due to a medical issue, the How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse class on Friday, July 7 at the library has been cancelled.  Angie is hoping to have a different class this fall with the same presenter. 

Board Comments: None         

Items to be discussed at the next board meeting:

Cintas proposal, AED donation, Gale Training for board

Next Council meeting to attend:  July 17, 2017 at 5:30 pm with board member Dave to attend.

Adjourn Meeting

On a motion by Pam, 2nd by Kelli, meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm

Roll: Pam; yes. Denise; yes. Alice; absent. Kelli; yes. Dave; yes. Motion carried; all ayes

Next regular Board meeting will be: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Angie Strong, Director